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Topless Review of 2020   (work in progress)

The Topless Review was originally an attempt to keep a record of all the celebrity uncoverings that occur in Newspapers, Magazines, and on Television in the current year.  However in more recent years coverage of Newspapers has fallen away due to a combination of reduced awareness of anything of relevance and seemingly less instances of what used to be a fairly frequent event.  Magazines even more so.

Therefore it is only now the Television section that retains any concerted effort to be as comprehensive as possible.

Also see the TV & British Actresses pages for a comprehensive coverage of movies.

Symbols Used  (entries added since the last update will show the symbol in RED)
J definite topless shots with one or both breasts bare with nipple(s) visible. This includes nipple slips and see-through shots.
L technically topless but covered due to careful or fortuitous posing.
K a topless image that is a new one from a previously seen set or occasion (that I've not seen before).  Unless it is only very recently after the initial appearance.
N Images that may have been doctored by magazines or turn out to be fakes, etc.

All dates are formatted in the UK style of dd/mm/yyyy


The Trial of Christine Keeler (BBC1- ep1:29/12/2019; ep4:12/01/2020)               6-part drama
(Series began at the end of 2019, but the bulk was shown in 2020)
(ep1) J Sophie Cookson (Christine Keeler) - brief rear nudity as she peels off her one-piece swimsuit at the side of a hedged-off outdoor pool at a mansion thinking she is alone after a swim - then topless with her hands modestly covering the front of her breasts when another guest at the same party, John Profumo (Ben Miles), wanders into the enclosure and stands to admire her form appreciatively and she eventually panders to his gaze by fully displaying herself to him (only implication of that part seen on screen) until other guests arrive and she turns away re-covering her breasts with her hands as Profumo's wife (Emilia Fox) tells him to hand her a towel (latter part seen a bit later in the episode in a pick-up of the scene) • topless wearing pasties while doing a fan dance on stage in a troupe at a Soho nightclub (the other dancers are all wearing bras).
(ep4) J Sophie Cookson (Christine Keeler) - nearly topless while trying to maintain her modesty in a photo studio as she adjusts her pose while sitting on a seat backwards while doing a photoshoot during which she is told she is obliged to do some sexy nudes as per the contract she signed - no nipple nudity.

Bancroft (ITV - ep1:01/01/2020)               Series 2 (3 episodes)
J Charlotte Hope (Annabel Connors) - topless making love astride her fiancé Joe Bancroft (Adam Long) on a bed in a holiday chalet while she privately thinks back with relish to her role in the murder of her parents - scene is fairly dark.

Silent Witness (BBC1 - 20/01/2020)           series 23, "Seven Times", part 1 of 2
J Zoe Harrison (Jenny Shaw) - briefly topless laying dead on a mortuary table as pathologist Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) makes her initial visual observations - then again as she begins a physical inspection.

It's True, It's True, It's True: Artemisia on Trial (BBC4 - 09/02/2020)               one-off drama
J Ellice Stevens (Artemisia Gentileschi) - topless removing her outer clothing and bra as she undresses to her briefs to take a bath in a private garden thinking herself to be alone but unknowingly being observed by two lurking elder male interlopers whose lust becomes enflamed by her innocent ablutions - a visual depiction of classical scene Susanna and the Elders she has painted which is being used as evidence in a trial - then continuing topless as she sits and washes until covering herself modestly with a sheet when the elders presume upon her privacy and blame her for exhibitionism when she accuses them of voyeurism - then topless in the courtroom as she explains the chaste way she has interpreted the scene in her composition - then topless as she struts around portraying a markedly different interpretation of the iconic scene as would be depicted by a male painter pandering to the male gaze by representing the heroine as sexually assertive and wantonly encouraging the attentions of male lechers as she bathes - then topless running around as she encourages them to chase her - later topless as she puts on her bra while getting re-dressed as she gives testimony in court about how her male painting tutor Agostino Tassi (Sophie Steer) sexually assaulted her.
(a filmed theatrical performance / all settings representational, staged on a minimalist set / all parts male and female played by women)

Trigonometry (BBC2 - ep1:15/03/2020; ep3:22/03/2020; ep5: 05/04/2020)               Series 1 (8 episodes)
(ep1) J Thalissa Teixeira (Gemma) - brief lower nudity as she jumps into the hallway exuberantly upon the arrival home of her boyfriend Kieran Lovell (Gary Carr) eager to have sex with him and the bedshirt she is wearing parachutes up - then she sees that he is accompanied by their prospective new lodger flatmate Ramona Wilson (Ariane Labed) and she makes a hasty embarrassed retreat • briefly topless as she takes her bedshirt off over her head and gets properly dressed after having a mild tiff with Kieran after their meeting with Ramona.
(ep3) J Thalissa Teixeira (Gemma) - topless making love astride her fiancé Kieran as they get passionate while taking a bath together • topless kneeling upright on a bed as Kieran makes love to her from behind with her breasts seen in a bedside wall mirror reflection.
(ep5) J Ariane Labed (Ramona) - rear nudity laying on her side haphazardly on a bed asleep with her married landlords Kieran (Gary Carr) and Gemma (Thalissa Teixeira) after spending their wedding night with them in a threesome - then brief topless and rear nudity as they all get up in a hurry after being awakened by a car horn and the married couple realise they are late to leave for the airport on their honeymoon - later briefly topless having threesome sex with the other two - during a brief flashback to the (unseen) events of the night before as they have private recollections while driving to the airport.
(ep5) J Thalissa Teixeira (Gemma) - very brief topless glimpse as she gets up out of bed in a hurry with her new husband and their lodger Ramona (Ariane Labed) with whom they have a close relationship, when she and Kieran realise they are late to leave for the airport on their honeymoon.

Belgravia (ITV - ep3:29/03/2020)               Series 1 (6 episodes)
J Alice Eve (Susan Trenchard) - the back/side of her right breast is very briefly seen as she starts to get up off a bed to get dressed after having a clandestine daytime tryst with her lover Mr John Bellasis (Adam James) at his second residence - no nipple nudity.

Feel Good (C4 - ep5:15/04/2020)               Series 1 (6 episodes)
J Mae Martin (Mae) - topless standing in front of a full-length bedroom mirror looking at herself speculatively and then trying on an item of her girlfriend George's feminine apparel that is the antitheses of her androgynous style - then topless hurriedly removing it when George (Charlotte Ritchie) arrives back and she gets on the floor pretending she was doing exercises - then topless standing and putting on a t-shirt.

Normal People (BBC1 - ep2:27/04/2020; ep5&6:11/05/2020; ep9:25/05/2020; ep11&12:01/06/2020)             Series 1 (12 episodes) - 30-minute episodes shown as 6 double bills
(ep2) J Daisy Edgar-Jones (Marianne Sheridan) - topless standing in schoolfriend Connell Waldron's (Paul Mescal) bedroom, while he has his house to himself, as they kiss and undress while preparing to consummate their blossoming relationship - then topless as she lays on his bed as he fetches some protection before joining her on the bed • topless astride and underneath Connell as they have sex on her bed, while she has her house to herself, as their relationship grows - then topless laying beside him as they talk.
(ep5) J Daisy Edgar-Jones (Marianne Sheridan) - topless on her back in bed with her right breast seen as her university boyfriend Gareth (Sebastian de Souza) makes love to her although her mind is distracted by having just been reunited with her home town school boyfriend Connell after a period away during which her life has moved on • topless in her kitchen after a shower as she stands before Connell and lets him open her bathrobe after their feelings for one another are reawakened - then topless and rear nudity with Connell in bed kissing and making love underneath and astride him - then topless laying on her back on the bed afterwards restfully stroking his hair as they talk.
(ep6) J Daisy Edgar-Jones (Marianne Sheridan) - topless kissing in her kitchen with Connell as they start getting passionate again while still in the first flush of their renewed relationship • topless underneath Connell in bed as they become passionate again after talking out their feelings - then topless laying beside him as they talk while recovering their breaths • topless and full frontal nudity standing in her family home bedroom as she takes a selfie of herself that Connell asked her to do for him while crying because of a festering argument with her resentful brother Alan (Frank Blake) during a family get-together.
(ep9) J Aoife Hinds (Helen) - topless making love astride her boyfriend Connell Waldron (Paul Mescal) on a bed.
(ep9) J Daisy Edgar-Jones (Marianne Sheridan) - topless laying on her back on a bed as her new boyfriend Lukas (Lancelot Ncube) makes love to her while her hands are bound above her head as he tries to accommodate her wishes after discovering she was dissatisfied with their relationship and wants to feel demeaned while in a detached pit of depression • topless sitting up in bed out of breath after having rough sex with Lukas and he tells her what he would them to do next • topless in Lukas' photographic studio as she docilely poses for him and allows him to bind her wrists as her funk of self-worthlessness continues to overwhelm her.
(ep11) J Daisy Edgar-Jones (Marianne Sheridan) - topless laying on her friend Connell's bed as she undresses when they both overcome their awkward hesitancy over renewing their sexual relationship which they both yearn for but have never been sure if it was what the other still wanted - then rear nudity laying on her front when he stops making love to her after she asks him to hit her which shocks him and he refuses as it is against his nature - then topless standing and getting dressed with renewed awkwardness between them at his reluctance to mistreat her.
(ep12) J Daisy Edgar-Jones (Marianne Sheridan) - topless underneath Connell on the floor as they make love in the flat where they are now living together as a couple - then topless sitting up against the bed as he rests against her.

I May Destroy You (BBC1 - ep12:14/07/2020)               Series 1 (12 episodes) - 30-minute episodes
J Michaela Coel (Arabella) - the side of her left breast is seen while having sex on a bed with David (Lewis Reeves) - no nipple nudity and quite dark.



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