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The Borgias (usaTV/2011) - Topless as Juan Borgia (David Oakes) rips down the top of her dress in order to spice up the play he is directing during a rehearsal in which she is playing a courtesan to a man (Kenneth Collard) who prefers her to his wife (Helen Norton) - then topless as the actors replay the scene with gusto incorporating the adjustment to her dress ● her right breast is bared from her dress as the scene from the bawdy play is performed for the appreciative guests at Lucrezia Borgia's wedding. [series 1, episode 4]

CLAIRE OBERMAN   (Alex Farrell in Trainer, Kate Norris in Tenko)
Goodbye Pork Pie (1981) - Topless as she reaches over to get something from her bag while laying in a makeshift bed with Gerry in a freight train carriage that she and her two travelling companions Gerry (Kelly Johnson) and John (Tony Barry) are freeloading in across country.
Tenko (BBC1/1981) - (S1E1) Laying on her back in bed beside her boyfriend Tom Redburn (Daniel Hill) as they talk about their future together with half of her right nipple seen above the sheets ● (S2E2) her left breast is briefly seen after the women arrive at the new camp and are told to undress and discard all their old clothes - seen in the background as Dorothy Bennett (Veronica Roberts) is talking to Sister Ulrica (Patricia Lawrence) ● (S3E3) full frontal nudity as she enters a hotel bathroom and removes her towel and then gets in the bath with Maggie Thorpe (Elizabeth Mickery) after their group of internees have been freed from Japanese imprisonment and returned to Singapore where they are put up in a luxury hotel ● (S3E10) sitting in a bath washing some clothes and singing happily to herself then talking to Dr Mason (Stephanie Cole) about going back home soon - her right breast is seen above the rim of the bath a few times. [four separate episodes] (Series 1/1981; Series 2/1982; Series 3/1984)
Das Schöne Ende dieser Welt (aka Flashback) (1984) - Rear nudity running into the sea wearing just a jacket - then topless in the sea as she removes the jacket and is joined by a man.

The Floor Became The Ceiling (2002) - Topless in a bath laughing uproariously when she sees a porn movie on a television and realises the stud in it is her grumpy downstairs neighbour (Oliver Pollak) who is always complaining about her noise and had told her he was an actor but didn’t say what kind. (6-minute short)

EILEEN O'BRIEN   (Maddie Wright in Mersey Beat, Gladys Charlton in Brookside, Edie Smith in Eastenders [87-88])
Runners (1983) - Laying on her side in bed with her right nipple briefly seen out of her night-dress as the man next to her gets out of bed quickly.

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972) - Topless in a diaphanous red negligee as she walks to her front door to answer it to Barry (Barry Crocker) - her nipples and breasts are fairly clearly visible - then topless as she leads Barry into her bedroom and takes off her negligee top - then topless sitting on the bed waiting for Barry who is employing delaying tactics because he is nervous - then topless as she gets into the bed.
Escort Girls (aka All Lovers Are Strangers) (1974) - Topless and rear nudity standing undressing in her bedroom - then brief full frontal nudity as she gets into her bed and waits for Hugh (David Dixon) to undress and join her - then topless with her left breast seen as he lays on her clumsily as she encourages him to overcome his embarrassment and inexperience - then further left breast seen to the side of his body as they are making love successfully after she has guided him. (co-starring role)

MAUREEN O'BRIEN   (Vicki in Doctor Who [1965/William Hartnell])
She'll Be Wearing Pink Pyjamas (1984) - Topless on her back in a bed in a lovemaking scene with Tom (Anthony Higgins) as he disappears under the blankets when he kisses down her body. (a Film on Four)

SHELLY O'BRIEN   (No other known television roles)
Speak Like A Child (1998) - Topless at a window as she opens up her robe to display herself to two lads who are watching her from outside and below - she is wearing an eyepatch.

Lap (2005) - Topless and thonged rear nudity doing a private lap dance for a client. (14-minute short / non-speaking background role)

Spaghetti Slow (aka Messaggi quasi segreti) (1997) - Kissing with shy male Italian exchange student Simone (Giulio Di Mauro) in a graveyard after she has run away from her bullysome father and Simone came with her - she pulls down one side of her top to let him touch her breast and possibly her left nipple is exposed. (Although the resolution of the picture [in the version reviewed] is a bit too low to be certain plus the scene it is a bit dark - it seems possible it would be seen though) - review given pending an improved version which may confirm or refute this part of the entry ● darkly shadowed rear nudity and silhouetted side of her left breast seen as she walks out of a boathouse to go skinny dipping in a lake as Simone watches her - no nipple nudity and her face is not seen.

CIARA O'CALLAGHAN   (Yvonne Doyle Gleeson in Fair City)
Spacejacked (1997) - Topless in a flat rocky terrain as a guttural caveman (Brian Monaghan) pulls down the top of her loin dress and picks her up and sits her down on a rock where he proceeds to have his way with her to her contentment - an escapist virtual reality sex fantasy she is having about being submissive to a barbarous man whilst she is travelling as a passenger on a space cruiser ● topless as she sheds her prison overalls and walks purposely towards a uniformed police officer (Jonathon Jeffers) who is attempting to arrest her as an escaped convict - she disarms him with no resistance and then sits astride him on the hood of his patrol car masterfully dominating him - another VR fantasy this time one in which she is the dominant party.

CINDY O'CALLAGHAN   (Sonia Elston in Now and Then, Nan in Fox, Viv Smith in Specials - and was one of the child-stars in the 1971 Disney film:- Bedknobs and Broomsticks)
Hazell (ITV/1979) - Topless sitting in a bath with her right breast seen as her boyfriend James Hazell (Nicholas Ball), who is doing her a favour by letting her stay at his place during marital difficulties, brings in a breakfast tray and she leans up to kiss him - then topless sitting sullenly in the bath upset after she and Hazell argue when he suggests it is about time for her to move on and so he offers her a temporary compromise to placate her disappointment. [ep: 2.4 - Hazell Gets The Boot]

Free Speech (2004) - Sitting in a bath with her boyfriend Mark (Danny Dyer) leaning back against him with his arms around her as they talk about their sexual fantasies - his arms and hands keep her breasts covered whenever the camera is close to them - but they briefly are seen uncovered a few times in medium distance establishing shots with one or other of her nipples evident. (5 minute short)

ALICE O'CONNELL   (Mary Fielding in City of Vice, Anna Crane in The Verdict)
The Blue Tower (2008) - Topless lovemaking underneath her boyfriend Mohan (Abhin Galeya) on a sofa with her left breast briefly seen - medium distance ● topless laying on her back and then her side beside Mohan as they talk in bed after having had sex - a long scene viewed from above.

FRANCES O'CONNOR   (Emma Bovary in Madame Bovary)
Thank God He Met Lizzie (aka The Wedding Party) (1997) - Rear nudity standing looking at a newspaper - her face is not seen ● rear nudity standing on a table wearing antlers and putting up Christmas decorations - her face is not seen.
Madame Bovary (BBC2/2000) - Topless against a tree facing it as a man behind her undresses her - her arms are covering her breasts with only the side of her left breast and her bare back seen - then topless on her back on the ground in a lovemaking scene - and topless as she sits up to help the man take off her footwear - then topless laying on the ground afterwards - viewed from above. (2-part drama)
Jayne Mansfield's Car (2012) - Full frontal nudity standing on a box on a stage performing a poem.

HAZEL O'CONNOR   (80s Singer)
Girls Come First (1975) - Topless as she takes off her negligee and introduces herself to the artist Alan (John Hamill) alongside two other girls (Cheryl Gilham and Bobby Sparrow) - then topless as they all stand there as two more people (Sue Longhurst and Burt Kwouk) come in to talk to them ● full frontal nudity laying on a bed posing for the artist - then topless sitting up beside him on the bed when he sits down feeling artistically drained and talks to her - then full frontal and rear nudity as she goes into the bathroom and runs a bath - then topless in the bathroom as he briefly joins her before going to divide his time between her in the bath and another girl (Heather Deeley) outside on the bed - then topless, rear nudity and full frontal as she gets into the bath - then topless as he joins her in the bath and they make love - then topless laying in the bath playing with a toy boat when he has left. (she was credited as Hazel Glyn)

Rellik (BBC1/2017) - Topless and rear nudity making love astride Gabriel Markham (Richard Dormer) on a bed in the dark illuminated by a string of fairy lights draped about them - then topless underneath him as he turns her over. [episode 5 of 6]

Fog Island (2012) - Topless in a bathroom as she removes her towel and steps into the bath to take a morning shower - then topless in the shower unaware of a figure lurking at the window outside.

One Life Stand (2000) - Topless standing in a bedroom as she sexily undresses in front of nervous male newbie escort John Paul (John Kielty) while her older husband (Stewart Donald) watches to turn himself on. (made in B&W)

The Spell (2008) - Rear nudity standing outdoors as she makes an incantation at a black magic ceremony amongst a coven of fellow witches - her face is not seen so it is probably a body double (NOTE: there is a body double listed on the credits called Ami Hawker who also appears in the film in a separate minor role as a nurse - her face is seen as the nurse, but inevitably no face is seen for the nudity scene - but the credit suggests it may well be she who actually did Laura O'Donoughue's nudity)

ROISIN O'DONOVAN   (Niamh Reid in Red Rock)
Vivere (2019) - Full frontal nudity as she steps out of a shower and then covers herself when she hears someone outside the door.

A J ODUDU   (TV Presenter)
Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins (C4/2019) - {Reality Show} A brief glimpse of her left breast is seen as she removes her bra top while getting changed with the other contestants in a quarry [series 1, episode 1] (aka Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins for Stand Up To Cancer)

KATE O'FLYNN   (Dr Peep in No Offence, Emily Cartwright in Kingdom, Ruby Riley in The Palace)
Mr. Turner (2014) - Rear nudity in her brothel bedroom as she hitches up the back of skirt up to display herself to customer J.M.W. Turner (Timothy Spall) for his approval when he hires her services to sketch her.

NATALIE OGLE   (Dawn McKenzie in A Touch of Spice, Letty Mundy in We'll Meet Again)
Joseph Andrews (1977) - Topless side view with her left breast briefly seen as the Gaoler (Brian Glover) rips down her blouse at the back while she is manacled to a whipping post for punishment ● topless as she staggers around a tree into Joseph Andrews' (Peter Firth) arms after he has saved her from a rapist's attack - then she covers herself when she realises how exposed she is - then topless while she is walking along the road with Joseph and the garment she is holding slips down to expose her right breast when she scratches her leg - then topless as they stop and face each other and she lets the covering garment fall away as they smile at each other ● topless standing by a bed as her maidservants undress her and prepare her for her wedding night - then topless as she gets into bed to await her husband Joseph - then topless when he arrives and she sits up in bed as he undresses.
The Aerodrome (BBC1/1983) - Her left breast is very briefly seen as she sits up in bed and pulls the sheets up to cover herself when her placid new husband Roy (Peter Firth) walks in and catches her in bed with his more exciting and experienced best friend Flight Lieutenant Mark (Dominic Jephcott). (one-off drama)

RYNAGH O'GRADY   (Mary O'Leary in Father Ted)
Ŕ nous les petites Anglaises (1976) - In a bathroom with a very brief glimpse of the side of the tip of her left breast seen when French student Alain (Rémi Laurent), who her family are hosting, opens the door not realising she in there and she covers herself with coquettish admonishment - possibly her long hair is covering her nipple. (aka Let's Get Those English Girls)

Cry of the Banshee (1970) - Topless with her left breast seen in her open chemise as Sean (Stephen Chase) questions her in the tavern at knifepoint about a witch and opens up her top.

NATASHA O'KEEFFE   (Sadie Anderson in Lip Service, Abbey Smith in Misfits)
Lip Service (BBC3/2010) - (Series 1) (ep2) Topless on all fours on a bed as her new girlfriend Frankie (Ruta Gedmintas) makes love to her from behind using a strap-on ● (ep4) topless in a bath with Frankie as she moves over to kiss her - then topless sitting on the inwards facing side of the bath as she shaves her lower regions for Frankie's erotic watching pleasure - then topless as Frankie takes pictures of her and then as Frankie rears up and kisses her passionately - until they are interrupted by a knock at the front door ● (Series 2) (ep6) topless on her back in bed as her lover Lauren (Neve McIntosh) kisses down her body during a lesbian lovemaking scene. [series 1, & 2, three separate episodes] (series 1/2010. series 2/2012)

SOPHIE OKONEDO   (Moria Levitt in The Governor [S1], Kelley Booth in Staying Alive, Bernie Kramer in In Defence)
Deep Secrets (BBC1/1996) - Topless standing in her high-rise flat doorway as she scornfully opens up her bathrobe in front of Detective Charlie Nolan (Colin Salmon) when he calls on her and she launches an angry tirade upon him. (one-off drama)

MARIANNE OLDHAM   (Rosalie Berwick in The Crimson Field, Deborah Burns in WPC 56)
The Impressionists (BBC1/2006) - Working for an artist as she poses getting into a bath with a maid standing half holding a towel over her as they talk - although mostly shot in a modest manner at one point all or nearly all of her right breast is seen hanging from a medium distance as she resumes her pose after a rest break and the towel is adjusted back into position. [part 2 of 3]

ABIGAIL OLEGSKI   (aka Abigail Oleck)
Hard Men (1997) - Topless doing a striptease routine on stage at a club. (credited as Abigail Oleck)
The Diary (1999) - Topless, full frontal nudity and rear nudity as she and her school friend Justine (Jamelah Asmar) playfully undress each other while standing by a fireplace, soon after having a shower, and kiss and pet each other as they sensuously caress - then they continue with their lovemaking while laying on the floor naked, kissing and petting ● topless as she makes love with her boyfriend James (Richard Auckland) in the back of a motorcar - then rear nudity laying on her front on the seat as they relax afterwards.

The Yes Girls (aka Take Some Girls) (1971) - Full frontal nudity side view with her right breast seen while standing in a washing tub in a kitchen on the floor - seen through the doorway while drying herself with a white towel - then full frontal nudity face-on when flatmate Maria (Sue Bond) walks in and they chat - all seen from a medium distance ● running naked across a field with her two friends (Sue Bond and Sally Muggeridge) as they film a scene from a movie - however they are all trying to be modest and run awkwardly with their arms covering their private parts - although at times they fail to cover their lower parts adequately in favour of keeping their breasts fully covered - it is filmed from a medium to long distance away.

LYNDI OLIVER   (3 films known of and a few UK TV guest appearances)
In Defence (ITV/2000) - Bare back and the side of her right breast as she sits in a bath and turns her head round when Sam Lucas (Ross Kemp) opens the door. (4-part series)

MAGGIE OLLERENSHAW   (Kate Henshaw in Lovejoy, Mrs Clegg in First of the Summer Wine, Mavis in Open All Hours)
The Bell-Run (BBC1/1988) - Topless laying on her back in bed beside her husband Vince (Edward Clayton) with her breasts seen above the sheets as she props herself up on her elbows and answers the bedside phone - then continuing topless after the call ends and she lays back beside Vince while they talk. (shown in the Sunday Premiere strand)

KATE O'MALLEY   (Private Stacey Grey in Soldier Soldier)
Soldier Soldier (ITV/1996) - Her left breast is briefly while laying atop her fellow soldier boyfriend Fusilier Andy Butcher (Danny Cunningham) as they make out the morning after sleeping together in the barn hayloft of the farmhouse where they are temporarily billeted after they spot down below the loose panther for which their platoon have been detailed to help search. [series 6, episode 11: Beast]

The Pornbrokers (1973) - Topless and full frontal nudity as she poses for some test audition shots in photographer John Lindsay's studio ● topless and full frontal nudity in a lesbian scene with Pauline in a blue movie they are making called "The Wet Dream" - later full frontal nudity kneeling beside the lead actor John who is laying on the floor and complaining it is difficult to perform with so many extra people watching (with the additional documentary film crew present). (documentary feature about the sex industry)
Sex Is My Business (8mm/1974) - Topless, full frontal nudity and rear nudity wearing a shop uniform transparent negligee as she serves customers in a sex shop ● topless, full frontal nudity and rear nudity becoming passionate in the shop with a male customer after they are overcome by lust when a bottle of aphrodisiac potion is dropped ● full frontal nudity as she recovers her composure when the extractor fan is turned on and the effects of the liquid dissipate and she puts her negligee back on. (8-minute sex-film short by Harrison Marks, in colour)

Starting Out (C4/1992) - Full frontal nudity in a hotel room shower as she opens the shower curtain and calls out for her dressing gown from Tom (Graeme Briggs), the similarly-aged lad she met up with on the road while they were both hitchhiking while running away from their respective home situations - then topless laughing with amusement when he brings in her gown while embarrassedly trying not to look directly at her. [Series 7, Episode 3: On the Road] (shown in the ITV Schools slot on Channel 4 / Series 7 had five episodes)

KATE O'MARA   (Jane Maxwell in The Brothers, Laura Wilde in Howard's Way, Katherine Laker in Triangle)
Whose Child Am I? (aka Feelings) (1974) - Topless making love on a bed with her husband Paul Martin (Paul Freeman) - during the opening credits - then topless laying beside him afterwards as they talk - then topless sitting up - then topless standing in a bath as she washes herself with a shower head while talking to Paul about their ongoing failure to conceive ● topless laying in bed with Paul as she reads a newspaper while he checks her ovulation temperature and finds it is at optimum for conception ● topless standing in the clinic's treatment room when she decides to try an unorthodox natural donor insemination method after artificial means failed as live sperm contributor Michael (Bob Sherman) helps remove her bra - then rear nudity as he removes her briefs - then topless and rear nudity as she gets into the bed with him and he begins to stimulate her with kisses down her body - then full frontal nudity as she panics and gets out of bed to have a drink and then gets back into bed again and they continue - then full frontal nudity as gets out of bed in panic again and gathers her clothes and leaves ● full frontal nudity as she stands in a bathroom drinking some wine after undressing at Michael's own flat as she takes up his suggestion to try again in less clinical surroundings - then topless and rear nudity as she puts on a dressing gown and joins Michael in the bedroom - then brief full frontal nudity as she discards the robe and gets into bed with Michael - then topless underneath him as they make love ● briefly topless getting into bed with Michael in his flat on another occasion.
An Unknown Friend (1978) - Topless standing in a hotel room as she removes her blouse in front of young student Risto Ahvenainen (Jukka-Pekka Palo) after she easily picked him up at a bar - then topless as she kisses him to encourage him out of his shyness - he is unaware that her interest in him is because she and her husband have targeted him as the next victim in a Life Assurance scam. (a Finnish film: Tuntematon ystävä)
Triangle (BBC1/1981) - Laying on her front sunbathing on the crew deck of a passenger ferry after a spell in the ship's sauna - with the side of her right breast seen against her towel - as two ship's officers and the captain observe her from a recreation room window wondering who she is - then the side of her right breast is seen more fully as officer Matt Taylor (Larry Lamb) goes out on deck to find out and tell her it is a private area of the ship and she will have to leave - but she pretends to not understand English and he leaves defeated - then the side of her right breast is seen again as he returns for another attempt this time pantomiming his instructions and she turns to face him on her side with one arm across her breasts as she maintains her farce of non-comprehension. [First episode]

CAROLINE O'NEILL   (Andrea Clayton in Coronation Street, Janice Maloney in Queer as Folk, Shelley Bloors in The Cops)
Dead Romantic (BBC2/1993) - Topless in a lovemaking scene laying on her back on a bed with her head over the side. (a Screen Two presentation)

FIONA O'NEILL   (only known role is The Vampyr: A Soap Opera)
The Vampyr: A Soap Opera (BBC/1992) - Topless standing in her penthouse apartment bedroom as her fiancé Alex (Philip Salmon) peels down the top of her red swimsuit and she sits astride him on the bed and unbuttons his shirt - then topless as he rolls her over and kisses her - all the while they are singing operatically to each other ● (later) laying on her side beside Alex on the bed with some partial lower nudity seen as they look up singing opera - her breasts are covered by her arms ● (later) topless laying naked by the side of her rooftop pool with Alex as they sing and then she playfully pushes him into the water - then rear nudity as he pulls her in too - then topless as they sing in the water with a glimpse of lower nudity seen through the distorting water ● (later) topless getting out of bed in a hurry and getting dressed when her father (Richard Van Allan), who pays for her luxury apartment, arrives downstairs to tell her he has arranged for her to marry a mysterious benefactor who has saved his company from bankruptcy in return for her hand in marriage ● topless laying in bed with her husband-to-be Ripley (Omar Ebrahim) with her right breast seen - an imagined sequence as Ripley relishes the prospect of what is to come when he marries her ● topless on the floor in a church as Ripley rips away her bridal bodice when he is forced to act hastily and make his kill after being exposed as a vampire by her spurned fiancé Alex which creates an energy discharge which causes a large cross to fall from the ceiling and impale him dead - then topless as her father covers her with his jacket and helps her to her feet with the danger now over.

LESLEY CLARE O'NEILL   (One film and several TV guest appearances incl The Bill, A Touch of Frost)
In Lambeth (BBC2/1993) - A long scene sitting naked in a tree reading a book with a naked man (Mark Rylance) blowing a flute - they talk about the Angel Gabriel and the Orisons and locations in London ● they then get down from the tree still naked and talk to a man called Mr Paine who is dressed in period clothes and a white wig. This was a TV production of the play "In Lambeth" by Jack Shepherd which was broadcast as the first play in the second season of BBC2's "Encounters" anthology series. [broadcast on 04/Jul/1993]
Brothers in Trouble (1996) - Topless as a man (Pavan Malhotra) undoes her blouse and she opens it up for him to see her breasts.

MAGGIE O'NEILL   (Sheila Jackson in Shameless, Amanda Tucker in Invasion Earth, Dr Alex Redman in Peak Practice)
Take Me Home (BBC1/1989) - Briefly topless as she removes her towel and gets into bed with Tom (Keith Barron) ● topless laying on her back in bed beside Tom as they talk with the bedcover just underneath her breasts - viewed from above. [episode 2] (3-part drama)
He's Asking for Me (BBC2/1990) - Topless laying back in a foamy bath as her hallway phone rings which she ignores at first knowing it will be the phone pest who has been bothering her with disgusting calls - then she gets out of the bath and answers the phone and immediately slams it down when her suspicion is confirmed - then topless and rear nudity as she turns and rushes back to the bathroom to resume her bath. (NOTE: This scene was previously incorrectly thought to be from the 3-part 1992 drama 'Friday on my Mind'). (a Screen Two presentation / Made in 1988)
The Window of Vulnerability (BBC2/1990) - Scenes laying naked on her side on a bed with a baby; and also with a man - her lower nudity is seen while laying with the man and also the side and underside of her left breast although the positioning of her arms keeps her nipples covered. She plays a woman who lives in a dingy flat with her baby and who is paranoid about nuclear war breaking out. (a 15 minute short shown in the Debut on Two series on 25/Sept/1990)
Under Suspicion (1991) - Topless side view in a shower with her right breast seen as she is joined by her policeman lover Tony Aaron (Liam Neeson) who is taking a break from his official business of watching the house for the movements of her mobster husband who is out - then full frontal nudity as she turns and embraces him with the shower noise preventing them from hearing that her jealous husband Powers (Alan Talbot) has returned home and has heard them upstairs in the throes of lovemaking - then topless side view with her right breast seen and rear nudity as they duck aside just in time as an enraged Powers blasts the door open with a shotgun.
Friday On My Mind (BBC1/1992) - Laying in bed atop Flight Lieutenant Sean Maddox (Christopher Eccleston) with the side of her left breast briefly seen flattened against his chest while talking about how they are falling in love as they continue their affair begun when he was acting as effects officer following the recent death of her RAF pilot husband in a flying accident and they became close as she leant on him for emotional support - no nipple nudity (a bit of this is also shown at the start of episode 3 in the recap) [part 2 of 3] (NOTE: The bath scene widely attributed to this is from Screen Two: He's Asking For Me)
Killing Me Softly (BBC1/1996) - Lower nudity walking naked slowly along the middle of a road while clutching a Teddy bear which keeps her breasts covered - it is a bad dream she is having about an earlier incident in her life ● sitting in a bath with her knees up and her left breast pressed against her leg thinking about her husband Malcolm's drink-fuelled violence towards her which has given her a black eye - then her right nipple is just seen at the extreme bottom of the frame as she sits back when Malcolm (Peter Howitt) apologetically comes in to ask if she has decided what to do ● topless laying in bed with Malcolm with her left breast seen above the sheets as they make love after getting married after she believes he has mended his ways ● full frontal nudity as she removes her evening dress in her hotel room while in a highly distressed emotional state after she phones home while away at a conference and discovers that Malcolm has been drinking again - as she vents her helpless anger in front of her discomforted colleague Amy (Melanie Walters) - then rear nudity as she walks into the bathroom when Amy has departed. (a Screen One presentation)
The Fix (BBC1/1997) - Topless laying in bed beside her star footballer husband Tony Kay (Jason Isaacs) as they talk about the match fixing scandal he has become mired in. (one-off drama)
White Teeth (C4/2002) - Topless lovemaking scene with most of the side of her left breast seen while astride a man (Om Puri) in bed - no nipple nudity and her face is not properly seen. [ep2: "The Temptation of Samad Iqbal] (4-part drama)

Penny Dreadful (usaTV/2015) - In these scenes she has the appearance of being topless/naked while in "Nightcomer" guise, with each witch having body markings distinctive to each. It is unclear if the nudity is real or whether special effects are in play all/some of the time (ep1) Topless attacking Vanessa and Ethan in a horse drawn carriage - lots of quick cuts with only brief topless glimpses seen ● topless as she bursts in from above through the door of an overturned horse drawn carriage which she and her fellow Nightcomers have been attacking as she speaks a curse to the occupants Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) and Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) in a devil-tongue - then she leaves unnerved when Vanessa unexpectedly replies in kind (her distinctive markings suggest this is Nicole O'Neill although in the later narrative Charlotte Beckett's witch is the one who gets punished for these actions) ● standing naked in the back of Vanessa's room when she and two other Nightcomers are illuminated by lightning flashes as they secretly watch her while Vanessa is conducting a magical invocation - later they are standing close behind her but when Vanessa feels a presence and turns they have gone ● (ep4) topless emerging from a state of camouflage against the wall in Vanessa's room when Vanessa detects her presence - then she attacks Vanessa to acquire some of her hair to be used for a fetish - then she backs off in surprise and runs from the room with her prize when Vanessa speaks devils-tongue at her ● (ep5) topless kneeling menacingly with her witch partner (Olivia Cherery) either side of Vanessa as she prays in her room in an effort to ward off their evil - their presence is in Vanessa's paranoia only ● (ep9) topless appearing from camouflage as she watches Ethan and Sembene (Danny Sapani) pass her as they furtively enter her mistresses manor without noticing her ● (ep10) topless as she rushes at Sir Malcolm Murray (Timothy Dalton), Ferdinand Lyle (Simon Russell Beale) and Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) - and Murray shoots her down dead. [Series 2, five separate episodes]
Red Sparrow (2018) - Topless and rear nudity falling to the ground while having sex with a male dancer in the Bolshei Theatre women's locker room shower as former prima ballerina Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence) strikes her violently with her walking stick after discovering that she engineered her career-ending accident in order to replace her as lead ballerina - then topless on the ground as Dominika repeatedly strikes her until senseless.

AMANDA OOMS   (Alice White [The Wolf] in Wilderness, Helene Forsyte in The Forsyte Saga [2002])
Hotel St. Pauli (1988) - Full frontal standing and washing herself with a flannel ● topless lovemaking scene.
The Woman On The Roof (aka Kvinnorna pĺ taket) (1989) - Topless laying on a bed with her right breast exposed next to another woman ● topless laying on her back on a bed wearing an open top - under a blue light ● full frontal walking across a room then rear nudity as she turns after she sees a man and woman laying together.
Buster's Bedroom (1990) - Sitting on a chair and lifting her black top above her breasts while a man watches.
Ginevra (aka Guinevere) (1992) - Full frontal nudity standing posing near a man as superimposed hieroglyphics pass across the screen ● full frontal standing brushing her wet hair as she looks out of a window - then topless as she sits down on a small table and packs a handbag - then topless as she stands and looks out of the window again - then full frontal as she lays down on a bed (quite revealingly shot) - then topless as she gets up walking around and looking out of the windows as she drinks from a bottle and eats some bread ● topless standing as another woman sizes her with some dresses and then puts one on her ● topless standing washing - then topless getting onto a bed with a wounded man and kissing with him ● topless laying on the bed with the man in the dark ● full frontal nudity getting out of a bath and acting the fool on the side laughing and doing a diving pose as a man watches and they kiss and then both get into the bath ● topless as she takes off a yellow top while sitting at the foot of a bed - then standing and putting on a dress - then topless as she takes it off again and tries on a different one ● topless as a man picks her sleeping form up off the floor and places her on a bed ● topless sitting on the side of the bed then standing up and pulling open the curtains - then sitting back down on the bed with a pain in her stomach and kneeling on the floor and getting dressed ● full frontal nudity in a swimming pool with another woman ● topless in an open top as she hangs from an overhead pole in a greenhouse as a man kisses her and then carries her around with her legs clasped around his waist ● topless as a man watches her on a bank of TV screens all showing the same pictures.
Unknown Time (1993) - Topless on her back on the floor in a lovemaking scene as a man pulls down her bra - then topless as she kneels up on the floor and he makes love to her from behind - then topless on her back as they make love - then topless sitting up when another man comes into the room.
Black Easter (BBC2/1995) - Bare back and part side of her left breast as a man unexpectedly opens the door on her and she covers herself up. (a Screen Two presentation)
Wilderness (ITV/1996) - Rear nudity walking to a bed and putting on a robe ● topless sitting in a cellar on an old mattress, shivering then laying down ● topless walking around a room a bit unsteadily ● topless in a garden - shot from a low angle - then rear nudity going into a house ● rear nudity pulling down some blinds - then she turns but it is too dark to make out her frontal nudity ● topless looking at her dirty body in a mirror ● topless in a shower ● topless sitting up in a bath ● rear nudity and topless laying down on a mattress in the cellar ● topless underneath a man in bed while they talk ● rear nudity taking her gown off in front of a man in the cellar and topless as she lays down and tries to change into a wolf ● (AE) Topless as she quickly gets out of bed and covers herself with a sheet ● rear nudity and topless as she lays down in the woods and changes into a wolf ● topless crawling on the ground and talking to a man in the woods - then topless and rear nudity and she runs off, lays down and changes into a wolf. (3-part drama)
Chainsmoker (1997) - Topless after coming out of a shower and wrapping a towel around her waist then going to the kitchen - then topless as she puts on jeans and walks to a cupboard and puts on a coat.
Jagd nach CM 24 (aka The Hunt For CM24) (1997) - Topless taking off a black dress - she is bald in this scene.
Getting Hurt (BBC2/1998) - Topless and full frontal nudity in a gallery of multiple posed B&W photographs pinned to her living room walls when solicitor Charlie Cross (Ciarán Hinds) comes round to her house to ask some questions about her photographer husband Edgar Bosco (Nicholas Hope) whom Cross is representing in a criminal case ● topless laying on her side in her bed as she runs Charlie's hand down her body erotically after they have made love when he finds himself irresistibly drawn to her after their earlier encounter - later topless in an open robe as they talk on the living room floor by the fire while eating and drinking ● topless making love astride Charlie wearing an open robe on the floor - seen as Charlie thinks back fondly to their earlier exertions while driving to work ● topless underneath Charlie on her bed when Charlie comes round to her home unable to resist seeing her again as his obsession and passionate love for her grows - then topless laying back in a clear water bath talking to Charlie sitting on the side - then topless as she stands into a towel he holds ready for her ● topless laying beside Charlie talking on the floor of the new flat he has bought for her to use as their love nest as a sign of his commitment to her ● more of the B&W photos seen as Inspector Corvin (David Hayman) looks at some of them on the wall during a police search ● topless removing her top as she and Charlie excitedly undress to christen the new bed they have just installed as they begin to furnish the flat - then topless laying beside Charlie on the bare mattress talking after they have made love ● topless standing in the flat as Charlie feels an irresistible need for her and paws off her top despite her reluctance in the face of the threat they are under from her jealous husband ● topless in flashback sex moments as Charlie's mind wanders while speaking to a client in his office (repeats, not new moments) ● topless and full frontal nudity in glossy B&W photos as Edgar shows examples of his work to Charlie's teenage daughter Clare (Victoria Shalet) as he leads up to shocking her with a revelation of her father's infidelity as his anger-fuelled way of getting back at Charlie for having an affair with his wife. (shown in the "Obsessions" strand)
Recycled (1999) - Topless in a sauna with some men ● topless lovemaking scene.
As White As In Snow (aka Sĺ vit som en snö) (2001) - Topless and rear nudity clambering up a sandy slope in an emotional state after making love with a man in a field - then full frontal nudity at the roadside trying to inadequately cover herself when a group of men ride by on horses and her lover comes to her aid covering her with his body - then topless and full frontal nudity as one of the men stops and she looks at him quizzically until he rides off - then full frontal nudity and rear nudity as she gathers her clothes and storms off ● topless in bed ● briefly topless on a train - low lighting.

MARELLA OPPENHEIM   (Various occasional TV and film roles since 1980)
Footballers' Wives: Extra Time (ITV2/2006) - Topless lovemaking scene on a dining table with Oliver (Travis Oliver). [ep: ??? (from series 2)]

RITA ORA   (Singer)
Love Advent 2016 (2016) - Singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B in a split screen playing all three of the singers each wearing different costumes: The one in the middle is wearing Austrian lederhosen with no shirt with the buckles passing over her breasts slightly covering them but offering good side views as she twirls - later on she lowers the top half of the lederhosen and wiggles her breasts and blows kisses as she takes applause although she has a black heart-shaped pastie covering each nipple. [Day 2] (Daily series of festive shorts)

GERALDINE O'RAWE   (a few short-run UK TV Dramas incl. Amongst Women)
The English Wife (ITV/1996) - Her bare back and side of her right breast are seen while standing changing tops after getting out of bed - no nipple nudity ● topless lovemaking scene underneath a man. (one-off drama)
The Harpist (1997) - Brief topless side view of her right breast seen while making love with shy fan Ferdinand (Christien Anholt) whom she has let into her inner circle after he became entranced with her enigmatic beauty after hearing her play and meeting her while she was filming a promotional video near where he lives - she has placed a loose-meshed net over them both as he goes along with her capricious fancies (prior to this her right breast is fully seen from the side as she is raising the net - although this is only visible in a widescreen version and is cropped from a full screen version seen).

ELAINE O'REILLY   (no other roles known of)
After Midnight (1990) - Topless sitting side by side in bed beside another woman (Siobhan Shortt) playing cards in a hotel bed waiting for their angry bedmate Charles Winner (Gerard Byrne) who is on the balcony holding the hotel manager Hiyam El-Alfi (Vladek Sheybal) over the railing for daring to object to him having girls in his room, while security officer Jas Sodou (Saeed Jaffrey) tries to deal with the tense situation. (A C4 Film)

GENEVIEVE O'REILLY   (Elishia McKellar in Glitch, Leanne Curtis in All Saints, Jamie Lapidus in Episodes)
Cyber Wars (aka Avatar aka Matrix Hunter) (2004) - Briefly topless with her left breast seen as she gets out of a shower and puts on a towel as she goes over to answer her videophone.
Second Chance (2005) - Rear nudity and the side of her left breast seen as she walks into the sea naked with a man on an idyllic deserted beach - then briefly topless in the crashing surf looking shocked when the man gets bitten by a sea creature in a painful place. (Australian TV Movie)
The Time of Your Life (ITV1/2007) - (ep1) Topless in a bathroom as she stands in front of an oval mirror and lowers her night-dress to look at her body after having just woken from a 18 year coma - seen in the reflection ● her right breast is seen as she starts to take off her night-dress to get dressed in her bedroom and then stops when her mother (Geraldine James) walks in ● (ep3) topless laying in bed asleep beside her young lover Dexter (Augustus Prew) with the covers down - seen from a high angle at a medium distance [two separate episodes] (6-part series)
Spooks (BBC1/2009) - A brief glimpse of her right breast is seen as she rolls over in bed kissing with Lucas North (Richard Armitage) - viewed from above through a skylight window - later (as part of a nightmare Lucas is having) topless astride him with her left breast seen - although her nipple area is covered with a cone of impenetrable dark shadow. [series 8, episode 4]
Forget Me Not (2010) - Topless standing as she lets her new friend Will (Tobias Menzies) undress her as they remove their wet clothes after being drenched in a rain shower - then topless as they kiss - then topless laying down on a sofa getting passionate until she moves to unbuckle his belt and he stops her feeling unable to go through with it - then topless in the bathroom as she gets dressed wondering what the problem was and if it was somehow her fault.
Glitch (ausTV/2015) - (S1E5) Briefly topless in bed making love with a man when they are interrupted by a knock on the door and both get up quickly and get dressed ● (S2E1) topless as she gets off of a morgue tray where she had been laying in storage after being considered dead. [two separate episodes] (Series 1/2015; Series 2/2017)
The Secret (ITV/2016) - Briefly topless with her right breast seen while making love underneath her lover Colin Howell (James Nesbitt) on her bed when he comes round to reassure her after the actions they have taken to liberate themselves from their respective spouses ● topless side view with her right breast seen while sitting on the side of their bed as she lets Colin inject her with a general anaesthetic - then topless as she loses consciousness and he lays her down on the bed and prepares to have sex with her unconscious form which she has agreed in advance to let him do. [part 3 of 4]
Tin Star (usa TV/2017) - Topless side view with her left breast seen as she lowers her top in front of her husband Jim Worth (Tim Roth) in their kitchen as passions arise while she is washing blood splatters off him. [series 1, episode 5]

KATIE ORGILL   (also worked as a Page 3 Model)
Living Doll (1990) - Topless in a morgue as attendant Howard (Mark Jax) unzips the body bag of the latest dead arrival and discovers to his horror it is the girl that he fancies ● full frontal nudity laying naked on a morgue table as Howard looks at her sorrowfully while he waits for the pathologist to come and do her postmortem - and then while he assists with the procedure ● topless laying on the morgue table after the postmortem with a stitched up autopsy scar up the trunk of her body ● topless laying dead on Howard's bed after he carries her up to his apartment - then again the next morning as Howard wakes up after sitting by her side all night - then she turns her head and smiles at him (latter part in his imagination) ● topless sitting up as Howard puts some make-up on her face - then topless laying on his bed (in this scene her skin is discoloured with early stages of decomposition although Howard does not notice) ● topless laying in a half-open morgue drawer as Howard hides her body there as the safest place to avoid her being found - he talks to her and she appears to him (and the viewer) perfect and untouched by decay - later topless when he reopens the drawer when he imagines her calling to him for help in taking retribution on her ex-boyfriend ● topless as Howard pulls open her morgue drawer to tell her he has done the deed - once again she appears perfect.

Two Deaths (1995) - Topless in bed as she turns over when she wakes up to find young Pavenic (Niall Refoy) in her room as he takes a photograph of her in pursuit of his ongoing irrational obsession with her which she has continually rebuffed - seen at a medium distance ● rear nudity as she undresses in the consulting room of young Doctor Pavenic as she passively submits to his demands so that he will treat her paralysed fiancé - then full frontal nudity as Pavenic calls his receptionist Marta (Laura Davenport) in to ask for a second opinion on her beauty and so add to her humiliation - her long hair hangs down to her breasts with her nipples covered in the close-up shots but with her left breast fully seen in medium distance views ● (later on) there is a brief reprise of the scene of her standing topless in Pavenic's consulting room when she first turns around to face him - this is a brand new shot with her seen close to the camera and her right nipple seen.

Prayer Cushions of the Flesh (2006) - Sitting wearing an open negligee as she writes on a scroll - and then accepts a slice of fruit from her assistant (Bettina Fernandez). (26-minute short, made in B&W)

Traffik (C4/1989) - Rear nudity from the side laying on her side on a bed in a dingy flat, high on drugs and barely conscious, when her concerned father Jack Lithgow (Bill Paterson) tracks down her whereabouts and comes into the room to find her with her trousers down around her haunches being preyed upon by a sex abuser who runs off at the sight of him. [episode 6: The Courier] (6-part drama)
The Baby of Macon (1993) - Topless sitting and laying on the straw covered floor of a barn undressing with a man whom she offers her all to - then topless underneath him as they make love -later topless and full frontal nudity horrified and being splattered with her lover's blood after he is gorged by a bull - then full frontal nudity as she stands and takes enraged vengeance on the bull with a scythe - then full frontal nudity and rear nudity covered with blood as the bishop and his entourage enter and order her toddler child be taken from her and she angrily defends her right to keep him - then full frontal nudity as she rails defiantly against the jeering crowd after the scared child fails to side with her and she is hauled away by soldiers ● full frontal nudity and rear nudity as she is tipped off a bed already dead as she is condemned to execution by a judge.
Nostradamus (1994) - Topless laying on her side in bed with her left breast seen while making love with her husband Michel Nostradamus (Tchéky Karyo) - then her right breast is briefly seen as she turns over to get up after they have finished.
Legends of the Fall (1994) - Topless laying on her back making love underneath her brother-in-law Tristan (Brad Pitt) with her right breast briefly seen pressed against his chest.
Smilla's Sense of Snow (1997) - Some rear nudity seen while laying on a man and kissing him in bed.
The Prime Gig (2000) - Laying on her back underneath a man with the side of her right breast seen pressed against his chest and later her left breast fully seen as they make love.
La conjura de El Escorial (aka The El Escorial Conspiracy) (2008) - Topless and rear nudity in her boudoir as she undresses without concern out of her formal attire while her embarrassed male advisers are still in the room.

Entwinement (2013) - Slight side of her right breast seen pressed tight against her legs as she sits up in a bath hugging her legs and crying - no nipple nudity ● brief side of her right breast seen as her bath towel falls off in front of her abusive boss when she rushes to the defence of her flatmate Stephanie Walker (Faye Ormston) who was trying to fend him off when he comes to her home to reprimand her for things she has not actually done, but were told to him by a spiteful colleague - no nipple nudity - later rear nudity with the towel held against her front as she looks out of the window at the boss leaving.
Flowerman (2014) - Sitting in a bath miserably washing herself under the sadistic supervision of her evil kidnapper Nigel Simmonds (Jason Savin) - she keeps one arm across her breasts to hide them from his view covering her nipples but with a generous amount of upper breast spilling over - no nipple nudity seen ● some side of her right breast is seen while laying flat on her front tied on as bed as Nigel applies some cream to soothe her sore back after he forcibly tattooed her.

Dead Frequency (2010) - Topless on the ground outdoors by her car in a stupefied state as she is mesmerised then attacked by angry vampire Emily (Michaela Marshall) who drinks blood from her shoulder and then apologises for what she has done and runs off ● briefly seen topless as she turns over in bed when her husband Roger (George Collings) comes home and demands to know why she has blood over her - then topless as she gets out of bed feeling feisty and pushes him down onto the bed.

ORLA O'ROURKE   (Sinéad Kelly in The Clinic)
Strike Back (Sky1/2011) - Topless side view with her right breast seen while taking a shower after returning from a successful heist ● topless lovemaking scene astride her intense criminal gang leader lover Connolly (Liam Cunningham) - then topless as they talk afterwards - then topless sitting on a couch smoking as Connolly gets dressed and gang member Teague (Brian Milligan) comes in to give him a progress report ● topless stepping out of an outdoor pool when its owner, defence contractor Kenneth Bratton (Alistair Petrie), returns home and sees her before being waylaid by her criminal accomplices while he is distracted by her - then topless sitting on a lounger as Connolly and Teague make demands on Bratton lest his family suffer, forcing him to divulge his access codes. [series 2, episode 3] (Series 2 subtitled: Project Dawn)

BETH ORTON   (mainly known for being a singer-songwriter)
Light Years (2015) - Topless sitting on her bed in her care home room as her husband Dee (Muhammet Uzuner) helps her remove her top and put on a night shirt. (this is an acting role in a full-length film and not a pop video)

PHINA ORUCHE   (Liberty Baker in Footballers' Wives)
The Forsaken (aka The Forsaken: Desert Vampires) (2001) - A brief glimpse of her left breast is seen as she gets off a bed where she was laying with a man and another woman ● a brief glimpse of her right breast is seen while sitting astride a man in a car as he drinks blood from her shoulder.
Footballers' Wives (ITV/2006) - Very brief topless side view of each breast as she quickly gets out of bed and out of the room with some rear nudity also seen when her boyfriend arrives home while she is in bed with her lesbian lover Urszula (Lucia Giannecchini). [series 5, episode 2]

Nightwatching (2007) - Topless and full frontal nudity standing as she undresses and three women wash her and put a smock on her.
Nina Forever (2015) - Briefly topless as she emerges from the mattress as a dead-but-somehow-alive body come back to torment the life of her boyfriend Rob (Cian Barry) and his new girlfriend Holly (Abigail Hardingham) (most of the time she is topless but her long hair keeps her breasts well covered - occasionally her nipples are glimpsed) ● her right breast seems to be seen without a covering of hair when she turns over onto her side to face Rob who has his back turned to her because she is meant to be dead but keeps coming back to haunt he and Holly ● briefly topless as she clambers over her grave headstone surprising Holly and Rob who are having sex on her grave intended as a means to achieve closure but which has failed due to her unwillingness to give Rob up to another woman.

AISLING O'SULLIVAN   (Katherine Doone in Life Support, The Wyvern Mystery)
The War Zone (1999) - Topless sitting on a sofa with shy inexperienced teenage lad Tom (Freddie Cunliffe) as she takes off her top and places his hands onto her breasts while seducing him - then topless as she starts to remove his trousers before stopping when there is an interruption.

Dirty Weekend (2013) - The back side of her left breast and then her left breast are seen as she turns while taking off her bra as she is doing a sexy strip in front of her boyfriend as they both undress - until she stops in alarm and gathers her clothes when she hears an unexpected noise.
A Little Chaos (2014) - Topless as she pulls down the top of her dress to proudly show off her breasts to the coterie of palace women in their private room as they welcome intriguing landscape garden designer Sabine De Barra (Kate Winslet) to their clique.

INDRA OVÉ   (Paula Hernandez in Space Island One (Sky1/1998), She's Out)
Wavelengths (1997) - Topless on her back in a lesbian scene with a waitress (Faith Edwards) and later on top with her breasts seen hanging. (a 15 minute film short)

MEG WYNN OWEN   (Hazel Bellamy in Upstairs Downstairs, Vera Parry in The Lifeboat)
Country Matters (ITV/1972) - Rear nudity as she undresses with her friend Breeze (Morag Hood) by the bank of a river so they can wash themselves in the water after their cottage's well runs dry in a summer drought - then topless as she wades into the water - then topless as she goes back to the side to get the soap - then topless as Breeze washes her back and then topless standing in the water as she catches Breeze staring at her body - then topless and rear nudity as she gets back out of the water ● brief rear nudity in a bedroom as she puts on a nightdress while talking to Breeze ● topless sitting on a bed putting on her nightdress in a bedroom as she prepares to go to bed with her visiting boyfriend Vernon (Bernard Archard). [series 1, ep: Breeze Anstey] (anthology series)

Catherine (2012) - Rear nudity from the side laying flat on her front on a bed unconscious as a morose man (Tom Bonington) pulls her briefs off ● topless laying on her back on the bed unconscious as the man lovingly caresses her ● topless unconscious in a bath as the man washes her with devoted care with a flannel.

NARIN OZ   (aka Narin Ozenci)
*Self-Promotional Video* (Vid/2015) - Topless standing facing the camera wearing a pulled down tutu as she raises her arms high and declares she is supporting the "Free the Nipple" campaign - this is a bolted on two-second prologue to an otherwise unrevealing self-promotional performance video of her dancing around in a backyard, a city centre and a tube train. (Untitled 3˝-minute online video)

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