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PARMINDER NAGRA   (Sunita Verma in A&E, Neela Rasgotra in ER)
Second Generation (C4/2003) - Lovemaking scene with a man (Christopher Simpson) with her right breast briefly seen - her face is not seen at the same time although it is partially seen later in a continuous sequence. [part 1 of 2]
Compulsion (ITV1/2009) - Laying on her back in a lovemaking scene with her boyfriend Alex (Ben Aldridge) with the side of her left breast seen pressed against his chest - no nipple nudity. (one-off drama)

DANIELA NARDINI   (Anna Forbes in This Life)
This Life (BBC2/1996) - Rear nudity in a shower and rear/side of her right breast as a man comes into the bathroom ● (AE) topless lovemaking scene on a sofa under a man with her right breast briefly seen. (Series ran 1996-97 for 33 episodes)
Big Women (C4/1998) - (ep1: Will You, Won't You) Topless in a living room during a meeting with her feminist friends (Anastasia Hille, Annabelle Apsion and Clare Holman) during which they consider how to promote their cause and she removes her shirt and dances around in her jeans while extemporising her ideas on setting up a feminist publishing house - then full frontal nudity and rear nudity as she removes the rest of her clothes and dances unashamedly exuberantly expressing the truth of her gender and encouraging the others to follow suit - then full frontal nudity as they all continue dancing while brainstorming ideas on what to call their venture - then topless in jeans after partially dressing when their fun is curtailed by the arrival of Alice's stern husband Bull Meadows (Ronan Vibert) who strongly objects to their shameless display and everyone starts to leave ● (ep2: A Nest of Randy Vipers) topless laying on her back in bed talking with her lover Hamish Livingstone (Tom Mannion) as they enjoy some lovemaking before having to leave to attend a funeral ● (ep3: Saffron's Search) topless and full frontal nudity dancing in the living room in a new flashback to the incident from ten years ago when now-teenage Saffron (Sophia Myles) remembers being there with her mother whilst a toddler. (The scenes in episode 3 are flashbacks to the dance scene in episode 1 - but they are fresh takes and not just repeat footage.) [three separate episodes] (4-part drama)
Undercover Heart (BBC1/1998) - (ep1) Some side of her left breast is seen while sitting in a bath as her husband Tom Howarth (Steven Mackintosh) shaves at the sink - no nipple nudity ● (ep2) topless kneeling up on a bed kissing with her police colleague Matt Lomas (Lennie James) as they embark upon an affair - then topless underneath him as they make love and then talk afterwards ● (ep3) laying on her back with her right breast briefly seen in Matt's bed, with whom she has spent the night, as they start having morning sex until she spots his young daughter Holly (Leonie Elliott) standing in the doorway ● (ep4) topless making love on a hotel room bed underneath Matt - then topless afterwards laying on her back as he runs his hand down her body while they kiss affectionately. [four separate episodes] (6-part series)
Festival (2005) - Topless laying in a hotel bed beside comedian Tommy O'Dwyer (Chris O'Dowd) after they have had sex - then topless and rear nudity as she gets out of bed in a huff and puts on her briefs after he asks her to help him win the comedy contest award which she is judging and she thinks that's the only reason he slept with her - then topless in the bathroom as she puts on her top ● rear nudity crawling on the floor in a denim skirt as Tommy pulls down her briefs as they prepare to have sex - her face is not seen at the same time in this shot.

The Night Walker (2013) - Topless sitting at her bedroom desk as she takes off her top and bra and then pierces her right nipple (this bit out of shot) while in a fretful state due to her mother becoming engaged to a new man whom she dislikes. (7-minute short)

KATE NASH   (Singer, Rhonda Richardson in Glow)
Glow (usaTV/2017) - (S1E4) Topless in a bedroom as she changes in front of a chubby girl friend whom she catches openly staring at her breasts in envious amazement at how pert they are ● (S3E2) topless making love astride a man on a bed. [series 1 & 3, two separate episodes] (Series 1/2017; Series 3/2019)

The Fall of the Essex Boys (2013) - Topless energetically making love astride violent gangster Pat Tate (Peter Barrett) as he celebrates a successful raid on a rival drug gang - her exertions end when Pat's girlfriend Karen (Kierston Wareing) comes home and finds then together.

The Raggedy Rawney (1988) - Rear nudity as she removes her dress and walks into a countryside lake to swim as a seduction gambit behaving as if she is not aware that the Raggedy Rawney "girl" is up a tree, and will see her, after working out that the Rawney is really a boy soldier deserter called Tom (Dexter Fletcher) hiding in disguise ● topless sitting up on a grassy bank naked after dark with Tom after they have lain together following a gypsy family shindig and she tells him she is pregnant from their previous time together - then topless as simple lad Simon (Timothy Lang) comes across them and realises Tom is not a girl as everyone else believes and then falls into the lake in panic and Tom dives in after him.

French Dressing (1964) - Brief rear nudity on a beach as she nervously takes off her towel just before she dives into the water whilst crowds of holidaymakers and civic dignitaries watch - so as not to ruin the day for the spectators she is masquerading as an absentee French film star who had been going to inaugurate the town's nudist beach but departed early because of a bad review (her back is turned and face not clearly seen - but she does turn her head a bit once in the water so that it is half seen although it is a fair distance away so difficult to be sure if it's really her) (Made in B&W)

Enemy (Vid/2015) - Topless but with her hair over her breasts while standing in a forest and walking away from a man after they share a tight embrace ● topless wearing a bird mask which fully covers her head. (music video by Foreign Skin)

NISHAR NAYAR   (Elaine in The Story of Tracy Beaker, Karen Pope in Holding On, Joyce in Rose and Maloney, Stephanie in Big Bad World, Debra Kumar in Out of Hours)
The Buddha of Suburbia (BBC2/1993) - Topless laying in bed with her cousin Karim (Naveen Andrews) as he distractedly finger pleasures her below the sheets as they make the most of the absence of her arranged marriage husband Changez - then topless as she sits up and tells Karim how little a regard she has for her detested new husband whom she only married because she had to - then topless laying together with his head upon her as they ponder their uncertain future prospects and ambitions. [episode 2] (4-part drama)

Snuff Reel (2015) - Topless sitting on a stool nervous and afraid with her hands tied in her lap by a female abductor who tears away her clothes and puts several necklaces around her - then topless as the woman stabs her with a small blade and uses the blood to paint artistic symbols on the floor - then topless laying dead on the ground.

The Big Switch (1968) - Brief rear nudity as she pulls her long flowing white diaphanous skirt to one side as she sits down on a chair on stage during a striptease act. (This scene is the same in both the UK and the Export cuts of the film).
Strictly For Bachelors (8mm/1968) - Topless and rear nudity standing in a kitchen as she mixes the ingredients of a Christmas cake in a slapdash fashion while acting goofily sexy to the camera and intermittently undergoing changes of outfit - then puts it in the oven - then removes the baked cake which then rises uncontrollably and bursts all over her - then topless laying on a bed caressing herself. [Kamera Cine Film E21] (12-minute glamour short by Harrison Marks, in B&W)
School for Sex (UK version) (1969) - Topless on stage in a strip act as she removes her black dress and bra and walks around and sits and lays on a bed to remove her socks - with rear nudity seen when she removes her briefs and then stands up as the curtains close and the audience applaud - a fairly long scene. (NOTE: No known variations in the overseas version)

SIRI NEAL   (Minty in Moondial)
The Alleyn Mysteries (BBC1/1990) - Topless side view with her right breast seen while sitting up on a couch posing for an artists' group ● topless as she sits up getting restless in a prone pose in which she is laying on the couch in a reconstruction of a grisly murder in which a woman falls back on a jutting dagger secreted under the bed sheets - then topless with a hint of lower nudity also seen as she lays back down petulantly when the artists rebuke her for moving and artist Valmai Secliff (Georgia Allen) goes over and repositions her and group leader Agatha Troy (Belinda Lang) calls a short break to appease their restless model ● brief side of right breast seen as she falls back from a standing position into the same pose again with help from Valmai with a well choreographed fall calculated so she just misses the dagger - later the same scene is replayed with rear nudity seen too as Valmai describes to Inspector Alleyn (Simon Williams) the misadventure that later led to their model's death, with her right breast then seen while laying down as Valmai adjusts the lie of her hair - a similar scene is then repeatedly replayed from different angles (with latency trail images in B&W and with sinister lighting) on the occasion when the stunt went wrong and the dagger impaled her. [ep: Artists in Crime] (This was the pilot episode for the series which followed in 1993 with a different lead actor)
The Cloning of Joanna May (ITV/1992) - Topless in a large bath with Carl May (Brian Cox) ● her left nipple comes out of her negligee as she sits astride Carl on a bed and leans back ● topless in a bath talking to Carl as he shaves - then rear nudity getting out and into a towel he is holding. (2-part drama)
Waterland (1992) - Sitting on a chair washing her legs with her left breast briefly seen in a side view wardrobe door mirror reflection.

Married Single Other (ITV1/2010) - The side of her right breast is seen as she kisses and embraces Dickie (Dean Lennox Kelly) in his camper van which has been decked out with twinkly fairy lights - the low light level makes it hard to see her breasts properly most of the time. [ep 5 of 6: TDDUP]

Hostel (2005) - Topless in a sauna with her friend Svetlana (Jana Kaderabkova) chatting and flirting with three guys Josh (Derek Richardson), Paxton (Jay Hernandez) and Oli (Eythor Gudjonsson) who join them ● topless on a bed making love astride Josh.

Overlord (1975) - Topless kneeling on the floor of a large empty dance hall as she takes her top off over her head while Tom (Brian Stirner) lays in front of her in stoic silence as part of his preparation for death - part of a reverie Tom is having as he approaches the beaches as a soldier participating in the D-Day landings believing he is about to die.

RUTH NEGGA   (Raina in Agents of SHIELD, Rosie in Love/Hate, Nikki in Misfits)
Trafficked (aka Capital Letters) (2004) - Topless in a hotel bathroom with her right breast seen as she takes off her towel and stretches up to hang it over the shower door.
Criminal Justice (BBC1/2008) - A brief glimpse of her topless laying on her back dead in bed is seen when Ben (Ben Whishaw) turns on the light and discovers her body ● later topless laying dead in bed as a detective (Bill Patterson) examines the murder scene - she has a bloody knife wound between her breasts. [part 1 of 5]
Love/Hate (irishTV/2011) - Topless as she removes her bra and embraces her boyfriend Darren (Robert Sheehan) in his bedroom when they are reunited after a long time apart - then topless laying on her back on the bed as he removes her briefs and then they make love - then topless as she rolls over to be on top of him. [series 2, episode 4]
The Samaritan (2012) - Topless as she undresses in her apartment in front of Foley (Samuel L. Jackson) after bringing him home for sex as a way of thanking him for helping her out of a spot of bother a few days previously - then topless as she walks up to him as helps him off with his jacket and they kiss and he picks her up and carries her to the bedroom ● briefly seen topless as she and Foley embrace in a shower as he forgives her after she comes clean about how they initially met because she was hired to befriend him to pay off her debts, but has since fallen in love with him for real.
Preacher (usaTV/2016) - Rear nudity wearing a towel around her hair as she walks up to a window and looks out - a bit dark and her face is not properly seen at the same time. [series 1, episode 1]

ROCHELLE NEIL   (Annie Carbey in The Nevers)
Guilt (BBC2/2021) - Topless making love in bed underneath and astride Kenny Burns (Emun Elliott) with whom she has started a relationship. [series 2, episode 3]

CATHERINE NEILSON   (Detective Kelly Lang in Yellowthread Street, Trudie in Widows 2, Mika Reynolds in Wipe Out)
The Strange Affliction of Anton Bruckner (ITV/1990) - Topless sitting on a bed soothingly embracing her distressed famous composer patient Anton Bruckner (Peter Mackriel) to whose child-like innocence she has empathetically responded, as she cares for him at a private sanatorium where he is trying to recover from a debilitating obsession he has with number counting, and she disrobes after learning he has never seen a woman naked as a way of getting him to focus on something different - then full frontal nudity laying on her side on the bed as he runs his hands down the side length of her body in fascinated wonder. (A Ken Russell film shown as an episode of The South Bank Show)

KATE NELLIGAN   (Leonora Biddulph in The Onedin Line, and lots of movie appearances)
Thérèse Raquin (BBC2/1980) - Topless side view and rear nudity rolling around on a bed with Laurent LeClaire (Brian Cox), rugged friend of her husband, whose potent character has freed her shackled passion, formerly held in check by her dull unexciting life and marriage which so bores her. [episode 1] (3-part drama)
Eye of the Needle (1981) - The back side of her left breast is seen as she stands while getting out of a bath she was sharing with her young toddler son - then her left breast is seen when she turns while drying herself when her houseguest Henry (Donald Sutherland) unexpectedly opens the bathroom door ● topless laying on her back in bed with her left breast seen as her lover Henry kisses up her body and then rests his head on her - later topless laying in bed with her left breast seen as she tells him she's getting up to make a drink.
Frankie and Johnny (1991) - Bare back and partial side of her right breast in a lovemaking scene astride Johnny (Al Pacino) in bed - no nipple nudity ● bare back sitting on the side of the bed kissing the man goodbye - her face is not seen.

Stuart: A Life Backwards (BBC2/2007) - Rear nudity laying on her side asleep on a bed near her baby in a cot - then topless side view with her left breast briefly glimpsed as she gets off the bed and puts on a pink dressing gown after Stuart (Tom Hardy) arrives home and gets into a rage and hits and shouts at her. (one-off drama)

Away From It All (BBC2/1973) - Topless scene. [ep: A Work Of Genius ( 13/May/1973)]

Whirlpool (1970) - Topless sitting around a table after she takes off her bra while playing strip poker with Theo (Karl Lanchbury) and Sara (Pia Andersson) - then topless laying on the floor with Theo as he plies her with more drink and they kiss by a fireplace - then topless laying there as they talk after he has been unable to perform ● topless in the passenger seat of a car as Tom (Andrew Grant) assaults her from behind in the back seat groping her as he lifts her top and fondles her right breast from her bra while Theo speeds the car frightening her and egging his friend on - then fully topless as the car stops and she runs out into the woods to try and escape but is wrestled to the ground by Tom and further assaulted and virtually raped as Theo snaps away with his camera - then topless and rear nudity as the men rush back to the car and she runs after them thinking they are going to abandon her naked - then Theo stops the car and walks back to put a coat around her and tells her it was all a set-up so her looks of terror would appear genuine for the camera ● topless on a bed in a lesbian scene with Sara while Theo takes pictures - also with glimpses of full frontal nudity - then topless and full frontal nudity on the bed as Theo joins in and she makes love with him while Sara watches - later topless laying beside Sara on the bed when Theo leaves to investigate a noise outside - then (next morning) rear nudity laying asleep in bed beside Sara - then topless as she wakes up, sits on the side of the bed and puts on her bra. (aka She Died with Her Boots On)

SARAH NEVILLE   (Rebecca Cairns in Emmerdale, Celestia Palmer in Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Gilly Jones in Annie's Bar, The Perfect Spy)
The Buddha of Suburbia (BBC2/1993) - Full frontal nudity and rear nudity standing in her lounge as she removes her robe in front of actor Karim Amir (Naveen Andrews) who has come, with his girlfriend Eleanor (Jemma Redgrave), for drinks at his stage play director (and her husband), Mathew Pyke's (Donald Sumpter) home which unbeknown to Karim was for the purpose of swapping partners - then she kisses him on the sofa where he is sitting and they slide to the floor - then topless side view energetically making love astride him while his girlfriend and her husband have sex elsewhere in the same room. [episode 3] (4-part drama)

The Deadly Females (1976) - The side of her left breast is seen while laying in bed as her boyfriend (Steve Amber) wakes her up in the morning - then topless as she turns over and they talk about her acting audition - then full frontal as she lays back and stretches when he goes to make some coffee and rear nudity and she gets out of bed and follows him ● topless with her right breast seen laying in bed as Benny (Graham Ashley) opens her negligee to lick off some wine he has spilt on her - later topless laying in bed beside him as he sleeps loudly snoring and then she sits up with rear nudity seen as she places a pillow over his face to smother him and uses her full body weight to hold it in place as he struggles.
Minder (ITV/1980) - Brief topless side view with her left breast seen as she removes her gown to get into bed with her boyfriend Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman) after getting him to switch out the light - the scene is a bit dark but her face is seen in half light and it was a continuous shot from when the light was on. [ep: 2.13 - A Lot of Bull and a Pat on the Back]

HANNAH NEW   (Eleanor Guthrie in Black Sails)
Black Sails (usaTV/2014) - [Series 1] (ep2) Topless and rear nudity as she walks across a bedroom and puts on a robe after waking up in the morning beside her female lover Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy) ● (ep3) topless sitting astride former lover captain Charles Vane (Zach McGowan) on his cot as he pulls open her shirt when she comes to his hut to resume their affair - then topless in the open shirt as he turns her onto her back and makes love to her ● [Series 2] (ep3) topless as she and pirate captain Charles Vane breathlessly undress one another in his fortress room when she comes to him in gratitude for dealing with an errant vicious pirate who wasn't adhering to the rules of the island ● [Series 3] (ep2) briefly seen topless as she stands washing herself at a bowl in her cabin on a ship - then rear nudity as she puts a shift on over her head when the ship's chambermaid Mrs Hudson (Anna-Louise Plowman) enters to summon her to see the governor ● (ep7) rear nudity as she removes her underslip as she walks to governor Woodes Rogers' (Luke Roberts) adjoining bedchamber from his study when she comes to his quarters making it clear she is ready to escalate their relationship to a new level - then topless side view with her left breast seen at a medium distance as she half turns and looks back waiting for him to follow - then topless laying on her side in bed facing away from him waiting for him to speak after they have finished making love. [series 1, 2 & 3, five separate episodes] (Series 1/2014; Series 2/2015; Series 3/2016)

Carry On England (1976) - Topless as she comes out of the hut with her fellow female soldiers to line up for an inspection parade as they make mischief by interpreting some ambiguous orders very literally - then topless as they all line up and she explains to the agitated sergeant major (Windsor Davies) and then the captain (Kenneth Connor) why they are only wearing trousers and nothing else - she is the corporal in charge of the other four girls who are (l-r) Linda Regan, Barbara Hampshire, Louise Burton and Jeannie Collings.
Carry On Emmanuelle (1978) - Topless opening her nurse's tunic in a doctor's surgery to help the doctor check if his patient's (Kenneth Williams) sexual responses are now working correctly.

MICHELLE NEWELL   (several short-run UK TV dramas incl:- Cleopatra in The Cleopatras)
The Cleopatras (BBC2/1983) - (ep1) Topless with her left breast seen out of her dress when her uncle and king Pot Belly (Richard Griffiths) rips away the top of her white dress while making a voracious move on her for his sexual gratification - and then as she tries to fight him off as he pushes her onto his bed and rapes her ● (ep3) topless as she turns over onto her back while her daughter Selene (Prue Clarke) is massaging her as they plot and scheme together ● (ep8) rear nudity as she walks over to a bed to join Mark Antony (Christopher Neame) with the side of her left breast seen as she kneels on the bed while talking to him - no nipple nudity seen. (The Cleopatra she plays in the earlier episodes is an ancestor of the famous Cleopatra that she plays in the latter episodes) [3 separate episodes] (8-part series)

NANETTE NEWMAN   (British movie actress)
Man At The Top (1973) - Topless with a glimpse of lower nudity standing in a bedroom as she slips off her dress as Joe (Kenneth Haigh) watches her from the bed - however it is a cutaway shot with her face not seen in the same shot - later, topless on the bed as Joe rips off her bejewelled necklace - another close-up cutaway shot ● a brief nipple glimpse of her right breast as Joe stands behind her fondling it in her open robe - a close-up cutaway shot with her face not seen. (very likely body double)

CHLOE NEWSOME   (Vicky McDonald in Coronation Street)
The Life and Crimes of William Palmer (ITV/1998) - Her right breast is briefly seen when her nightdress front gapes as she leans over after opening the curtains and getting back into the bed she has shared with Dr William Palmer (Keith Allen), for whom she is in domestic employ, and who prevailed upon her to sleep with him following the death of his wife which she has found to be to her liking. [part 1] (2-part drama)

Zardoz (1974) - Topless riding outdoors on a white horse while wearing a blue headscarf as she observes Zed (Sean Connery) and then he sees her ● topless kneeling over Zed who is laying on his back as she transfers her knowledge to him by osmosis - computer-like graphics are projected over her face ● topless as she talks to Zed as she tends to his medical needs in a plastic bubble-enclosed greenhouse - later, topless standing outside the plastic dome as some other Eternals try to get in intent on killing Zed ● floating dead in a fountain with her right breast briefly seen above the water. (featured role)

THANDIE NEWTON   (aka Thandiwe Newton / Grace Travis in Rogue, Maeve Millay in Westworld)
Flirting (1991) - Topless when she is made to get out of bed by a woman who is holding a coat for her to put around herself.
The Leading Man (1996) - In bed wearing a low-cut night dress from which her right nipple has emerged as she lays beside a man talking after checking the time on a watch ● a brief glimpse of lower nudity is seen as the man tries to pull down her briefs while they are making out on a bed and she makes him stop - then topless sitting on the edge of the bed as the man sits behind her and lowers her bra cup while being smoochy.
Gridlock'd (1997) - Topless as two men haul her unconscious body from a bath after they have failed to rouse her ● topless standing by a hospital bed wearing white briefs and getting dressed.
In Your Dreams (BBC2/1997) - Topless undressing and putting on a top - seen on the right side of a split screen image. (Shown in the 'Love Bites" strand)
Beloved (1998) - Lower nudity as she opens up the bottom of her gown in front of a man ● full frontal nudity standing beside a dressed woman in front of a doorway - and then screaming.
Besieged (1998) - Topless laying restlessly in bed as she pulls her dress below her left breast - her face is not in shot at the same time but it is a continuous sequence ● topless laying on her back in bed beside a sleeping man as she moves his arm draped across her chest to get up when the front doorbell rings.
Half of a Yellow Sun (2013) - Topless side view sitting in a bath with her left breast seen when her doorbell rings and she stands up and puts on a towel to go and let in her lover Odenigbo - then topless in bed underneath Odenigbo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) with her left breast seen as they make love.
Rogue (usaTV/2013) - (ep1) Topless in a shower recovering her composure after seeing crime boss Jimmy Laszlo (Marton Csokas) murder an informer while she is working undercover in his criminal organisation - seen from above ● (ep2) topless passionately making love on a bed with her husband Tom (Kavan Smith) with her left breast out of her vest top after she returns home shaken up by a near-death experience ● (ep5) topless making love with crime family boss Jimmy Laszlo (Marton Csokas) on a hotel room bed as they grow close while she is helping him uncover a mole in his organisation ● (ep6) (continuing from end scene of previous episode) - topless from overhead in the hotel room shower as she talks to Jimmy through the glass - then topless as he opens the shower door and gets in with her where they resume their lovemaking ● (ep8) topless sitting in an empty bath washing away blood under a shower stream in shock after her climactic fight with the scheming manipulator Max Laszlo - viewed from above ● (ep10) briefly topless in a hospital locker room as she takes off her hospital gown and puts on some "borrowed" clothes while escaping from a killer detective. [series 1, six separate episodes]
Westworld (usaTV/2016) - (Series 1) (ep2) Topless as she unexpectedly awakens on an operating table to find two technicians Sylvester (Ptolemy Slocum) and Lutz (Leonardo Nam) carrying out repairs on her and she panics (not knowing she is an artificial construct) and stands holding them off with a scalpel not comprehending what they were doing to her - then topless and rear nudity as she runs from the room and finds herself in an operations centre, a place bewildering to her understanding as a robot character whose normal scope is within a wild west setting - then she enters a room for decommissioned characters and sinks to her knees in shock until the two technicians catch up and deactivate her ● (ep5) full frontal nudity laying inactive in a lab as technician Felix enters alone to work on his personal clandestine project of a small robotic bird he has programmed - then topless sitting up on her trolley bed self-activated as the bird perches on her outstretched finger and she starts talking assertively to a stunned Felix ● topless on the table again as another repair is carried out ● topless laying naked on a workbench in sleep mode as Sylvester and Lutz make repairs to her synthetic body ● (ep6) brief topless and rear nudity sitting on a stool as Felix and Sylvester explain the meanings of her system's personality parameters displayed on a tablet and she exerts pressure on them to update her attributes so she will be better suited to achieve her objective ● topless and rear nudity sitting on a workbench as lab technician Felix Lutz confirms her suspicions that she is an artificial construct with programmed responses - later topless as her systems temporarily crash at the revelations and the panicked Lutz is unable to get her to respond ● (ep7) full frontal nudity laying on a table in the lab being worked on by Felix who warns her she is coming in for repair too often and it will be noticed - then topless and rear nudity as Felix escorts her through the building when she insists they look for her friend Clementine Pennyfeather (Angela Sarafyan) who was taken earlier - then full frontal nudity as she sees Clementine being decommissioned in another lab ● (ep8) brief topless side view sitting on a stool in the lab as she dismisses the two technicians who she now has working for her - seen from a distance only - then topless in a reflection in the glass door as Felix comes back into the room ● topless laying on her back on a trolley feigning dormancy as Lutz and Sylvester wheel her to a new location issuing them with directions as she puts the first stages of her escape plan into operation - then topless sitting on a table as she lets Felix shut her system down trusting them to do their bit while she is offline ● topless as she reactivates after discovering Sylvester planned treachery, and she stands, grabs a scalpel and slashes his throat - then topless and full frontal nudity standing as she permits Felix to cauterise Sylvester's fatal wound as his talents may be needed later now she has made her point ● (Series 3) (ep2) topless laying on a diagnostic bed undergoing repair work - then full frontal nudity as she gets up and puts on a shirt when left alone ● full frontal nudity standing static in a warehouse of deactivated robots. [series 1&3, six separate episodes] (Series 1/2016; Series 3/2020)

Nudes Of The World (1961) - Topless as she and her friends emerge from their tents after undressing upon arrival at their newly formed sun club and then topless running across the park to the swimming pool and then jumping in for some larking around ● topless lazing by the swimming pool relaxing in the sun ● topless sitting around the camp fire listening to Miss Hungary (Jutka Goz) sing ● topless standing around discussing the deteriorating relations with the local villagers with Ron (Anthony Dell) and Peter (Colin Goddard) and fellow beauty queens Miss England (Vivienne Raimon) and Miss Germany (Susan Clift) ● topless standing around the pool relaxing ● topless having fun on a beach on a private island that she and her friends are visiting on a day excursion ● topless sitting around in a group as they discuss their plans for a garden fete at the camp ● topless as she helps organise activities for the visitors to their fund-raising fete ● topless sitting in a group discussing what to do about the protesting villagers when site owner Lord Greystone (Geoffrey Denton) returns from his holidays to take charge of the situation ● topless standing around in a group as Lord Greystone returns to tell them the situation with the protestors has been successfully defused.

Night Fever (C5/2001) - {Music Show} Nipple slip while raising her arms in the air. [edition: 10/Feb/2001]

Game of Thrones (usaTV/2015) - Full frontal nudity opening her dress and hurling derogatory remarks at queen mother Cersei (Lena Headey) who is walking naked though the crowded streets to atone for her sins. [series 5, episode 10]

PHOEBE NICHOLLS   (Several short-run UK TV dramas incl. Lady Cordelia Flyte in Brideshead Revisited)
Blade on the Feather (aka Deep Cover) (ITV/1980) - Rear nudity laying flat on her front on her bed after having had sex with her father's arrogant houseguest Daniel Young (Tom Conti) who is laying against her legs - she is in a sulk because she feels he is being ungratefully patronising towards her - then her right breast is briefly seen as she raises up to reach round behind herself to smack him angrily when he makes a condescending remark about her childishness. (one-off drama)

REBECCA NICHOLS   (two film roles in late 1990's and one in 2001)
When Saturday Comes (1996) - Topless doing a striptease act at a stag night on a railed platform in a pub - then coming down onto the floor when requested to do a close-up lap dance for Mac (Chris Walker) before then moving onto Jimmy Muir (Sean Bean) with some rear nudity also seen as he partly pulls down her briefs ● topless laying and sitting up in bed after having sex with Jimmy as he hurries out when he realises he is late for football.

BRITTANIA NICOL   (American actress, based in England)
The Wicker Tree (2011) - Rear nudity laying face down unconscious and sedated on a kitchen bench as Cook (Lesley Mackie) bastes her back with oil in preparation for the sinister forthcoming pagan Mayday ceremony for which she is due to become the unwitting victim of taxidermist Beame (Clive Russell) - her face is not seen at the same time - later some side of her left breast seen as she sits up and puts on a dress and discovers she has been locked in a shrine awaiting a fate which has befallen her predecessors on display there - no nipple nudity.

ISHBEL NICOL   (only known role in in a 2002 film short)
What About the Bodies? (2002) - Laying in bed on her front with the side of her left breast seen squished against the bed as she looks around and smiles at the camera - no nipple nudity. (a 7-minute short)

REBECCA NIGHT   (Lead role in Fanny Hill (BBC/2007))
Fanny Hill (BBC4/2007) - (part 1) Topless and slight full frontal nudity side view standing in a bedchamber as her young beau Charles Standing (Alex Robertson) removes her garments - seen at a medium distance - then topless underneath him in a lovemaking scene on a bed as she cries in pain as her virginity is taken - then topless laying beside him feeling disappointed after he has finished - then more brief topless nudity in lovemaking vignettes as they continue their passions over the next few days - then partial full frontal nudity laying on her side beside him as he sleeps and topless as she kisses him awake and they talk ● (part 2) topless laying in bed passively beneath her sugar daddy Mr H (Hugo Speer) as he makes love to her - then (another occasion) more lovemaking underneath him as she begins to respond against her resolve not to ● topless side view with her left breast seen in a lovemaking scene astride Mr H in bed - brief moment only ● topless laying on a couch at an orgy event after a ball at the brothel ● topless in bed underneath young brothel customer Percival (Jonathan Burt) as he makes love to her - then topless as she sits up when he starts to revile her for being a whore and having to share her with other "sweethearts" - then topless laying down as he leaves the room. [two-part drama]
This September (gerTV/2010) - Topless standing kissing in a bedroom with a boyfriend as they undress each other with an urgent passion - then topless laying on her back on a bed beneath him as they make love. (A German made 2-part TV production using mainly British actors - made in English and dubbed into German for German TV with the title of "Rosamunde Pilcher - Vier Frauen - Virginias Geheimnis") (2-part drama)
Suspension of Disbelief (2012) - Topless in a bath with her left breast just seen above the water as she washes her hair when houseguest Therese Prevert (Lotte Verbeek) brings in a mug of coffee and then helps her rinse her hair when she gets stinging soap suds in her eyes.
Dartmoor Killing (2015) - Rear nudity running into a river alongside her friend Becky (Gemma-Leah Devereux) as they join their new friend Chris (Callum Blue) in the water for some skinny dipping fun after meeting him while on a walking holiday on Dartmoor - seen from a medium distance with her face not seen.

LESLEY NIGHTINGALE   (Beryl Simpson in Brookside, Ronnie Bains in Eastenders, Suzy in Spyship)
Spyship (BBC1/1983) - Topless as she gets out of bed where she was sleeping alongside her boyfriend Martin Taylor (Tom Wilkinson) and puts on a dressing gown when they are awoken early in the morning by an urgent knocking at her front door. [episode 1] (6-part drama)
The Return (C4/1986) - Topless laying on a bed beside Rory (Tony Guilfoyle) - then kneeling on the bed hugging and kissing with him - then he turns forceful and angrily pushes her down onto the bed where we see Sean (Oengus MacNamara) watching them intently. (one-off drama)
A Perfect Spy (BBC1/1987) - (ep3) Full frontal nudity standing as she forwardly removes her robe in the quarters of young army officer Magnus Pym (Peter Egan) who has been posted to the refugee interrogation unit in Graz, Austria where she works as a local interpreter - then topless as she walks towards him, sitting nervously on the edge of the bed, seducing him with the ultimate aim of clandestinely recruiting him as a spy ● (ep7) brief topless and possible fleeting brief dark full frontal nudity as she gets out of bed to fetch a document after tearfully confessing to her Whitehall spy boss and lover Jack Brotherhood (Alan Howard) that she removed it years ago from now-disgraced British intelligence agent Magnus Pym's personnel file as a seemingly-innocent favour to him but which now could prove crucial in establishing his treacherous links to the communist bloc. [two separate episodes] (7-part drama)
One Way Out (BBC1/1989) - Sitting on the floor leaning back against Denis Lawson with her right breast briefly seen out of her open black robe while they talk. (a Screen One presentation)
The Spy Who Caught a Cold (1994) - Full frontal nudity as she comes into her daughter's bedroom naked ● rear nudity playing on a beach with her daughter ● full frontal walking with her daughter along a path to a village ● topless taking her daughter's temperature who is sick in bed ● topless and rear nudity walking on a beach - seen through binoculars. This all takes place in the context of a visit to a nudist resort (a 10 minute C4 short in a season titled "Short and Curlies")

The Fine Art of Love (2005) - Topless alongside her schoolmate Blanka (Emily Pimm) as they are made to disrobe during a ballet lesson so that an old lady patron can inspect them and select which shall be the prima ballerina for the forthcoming production. All nudity is seen in close-up only with her face not seen in a continuous shot - so body double usage strongly suspected. (aka: L'educazione fisica delle fanciulle; aka The Fine Art of Love: Mine Ha-Ha)

SARAH NIVEN   (Only known role is starring role in Coming Up: Naked)
Coming Up (C4/2003) - Topless and rear nudity as she gets out of bed in the morning to answer the door oblivious that she is naked - then brief full frontal nudity when her boyfriend Mark (Ben Sutherland) rescues her - then full frontal in bed as Mark gets back in with her ● topless in a lounge as she playfully pulls down the cups of her bra while doing a little teasy dance in front of Mark ● topless wearing an open tracksuit top while having breakfast ● full frontal nudity sitting on a sofa watching television with Shane (Adam Day) when his girlfriend Claire (Lucia Cox) and Mark return - then topless as Mark takes her outside the room after there has been a big row about it ● topless undressing in a bedroom upstairs at the party getting ready to join the naturists when Mark comes in the room already naked - then rear nudity and full frontal as they go downstairs and join the party - then topless dancing at the party with her father (Peter Lochburn) ● topless and rear nudity at the party doing a charades mime ● full frontal at the party apologising to the other guests when Mark gets angry and leaves - then full frontal as she stands outside on the porch shivering as she tries to calm him down ● briefly topless sitting in the passenger seat of Mark's car when a policeman stops them ● full frontal nudity standing in a party group as they all raise their glasses to the camera and say cheers (final bit was a short post-credits sequence). [2003 series, ep: Naked] (an anthology series of separate stories featuring the work of new writers and directors)

KIMBERLEY NIXON   (Josie in Fresh Meat, Sarah in Hebburn)
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008) - Very brief thonged rear nudity seen while getting changed in her bedroom when Georgia (Georgia Groome) and her three girlfriends spy on her with binoculars and are appalled by what she is wearing.
Easy Virtue (2008) - Possible very brief lower nudity while performing a cancan act with Larita (Jessica Biel) at the War Widows Charity Revue when she lifts her skirts because she didn't realise it was a joke when someone said the cancan is traditionally done without underwear - also rear nudity a couple of times when she lifts the back of her skirts.
Cherrybomb (2009) - Her breasts are separately briefly seen a couple of times while sitting on a bed with her boyfriend Malachy (Rupert Grint) as she takes off her bra and then they kiss. Her face remains above the shot although it seems to be her because of some birthmarks seen on her shoulder on the close-ups which are also seen in other shots in which her face is in view
Ordinary Lies (BBC1/2016) - Her left nipple is very briefly seen from the underside as she quickly arranges herself under the covers in casual recline after leaping back into bed to avoid being caught out snooping by her boyfriend Adam (John Macmillan) whose downstairs phone conversation she had been eavesdropping on over her bedroom parapet - the exposure was accidental. [Series 2, episode 2]

PIPPA NIXON   (Alice Gove in Cuffs, DC Karen Willetts in Unforgotten, Jax Duffy in 24:Seven)
Panic (2014) - Topless as removes her dress in front of Andrew Deeley (David Gyasi) in his apartment after arranging to hook up on an internet date site for casual sex - then topless as she makes love astride him helping him overcome his discomfiture with the arrangement.

Crying Wolf (2015) - Topless in some woods changing her clothes together with her friend June (Chloe Farnworth) after their clothes become soiled by some spilt soup at the campsite - seen at a medium distance.

Grindsploitation (2016) - Full frontal and rear nudity standing in a long white corridor and chasing a naked woman with rabbit ears (Estrany). [segment: Alice in the Ultrabeyond] (a collection of shorts most of which are styled as faux trailers)

MARGARET NOLAN   (aka Vicki/Vicky Kennedy)
One Track Mind (8mm/1962) - Topless and rear nudity as she undresses in her lounge and puts on a pyjama top - then topless in the open top laying on her sofa - it seems she is behaving sexily for an unseen lover but in the final reveal her only audience are her two pet Siamese cats. [Kamera Cine Film 30] (3-minute glamour short by Harrison Marks, in B&W, billed as Margaret Nolan)
The Four Poster (8mm/1964) - Topless and rear nudity as she undresses out of her period ladies finery in an inn bedroom and gets into the four poster bed naked - then full frontal nudity and rear nudity as she gets out of bed and selects a book from the bookcase and returns to bed - then topless in bed as she reads - then topless as she tires and falls asleep with the covers down unaware that the hunchback innkeeper (Harrison Marks) is spying on her through a peephole painting and who then tries to steal the jewellery she is wearing as she sleeps, without success because she keeps moving in her sleep - then topless as deadly spikes begin descending from the canopy which stop when she awakens and sits up screaming - then topless as the hunchback comes at her with a knife and she is saved by a soldier (Stuart Samuels) who bursts in and tackles the innkeeper - then full frontal nudity standing watching them fight - and then topless as the three performers end with a bow to the camera and as she turns she has "The End" written on her posterior. (Note: the full frontal nudity is discrete shaven) [Kamera Cine Film 109] (6-minute glamour short by Harrison Marks, in B&W, billed as Vicki Kennedy)
It's a Bare Bare World (1964) - Topless and rear nudity as she undresses upon arrival in the nudist camp chalet with her friend Vera (Vera Novak) whilst their other friend Carol (Carol Haynes) waits undecided on whether she wants to go naked - then topless and rear nudity as they go outside and walk through the picturesque gardens of the camp ● topless as she and her two girlfriends mess around splashing in the river together and with other camp members ● topless and rear nudity reaching high to pick fruit from trees in the orchard. A 60s nudist camp film. A shortened 13-minute silent B&W 8mm home-movie version is reviewed here. The full theatrical version was around 30-minutes long and in colour with sound and may therefore have additional scenes with nudity. (credited as Vicki Kennedy)
Nude In the Sun (8mm/1964) - Topless alone on a secluded Cornish beach as she runs down to the sea - then topless as she kneels by the shoreline washing her arms and basking in the sun - then topless as she runs back up the beach - then rear nudity as she removes her briefs - then topless and full frontal nudity as she lays down on her back on a flat rock and dozes off sunbathing. (Note: the full frontal nudity is discrete shaven). [Kamera Cine Film 58B] (3½-minute glamour short by Harrison Marks, made in colour - although seen here in a B&W version)
Vertigo (8mm/1965) - Undressing on a small ornamental bridge feature in a garden set - then topless laying on her back on the feature as she removes her bra - then she sits up and removes her stockings - then she kneels up and removes her briefs - then topless as she sits up and enjoys the sun. (credited as Vicki Kennedy) [Venus Films 68] (4-minute glamour short by Russell Gay, in B&W - date is estimated, perhaps mid-1960s)
Meet The Fabulous Vicky Kennedy (8mm/1965) - Topless and rear nudity in her bathroom as she undresses out of her nightclothes - then topless and rear nudity as she steps into the bath and has a shower wearing a shower cap - then topless as she steps out and dries herself with a towel - then topless, rear nudity and some full frontal nudity on her bed as she reads a letter - then topless sitting on the bed doing her makeup and hair - then topless and some full frontal nudity laying on the bed - then topless as she sits up and starts to get dressed - then lower nudity as she stands up while putting on her bra. (Credited as Vicky Kennedy, film may also be known as "Presenting The Fabulous Vicky Kennedy"). [Star Films 111] (7¼-minute glamour short, in colour - date is estimated, perhaps mid-1960s)
Sexational (8mm/1965) - Topless as she removes her bra and then topless sitting and laying on a small round table as she removes the rest of her lingerie items while on occasion looking seductively at the camera - then topless and rear nudity as she walks around the room ● [Vertigo] topless as she strips out of her clothes in a small high-walled garden - then once naked she sits and lays on a small stone bridge feature as she enjoys the sunshine ● topless in a bedroom wearing an unbuttoned basque while looking sexily at the camera - then topless as she lounges around - then topless as she stands and removes the basque - then topless on the bed as she alluringly smokes a cigarette. (Uncredited on-screen, but would have been as Vicki Kennedy.). NOTE: This release appears to be a compilation of three previously released shorts all featuring Vicki Kennedy. The middle one matches the contents of the short entitled "Vertigo" - the other two have not been seen individually. A possibility for one of them would be a another known Russell Gay/Vicki Kennedy collaboration called "Tension" which remains unseen. [Venus Films] (11½-minute glamour short by Russell Gay, in B&W - date is estimated, perhaps mid-1960s)
Toomorrow (1970) - Brief rear nudity standing on a lawn after being conjured up by Mr Williams' (Roy Dotrice) alien powers - it is a static image of her seen from a medium distance as she materialises in a (cheap) special effect and looks like it could just be a cut-out still image overlay used to achieve the effect - her face is not seen.
Carry On Girls (1973) - Her right nipple is momentarily seen escaping from her skimpy silver bikini top as she and fellow beauty queen contestant Hope Springs (Barbara Windsor) have a catfight brawl in a hotel lobby over ownership of the bikini which Hope claims was stolen from her - later Hope gets the bikini top off her and the side of her left breast is seen pressed against the floor as Hope has her pinned down while trying to also get the briefs off - until contest organiser Sid (Sidney James) steps in to break up the fight.

CHRISTINE NOONAN   (Barbarina in Casanova [BBC/1971])
If.... (1968) - Brief full frontal nudity while frolicking around naked on a café floor with Mick (Malcolm McDowell) behaving like wild animals - this scene filmed in Black and White.
Casanova (BBC2/1971) - (ep: 1 - Steed in the Stable) Topless sitting up in bed laughing uncontrollably at an unheard witticism of Casanova's (Frank Finlay) - she is seen in the background while he sits at a vanity desk in the foreground - and then as he stands at the foot of her bed and removes his robe - then topless laying down underneath him as they talk and kiss and then topless as he kisses down her body ● (ep: 2 - One At A Time) topless sitting up in bed laughing - this is a flashback to the scene in episode 1 although this is a different take, shot closer up ● (ep: 4 - Window, Window) flashback repeat of the topless laughing in background moment from episode 1. [various episodes] (She only properly appears in episode 1 - all other appearances are flashback repeats in vignettes)

NORA-JANE NOONE   (Garda Kate Noonan in Jack Taylor)
The Magdalene Sisters (2002) - Full frontal nudity standing in a line of naked girls in front of two nuns who are making disparaging remarks about the girls' bodies - then full frontal and topless as she is made to walk forward with another girl (Eileen Walsh) for specific humiliation.

BRIDGET NORDBY   (aka Brigita Nordby, only known role is in a film short called Soul Patrol)
Soul Patrol (2000) - Bare back and side of her right breast seen while kissing with Pete (Jay Simpson) on a bed when he gets a phone call. (a 20 minute short film)

McCallum (ITV/1997) - Some side of her left breast is seen while she is laying flat on her front asleep beside Iain McCallum (John Hannah) after a one-night stand which he surreptitiously engineered in the hope of finding more details of what she remembered about an accident she witnessed involving one of his colleagues - no nipple nudity. [ep: 2.1 - City of the Dead]

Intimate Games (aka Sex Games of the Very Rich) (1976) - Topless dressed as a maid standing in a doorway to the snooker room as her boss (Ian Hendry) imagines her topless and later fully naked although only partial lower nudity is seen.

Separation (1968) - Topless sitting on a seat by an indoor swimming pool with her feet dangling into the water alongside two other women - she is seated on the far right at first and then second from right when the other woman arrives ● rear nudity standing in a line by the pool with three other woman as some suited men walk along the front side of them (with a dark full frontal reflection also seen in the pool area window) - then topless sitting on the chair again by the pool as a man sprays them with water from a hose - she is second from the right.

DANIELA NORMAN   (June Park in Tiny Pretty Things)
Tiny Pretty Things (usaTV/2020) - Rear nudity holding a towel against her front while getting changed in a washroom as another woman barges in and forcibly hauls her out and down a corridor and into a bedroom to have it out on a matter of dispute. [episode 2]

CARLI NORRIS   (Kelly in In Deep, Anoushka Flynn in Doctors, also lead role in 4-part drama Tilly Trotter)
Roger Roger (BBC1/1998) - Rear nudity running out of a car with Fritha Goodey and running into a lake into night - their faces are not seen until they turn once they are in the lake when they are too far away to be properly identified. [ep: Welcome to Responsibilityville]
Diamond Geezer (ITV1/2005) - Bare back and full side of her right breast as she takes off her bra while being chased into a bedroom by her lover - no nipple nudity and her face remains unseen above the frame of the shot. (one-off drama)
Fanny Hill (BBC4/2007) - Topless with a brief glimpse of lower nudity as she takes off her nightshirt as she walks to her bed she is sharing with Fanny Hill (Rebecca Night) - then topless as she leans over to blow out a candle ● full side of her left breast while laying on her front in bed talking to Fanny - also a briefly glimpse of her right nipple seen above the sheets while laying on her back talking. [part 1 of 2]

HERMIONE NORRIS   (Karen Marsden in Cold Feet, Victoria in Berkley Square)
Cold Feet (ITV/2001) - Skinny dipping with her friends in an outdoor swimming pool - no real nudity is seen except for vague distorted shapes in the water. [ep: season 4 finale]

Outlawed (2018) - Topless wearing a diaphanous negligee as she approaches a bed and walks up to her former childhood friend and ex-soldier Jake O'Neill (Adam Collins) who is about to embark on a mission to avenge her father's killer - then topless as she removes the negligee with rear nudity as he removes her briefs - then topless as they make love on the bed.

Popcorn (2007) - Topless kissing on a bed with her lesbian lover (Tamsin Ambrose) - later topless side view with her left breast seen and rear nudity also seen while kneeling on a bed kissing with her lesbian screen lover - both of these sequences are from a (fictional) erotic film called Sarah's Highly Innocent Teenage Exploitation - they are specially shot scenes made to be seen playing in the cinema complex where the main film is set - the footage is seen on the big screen while other things are going on in the cinema - only the two mini-scenes were filmed to represent the whole fictional erotic film - there is no additional footage from a fuller film ● [DVD Extras] (Extended Scenes) the unfettered footage from the two sequences used in the main film are available to view as an extra (without interruptions or cutaways to other things going on in the cinema) ● (Behind The Scenes Documentary) rear nudity and topless side view with her left breast seen while kneeling on bed in front of her co-star (Tamsin Ambrose) as the crew get ready to film the lesbian scene which will be shown on the big screen during the live action. (Luce Norris is Blonde, Tamsin Ambrose is Brunette)

KERRY NORTON   (Maxine Purvis in Bad Girls)
Demonsoul (1995) - Topless as she removes her blouse in front of hypnotherapist Dr Charles Bucher (Daniel Jordan) and imposes her sexuality on him (her body has been possessed by a dominant evil past-life personality during the hypnotherapy session) - then topless as he pushes her to the ground when she tries to bite him with vampire teeth and her manifested servant Selena (Eileen Daly) rushes to her aid.
Masters of Horror (usaTV/2006) - Rear nudity making love astride her husband Alan (Jason Priestley) when he comes home from a long trip away - then topless as she settles down against him when they have finished. [ep:2.7 - The Screwfly Solution]
ToY (2015) - Rear nudity on a hotel bed wearing a black lacy top as she reaches across to get a bottle of water from the mini-bar for her prostitution client - with brief lower nudity seen as she pulls on her briefs to end the session when she discovers he has no more money to pay her ● topless, rear nudity and full frontal nudity in a studio posing for artistic photographer Chloe (Briana Evigan) who asks her questions about her life - also seen on screen are a couple of the topless B&W photos as they are being taken ● rear nudity as she walks out of Chloe's bedroom after coming in to talk to her after taking a shower ● topless sitting on a wooden bench as Chloe arranges her into a pose and they continue working on Chloe's project and chatting back and forth ● topless as she undresses in the bedroom in front of Chloe while getting changed - then topless as they make out on the bed - then rear nudity creeping to the bathroom to hide when Chloe's father arrives ● topless in stills and moving footage as Chloe reviews her material on a computer screen ● topless sitting in Chloe's studio as Chloe looks up and sees her rather than the replacement model (Roxy Olin) she has hired.

LAURA NORTON   (Kerry Wyatt in Emmerdale)
Steel River Blues (ITV1/2004) - Topless as she opens and leans out of her upstairs bathroom window and looks down at some firemen and then covers herself with her arms as she asks if she should leave the building - she has a modest speaking role as she sits in the fire-engine chatting with the crew after being locked out of her house and appears again later when being rescued on a party-cruise boat. [ep: 6 - Flashpoint]
Vera (ITV/2011) - Topless laying dead on mortuary table with her right breast seen as the pathologist Billy Cartwright (Paul Ritter) reports his initial observations to DCI Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) - seen from a medium distance. [ep: 1.4 - Little Lazarus]

Country Cousin (8mm/1964) - Topless and rear nudity as a pin-up photo in an exhibition that come to life and poses alluringly for a sexually repressed man in a raincoat and then comes out of the photo and chases him around the gallery. [Kamera Cine Film 45] (3-minute glamour short by Harrison Marks, in B&W)
It's a Bare Bare World (1964) - Rear nudity as she undresses upon arrival in the nudist camp chalet with her friend Vicki (Vicki Kennedy) while their other friend Carol (Carol Haynes) waits undecided on whether she wants to go naked - then topless and rear nudity as they go outside and walk through the picturesque gardens of the camp ● topless as she and her two girlfriends mess around splashing in the river together and with other camp members ● topless and rear nudity reaching high to pick fruit from trees in the orchard. A 60s nudist camp film. A shortened 13-minute silent B&W 8mm home-movie version is reviewed here. The full theatrical version was around 30-minutes long and in colour with sound and may therefore have additional scenes with nudity.

The Notebooks of Cornelius Crow (2005) - Topless sitting astride her lesbian girlfriend Saffron Hill (Siri Ingul) as they make love on a bed in their friend Jack Cade's (Adso Brown) flat - then topless when Jack comes home and finds them at it and angrily demands they leave.

Hell to Pay (2005) - Topless standing in a bedroom getting dressed after providing sexual services for her hard-nut customer Johnny M (Terry Turbo) who refuses to pay and then shoots her dead when she starts making threats against him.

ANNA NYGH   (Hannah Burgess in Capital City, Laura Grey in Lytton's Diary)
Sweeney 2 (1978) - Topless posing and stripping for the camera draping herself over a white Rolls Royce in a stag film that the Flying Squad detectives are watching as part of their briefing on her as a surveillance subject.

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