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Occupation (BBC1/2009) - Topless laying in bed beside Danny (Stephen Graham) as they talk after having had sex - then briefly topless as she sits up and puts on her top and he pays her for her services. [part 1 of 3]

TALITHA TALLETT   (aka Tyler Smith)
Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft (1998) - Topless on a stairwell as her dress is pulled down by her friend Linnaca (Emily Bouffante) as they are seducing a male pickup - then topless as she sits astride him and makes love to him - then topless as the girls kiss each other and then bite into the man with their vampire teeth then make way for their mistress Raven (Eileen Daly) who arrives to make the kill. (credited as Tyler Smith)
Remember a Day (2000) - Topless and rear nudity making love on a bed astride rock star Roger Bannerman (Darryl Read) of whom she is an ardent admirer - her nudity is mostly seen faded into a mixed image and not as clear as it could have been - then topless underneath him with her left breast seen. (credited as Talitha Tallett)

MARY TAMM   (Romana #1 in Doctor Who, Penny Crosbie in Brookside, Yvonne Edwards in Paradise Heights)
Tales That Witness Madness (1973) - Rear nudity as she stands at the threshold of a shower entrance while in a drug induced hypnotic trance as Kimo (Michael Petrovitch) instructs her to enter the shower and show herself to the totem of his god-stick - then rear nudity as he stands behind her and stabs her lower back and she slumps to the ground - her face is not seen in any of those shots - (later) bare back and side of her left breast slumped dead in the corner of the shower with her face covered at first as Kimo's assistant Keoki (Leon Lissek) arrives to butcher her body - her face is then seen in the same shot as he pulls her hair up to raise her head. [segment: Luau]
Girls of Slender Means (BBC2/1975) - Topless getting dressed in a darkened room. (a 3-part dramatisation of the book by Muriel Spark)
Sweeney 2 (1978) - Topless scene featuring a man and two girls in a bed. Mary Tamm does NOT feature in this scene and in fact does not appear in the film at all. This information is included to correct a misapprehension brought about by an old screenshot that incorrectly identifies her as appearing in this scene.

ELIZABETH TAN   (Xin Proctor in Coronation Street)
The Syndicate (BBC1/2013) - Topless and rear nudity as she takes off her negligee in a bedroom in front of lottery winner Alan (Mark Addy) who met her via a Thai brides website - at first he is delighted by what he sees until he looks further down (out of shot) and is aghast to discover she is not all woman - her face is not seen is a continuous shot and is a likely body double. [series 2, episode 5 of 6]

Strike Back (Sky1/2011) - Topless side view and rear nudity standing up as Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) vigorously makes love to her from behind, stopping when they are interrupted by Scott's paymaster Ong (Kenneth Fok). [series 2, episode 1] (Series 2 subtitled: Project Dawn)

Praise Marx and Pass the Ammunition (1970) - Her right breast and nipple are briefly seen while she is laying on her side in bed facing Dom (John Thaw) as they talk - seen only at the very moment the scene first cuts in (her arm is covering her breasts the remainder of the time). (Listed on the credits without a surname)

ZOE TAPPER   (Gemma in Hex)
Stage Beauty (2004) - Rear nudity standing naked on a stage wearing a Roman soldier's helmet and with a shield held against her front as the king (Rupert Everett) comes up to heartily congratulate her on her just concluded singing performance.
Twenty Thousand Streets Under The Sky (BBC2/2005) - Topless as she stands undressing in front of a man (Neil Stuke) in a hotel room while she talks to him ● rear nudity as she takes her night-dress off over her head in a bathroom - then laying in the bath with her breasts very vaguely seen though the water ● topless laying passively on the floor underneath a man (Geoffrey Stratfield) as he makes love to her ● topless laying passively on her back in bed as a man (Neil Stuke) makes love to her - then topless laying beside him with the covers down when he has finished - later topless as she sits up in bed and puts a shawl around her shoulders. [part 2 of 3 - The Siege of Pleasure: Jenny's Story] (first shown on BBC4)
Desperate Romantics (BBC2/2009) - (ep1) Full frontal nudity laying in bed as she dramatically casts aside the sheets to beseech her reserved husband John (Tom Hallander) to show some intimacy towards her - viewed from a medium distance in low lighting ● (ep3) lovemaking scene astride John Millais (Samuel Barnett) in bed with the side of her right breast seen - no nipple nudity. [2 separate episodes] (6-part series)
Blood (2012) - Brief rear nudity and slight side of her left breast seen as she gets out of bed and opens her curtains to talk to her boyfriend Chrissie Fairburn (Stephen Graham) outside her ground floor room.

DANIELLE TARENTO   (Lisa Gerard in Dream Team)
Coming Up (C4/2003) - Sitting in a bath behind a man (Rainer Wiseman) with the side of her left breast and partial left nipple seen to the side of his left shoulder. [2003 series, ep: Re-ignited]

Critical (Sky1/2015) - Briefly topless as her clothes are cut off on the operating table by the trauma centre emergency staff - later topless at various times during the medical staff's preparations for her treatment. [episode 2] (13-episode hospital drama)

Maureen (8mm/1964) - Topless as she undresses in the dressing room of a strip club and practices some poses - then topless as she sits on a box and drinks a cup of coffee and then lights a cigarette - then she stands and rubs oils over her breasts and then sprinkles some glitter as she gets ready to go on stage. [Kamera Cine Film 46] (4-minute glamour short by Harrison Marks, in B&W)

Ms. Match (2014) - Topless making love on her bed with Jack (Jake Robbins) whom she met via an internet dating site while researching modern dating - seen in a number of short snatches between her interviewing him. (8-minute short)

DAVINIA TAYLOR   (Jude Cunningham in Hollyoaks)
Urban Gothic (C5/2000) - Topless side view with the full side of her left breast seen as she rolls over on top of her boyfriend Lucien (Mark Letheren) while making love with him in bed. [series 1, ep: The One Where]
Is Harry on the Boat? (Sky1/2001) - Topless as she wakes up on the floor beside a bed with her right breast out of the top ● dancing topless in front of a man with her right nipple briefly seen in close-up with her face not seen in the same shot. [Pilot episode]

ELIZABETH TAYLOR   (Lots of films from 1940s onwards incl: National Velvet, Cleopatra)
Cleopatra (1963) - Bare back and some side of her right breast laying on a table being massaged ● in a large bath with her breasts below the water and unseen as she talks to a Roman soldier.

GWEN TAYLOR   (Barbara Liversidge in Barbara, Amy Pearce in Duty Free, Annie in Screaming, Rita Simcock in A Bit Of A Do)
The Common (BBC1/1973) - Topless scene. [broadcast: 21/Oct/1973] (a Play of the Month)
Class Act (ITV/1995) - Laying on her back on a sofa in her flat having sex with her replacement chauffeur Jack Booker (John Bowe) whom she is predatorily taking advantage of in her important position as head of the town council's planning committee - with her right nipple briefly visible from her basque as they get frisky - she is unaware that Jack is actually a journalist working with his friend Kate Swift (Joanna Lumley) who is objecting to the council's plans to bulldoze an old people's home to make way for luxury flats and is outside on a window cleaner's cradle with her assistant Gloria O'Grady (Nadine Garner) trying to film the encounter to blackmail her into changing her mind. [series 2, episode 4]

Jack the Ripper (1959) - (Continental version) Topless with her left breast seen as her previously torn dress slips down when she is accosted by Jack the Ripper when she accidentally bumps into him in a dark alley in Whitechapel while fleeing the unwanted attentions of a lecher at the dance hall where she works as a chorus girl, meeting instead a far worse fate that the one she was escaping - later topless laying dead on the cobblestones with her left breast seen out of her dress when stage door keeper Harry (Charles Lamb) discovers her body. (Made in B&W, this scene appears in the export version - the UK version has alternate clothed scenes)

JOANNA TAYLOR   (Geri Hudson in Hollyoaks, PC Jackie Brown in Merseybeat)
Post Impact (2004) - Topless as she enters a communal shower area where her military subordinate Captain Tom Parker (Dean Cain) is showering before their unit embarks on a dangerous high-stakes mission and it takes him by surprise that she is so casual about being naked in front of him - then topless as she showers and then comes closer to him and presses herself against his back to seduce him into sharing a possible last chance for pleasure before they leave - then topless side view as he succumbs to her charms and they kiss and make love. (She is credited as Joanna Taylor in the opening credits and as Joanna Clark in the closing credits)

The Other Child (aka Charlotte Link - Das andere Kind) (GerTV/2013) - The full side of her left breast is seen as she stands facing away from the camera in a bedroom and leans forwards to pick up her bra and put it on after having had sex with her boyfriend Dave Tanner (Fritz Karl) as she talks to him while he lays in bed. [part 1 of 2]

Come Play With Me (1977) - Topless sitting on a bed wearing an open green robe as she talks to Sir Geoffrey (Derek Aylward) - then topless as they make love.
Let's Get Laid (aka The Love Trap) (1977) - Topless laying on her back in bed speaking on a phone to Gordon (Robin Askwith) as he cancels their date - then briefly seen making love with a man when she has finished the call ● topless as she speaks again to Gordon cancelling their rearranged date - then starts to make love with another man when the call is over ● brief topless lovemaking scene when she has finished talking on the phone to Gordon.
What's Up Nurse! (1977) - One of six girl nudists playing ball with each other in a field - with topless, full frontal and rear nudity seen from all of them when they see a clothed man (Nicholas Field) watching and accuse him of being a peeper - he is then hauled off by three nudist men and the girls cheer and clap.
What's Up Superdoc! (1978) - Topless astride Dr Todd (Christopher Mitchell) in a lovemaking scene in bed - then topless laying next to him - then she puts her night-dress on and then her husband (Ronald Alexander) comes in and it turns out that Todd is her doctor and was supposed to be examining her for some illness while on a house call although that was just a ruse so they could be alone.
The Great British Striptease Festival (1980) - Stripping to full frontal nudity in the first round of the competition.

Rollin with the Nines (2006) - Topless laying on a bed beside Finny (Vas Blackwood) - then topless and rear nudity astride him as they make love.

SHIRIN TAYLOR   (Jackie Ingram in Coronation Street, Tina Morris in Give Us A Break, Rosa in I Woke Up One Morning)
The Cleopatras (BBC2/1983) - (In all the scenes she is wearing a white handmaidens dress with her breasts out at the top) (ep6) Topless as she and her fellow handmaiden Iras (Carole Harrison) get Cleopatra (Michelle Newell) ready whilst gossiping and while Cleopatra receives news from her adviser Pothinus (John Ringham) ● topless whilst she and Iras gossip with their mistress Cleopatra ● topless as she and Iras run into Cleopatra's chamber with an urgent message and then help her to dress ● topless as she and Iras stand talking with Cleopatra in her exile tent and then as she receives news from her adviser Apollodorus (Graham Faulkner) about Caesar ● topless as she and Iras manicure Cleopatra as she talks to her adviser Apollodorus ● topless as she and Iras carry a pair of chests into a room for Cleopatra ● topless as she and Iras are ushered into Cleopatra and Julius Caesar's chamber by a roman guard and then introduced to Caesar (Robert Hardy) when they arrive in Alexandria after Cleopatra sends for them from her former exile camp ● topless as she and Iras talk together as they do domestic chores ● (ep7) topless as she and Iras manicure Cleopatra as she reads out a letter from her lover Julius Caesar ● topless as she and Iras attend Cleopatra's bedside as she is being given a beauty treatment when she receives a letter from Mark Antony (Christopher Neame) ● (ep8) topless as she and Iras stand in background of the shot as Cleopatra enters Mark Antony's quarters to see him while he receives a report from Munatius Plancus (John Hughes) ● topless as she and Iras stand around as Cleopatra receives some news from abroad about Mark Antony and his wife Fulvia ● topless as she and Iras stand around as Cleopatra angrily receives news that her lover Mark Antony has married the sister of his rival Octavian in a treaty of reconciliation to each rule half of the world ● topless as she walks into Cleopatra's chamber to tell her she has not received a letter from Mark Antony ● topless as she lays down to die beside her dead mistress Cleopatra killing herself in the same manner as her queen with an asp. [3 separate episode] (8-part series)

God Told Me To (aka Demon) (1976) - Topless in terror as she floats feet first on her back into a large cylindrical chamber - where she is cocooned by spherical flashes of light.
Clash of the Titans (1981) - Topless sitting with her right breast seen while she breast feeds her baby upon her left breast - then rear nudity walking naked along the shore of a beach with her son as he grows up (part of a shorthand collage sequence showing her son's growth from baby to young man).

HANNAH TAYLOR GORDON   (Anne Frank in Anne Frank: The Whole Story)
The Fine Art of Love (2005) - Topless laying in a grotto on the edge of a lake with her school friend Hidalla (Mary Nighy) as they relax after a swim and she attempts to express her affection with a show of intimacy - then topless sitting up in irritation when her advances are rebuffed. (aka: L'educazione fisica delle fanciulle; aka The Fine Art of Love: Mine Ha-Ha)

Under the Skin (2013) - Full frontal nudity laying dead on her back in an empty bright white room after a female alien predator (Scarlett Johansson) has undressed her.

SAM TAYLOR-WOOD   (aka Sam Taylor-Johnson)
Knackered (1996) - Full frontal nudity standing singing/miming to opera - without much movement or any variation other than a close-up of her face at the start. (3-minute short)

THALISSA TEIXEIRA   (Gemma in Trigonometry, Sylvie in The Musketeers)
Trigonometry (BBC2/2020) - (ep1) Brief lower nudity as she jumps into the hallway exuberantly upon the arrival home of her boyfriend Kieran Lovell (Gary Carr) eager to have sex with him and the bedshirt she is wearing parachutes up - then she sees that he is accompanied by their prospective new lodger flatmate Ramona Wilson (Ariane Labed) and she makes a hasty embarrassed retreat ● briefly topless as she takes her bedshirt off over her head and gets properly dressed after having a mild tiff with Kieran after their meeting with Ramona ● (ep3) topless making love astride her fiancé Kieran as they get passionate while taking a bath together ● topless kneeling upright on a bed as Kieran makes love to her from behind with her breasts seen in a bedside wall mirror reflection ● (ep5) very brief topless glimpse as she gets up out of bed in a hurry with her new husband and their lodger Ramona (Ariane Labed) with whom they have a close relationship, when she and Kieran realise they are late to leave for the airport on their honeymoon. [three separate episodes] (8-part series)
Too Close (ITV/2021) - Topless sitting up in a bath to flick cigarette ash away while talking to her friend and neighbour Connie Mortensen (Denise Gough) to whom she has turned, tearfully seeking emotional support after a relationship break up. [episode 2] (3-part drama)

Backwaters (aka Betrayed by Passion) (2006) - Topless as she skinny-dips in a lake by a waterfall when she is spotted by Andrew (Nicholas Irons) whilst he is out walking in the Indian countryside - then rear nudity as she gets out of the water and wraps a cloth around herself ● topless lovemaking scene laying on her back in a canoe raft on a stream with Andrew and then topless astride him - the raft is bedded with big green leaves and pink petals ● topless making love on a bed with Andrew after they return to England.

To The Devil a Daughter (1976) - Her right breast is briefly seen below her hitched up nightdress after she has just given bloody birth and then as Father Michael Rayner (Christopher Lee) holds her hand whilst a doctor (Michael Goodliffe) gives her a lethal injection to end her life.

ZOE TELFORD   (Maggie in Teachers, Alison Jackman in Absolute Power)
Teachers (C4/2001) - (ep3) Topless laying atop Andrew Lincoln with most of her breasts seen while pressed against him and with her left nipple very briefly seen ● (ep 5) laying on top of Lincoln with her nipples not showing. [series 1]
Men Only (C4/2001) - (ep1) Laying naked on a bed but with her nudity hidden by her arm ● (ep2) topless on a bed with a group of men raping her - her face is turned away and not clearly seen. (2-part drama)
Twisted Tales (BBC3/2005) - Rear nudity standing at a washbasin brushing her teeth as a man (Marc Warren) captures a movie of her on his mobile phone that pans up her body to her head at which point she looks around with her face seen in a continuous sequence - the movie image is seen as a quarter-screen boxed inset as he records it - and then again several times later as the file is distributed and other people watch it. [ep: 1 - Txt Msg Rcvd] (Anthology series)

Perfect Sense (2011) - Topless laying on her back in bed with the covers down as her one-night-stand Michael (Ewan McGregor) wakes her up and discourteously asks her to leave telling her he prefers sleeping alone.

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011) - Topless laying on her side in a warehouse as her deranged captor Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) listens to her pregnant belly - then topless as he turns off the lights and examines all his helpless captives under torchlight ● topless laying on her side when Martin returns to the warehouse with another victim ● topless laying apparently dead when Martin realises with regret that his crowbar blow to her head to render her unconscious has killed her - then topless as he drags her away and covers her with a tarpaulin ● topless as she awakens not dead and staggers out of the warehouse and locks herself into a car before Martin sees her. (Made in B&W, not sure if her body front is real or a full/part prosthetic)

Cracks (2009) - Topless side view with her left breast seen as she takes her night top off over her head while standing on the jetty of a lake to join her teacher (Eva Green) and her schoolfriends for a midnight swim.
Kaboom (2010) - Topless laying on her back beside Smith (Thomas Dekker) talking in bed after she has finished making love to him after picking him up at a club while he was high on drugs - then topless as she grabs him and pulls him on top of her so he can try to achieve a climax to match hers after discovering he didn't get as much out of the sex as she because he is predominantly gay ● (later) topless laying on her back after Smith has finished making love to her and she indicates he should leave now they have done it because she doesn't like sleepover boyfriends ● topless as she sits up in bed after she and Smith have slept together again and she puts her top on ● topless making love astride Rex (Andy Fischer-Price) on a bed whom she has picked up in the student canteen for some casual sex - then topless laying down heavily beside him emphasising her disappointment that he came too quickly and so he kisses and touches her intimately to try and make it up to her - but his technique is poor so she gives him some pointers on how to do it better ● topless with her left breast seen hanging as she leans over a blindfolded Smith as she ties his hands to the bed post as she prepares to give him a birthday treat - then she kisses him all over and reveals her birthday treat to him is a threesome with Rex ● topless laying on her back in bed beside Smith who has Rex on his other side - a new moment from the earlier threesome scene that is seen here during the closing credits.
Killer Joe (2011) - Full frontal nudity standing in a dark bedroom when her brother Chris (Emile Hirsch) wakes with a start and thinks he sees her - she adopts an aggressive fighting stance - then rear nudity as she turns and vanishes into thin air ● topless as she puts a dress on over her head in a clothes shop cubicle - viewed from a high angle ● topless and then full frontal nudity standing in her living room as she meekly undresses and puts on a black dress at the licentious demands of intimidating hitman Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) during a dinner date arranged for them by her brother and father to meet Cooper's demands for an alternative payment method for the murder they want him to perform - then lower nudity seen as he raises the dress while making love to her from behind.
Little Birds (2011) - Topless as she sits up in a bath from holding her breath underwater feeling miserable at living in a small boring town - then topless as she goes back underwater letting forth a frustrated scream of bubbles feeling smothered when her mother (Kate Bosworth) knocks on the bathroom door checking if she's okay ● topless sitting up on the floor of an unfurnished house as she removes her top and bra beside homeless reluctantly-delinquent youth Jesse MacNamara (Kyle Gallner) who has brought her to his vacated former family home which he uses as a sanctuary after she has run away from her pokey seaside town to be with him in Los Angeles - then topless as she lays down and they kiss until they have to stop when a realtor arrives showing her assistant round the property.
Jack and Diane (2012) - Topless laying in bed as her girlfriend Jack (Riley Keough) kisses down her body - seen in close-up - then a brief marginal glimpse of her left nipple seen as she turns over onto her front at Jack's request so she can try something - then a further brief marginal glimpse of her left breast seen as she turns back when she decides she doesn't care for the thing Jack is trying - later another glimpse of her left breast seen through a gap in her folded arms when she lays back with a sigh after Jack gives up and goes away to sleep on a couch.
Afternoon Delight (2013) - Topless side view with her left breast seen as she gets atop her regular client Jack (John Kapelos) in his bedroom while her curious friend Rachel (Kathryn Hahn) sits and watches her at work as per Jack's kinky wishes to be watched by another woman while he is having sex - then topless astride him as she makes love to him.
Horns (2013) - Topless and rear nudity in a treehouse as she consorts with her childhood friend Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe) as she allows him to remove her dress after dancing for him and then they kiss and make love standing up leaning against a tree bough when romance blooms between them.
Magic Magic (2013) - Full frontal nudity kneeling in a shower as she refreshes herself ahead of a long road trip ● rear nudity as she lowers her trousers as she approaches the sleeping Brink (Michael Cera) and presses his face against her groin area in an aggressive manner whilst she is in a trance ● topless laying listlessly on a cot in a barn in a feverish state as Chilean healers perform superstitious rituals to treat her mental breakdown after her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic while holidaying with friends in Chile.
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) - Topless reclining on a bed after she undresses in front of her regular client Joey (Ray Liotta). (aka: Sin City 2)
Vinyl (usaTV/2016) - (ep1) Rear nudity energetically making love astride a guy on a bed - then topless laying beside him smoking a cigarette after they have finished - then topless as she sits up and tries to work out an appropriate stage persona for him to adopt - then topless as she sits up on the side of the bed and stubs out the cigarette as she gets ready to leave - all lit by a red light ● (ep5) topless laying on her side beside a guy as she watches him inject his arm with drugs - then topless as she gets up and walks across the bedroom and puts a record on the turntable ● (ep9) on a bed with her top pulled down as she cavorts with two guys with her breasts briefly seen as one of them kisses her breasts - later partial rear nudity laying asleep in the arms of one of the guys as the other gets up. [three separate episodes]
One Percent More Humid (2017) - Rear nudity standing by a lake as she takes her dress off over her head - then rear nudity as she wades into the water and swims ● briefly topless laying atop a man as they make love on a bed - then brief rear nudity while making love astride him - then the underside of her right breast and fractional nipple are seen while laying on her side talking with him afterwards.
Little Birds (Sky/2020) - (ep1) Partial rear nudity and side of her left breast seen while laying on her front on a bed wearing a bridal veil when her staid new husband Hugo Cavendish-Smyth (Hugh Skinner) walks into the bedroom - then topless with her right breast seen as she sits up and kisses him pulling him onto the bed with her wanting to have some fun and break through his reserve - then topless as he wraps the sheet over her front ● (ep5) topless, rear nudity and full frontal nudity standing naked in modern artist Bill's (Matt Lauria) studio as he applies blue paint all over her body with a brush after they hook up in a bar and come back to his place for some kinky fun - then full frontal nudity (painted blue) as she pours purple paint over him and rubs it in - then topless (painted blue) as they frolic on a large blank canvas spread out on the floor transferring paint as they go - then topless sitting up as she calls a halt becoming riled when he start asking too many questions about her personal life. [two separate episodes] (6-part series / first shown on Sky Atlantic)
Palmer (2021) - Topless side view with her left breast briefly seen while standing in a bedroom making out with a man.

NATALIA TENA   (Osha in Game of Thrones, Lana Pierce in Origin, Sara Morton in Wisdom of the Crowd)
Mrs Henderson Presents (2005) - Full frontal nudity standing with her hand to her mouth in a scene where all the tableau girls practice being naked on stage for the first time but insist that all the male stage hands follow suit ● briefly topless as she takes off her robe while hurrying along in the dressing room to get changed for her next scene on stage ● brief full frontal nudity in the dressing room as the Lord Chamberlain (Christopher Guest) unexpectedly comes in to congratulate all the girls on their first night performance and she quickly holds a robe against her front - then rear nudity seen in a mirror behind her which the Lord sees and becomes momentarily distracted by while he's talking ● topless screaming and moving around while on stage when a mischievous audience member lets a mouse onto to stage to get the girls to move ● full frontal nudity standing saluting holding a red flag in a blitz tableau scene ● topless looking at the camera in a final tableau scene seen close-to within the frames of a windmill.
Afterlife (ITV1/2006) - Topless as she frantically undresses her lover Cameron (Justin McDonald) on a bed and crawls on top of him with an intense desire to satiate herself and then topless as she makes love astride him vigorously until she looks down and sees him as her dead brother Nick (Edward Davenport) and quickly gets off him in shock and sits on the side. [ep: 2.5 - Mirrorball]
Game of Thrones (usaTV/2012) - Full frontal nudity standing as she disrobes in front of Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) who has captured the stronghold of Winterfell where she works and she now presents herself enticingly in the manner of one seeking advantage in return for sexual favours - later topless as she stealthily gets out of bed while Theon sleeps to carry out her true plan under cover of darkness of helping the young family heir to escape. [series 2, episode 6]
Without You (Vid/2013) - Topless in a shower with her right breast seen as she figuratively puts her arm down the throat of a black leather clad and hooded man whom she has fallen in love with. (music video of the single by record producer Lapalux)
10,000 km (2014) - Rear nudity wearing just a white vest as she gets off a bed and puts on some briefs after making love with Sergi (David Verdaguer).
Origin (usaTV/2018) - Topless side view with her left breast seen in a shower as she washes blood off herself and sinks to the floor while re-living distressing memories. [episode 10] (10-part YouTube web series)
Sangre (2020) - Topless making love with a man on a bed - then topless laying beside him talking after they have finished.

Les Deux anglaises et le continent (1971) - Topless standing in a bedroom as Claude (Jean-Pierre Léaud) stands behind her unfastening her dress and camisole top which he lowers below her breasts as he kisses her neck. (aka Anne & Muriel (Two English Girls))

VICTORIA TENNANT   (Pamela Tudsbury in The Winds of War and War and Remembrance)
The Ragman's Daughter (1972) - Close-up of her left breast as Tony (Simon Rouse) unbuttons her blouse while they are kissing on his bed - her face is not seen here ● topless sitting on a horse in a field as she takes her white jumper off over her head when Tony dares her to go Lady Godiva style while he races her on his motorbike - she throws him her jumper for safekeeping and then topless as she rides to the field gate - then he gives her back the jumper telling her to put it back on when he gets worried someone might see - then topless as he pulls her from the horse when she refuses and she thumps at him in petulant anger for spoiling her fun as he holds her ● topless with her left breast seen while laying down kissing with Tony on his bed.
Whispers (1989) - Topless lovemaking scene underneath a man (Chris Sarandon) - although her breasts are hidden by his arm ● rear nudity stepping into a bath - seen from a distance ● topless running down some stairs then rear nudity as she runs into a man's arms - her face is not really seen properly so this could be a body double.
Act of Will (ITV/1989) - Topless on her back in bed underneath Vincent (Kevin McNally) in a lovemaking scene with her left breast seen. [episode 1] (4-part drama)

CARA THEOBOLD   (Sarah Travers in The Syndicate, Ivy Stuart in Downton Abbey)
Together (BBC3/2015) - Rear nudity as she discards her robe while standing naked on a podium posing for an art class and then feeling uncomfortable when she notices that one of the students is a guy called Tom (Jonny Sweet) who she met earlier and quite fancied - her face is not seen at the same time as any nudity and so seems almost certain to have been a body double. [episode 1 of 6] (comedy series)

ANTONIA THOMAS   (Alisha Daniels in Misfits, Tasha Raveley in Homefront)
Northern Soul (2014) - Making love in her car astride her mate John Clark (Elliot James Langridge) with her right nipple briefly seen as he is nuzzling her breasts - a bit dark.

Villain (1971) - Topless dancing in a strip club wearing a hula skirt. (non speaking role)

EIRY THOMAS   (Helen in Con Passionate, DS Susan Williams in Keeping Faith, Catrin in Living a Lie, Cheryl Cates in The Bench)
Con Passionate (S4C/2006) - Rear nudity as she passes through a room where a party is taking place, keeping her front covered with her arms, while coming in wet from a dip in the garden hot spa which she decided to spontaneously try out while tipsy. [series 2, episode 4] (Welsh language drama series)

ELLEN THOMAS   (Liz Webb in Teachers, Adoha Onyeka in Rev, Grace Olubunmi in Eastenders)
OTT (ITV/1982) - {Late Night Comedy Entertainment Show} Topless as she takes her clothes off in a country lane behind Chris Tarrant's back as he is bidding a series farewell to the viewer after forbidding her to strip which she then does anyway without his knowledge behind his back whilst he is giving the viewer lots of puritanical reasons why the show will not be resorting to such cheap and unnecessary depths - the camera is moving away from her so by the time she takes off her bra she is some way in the distance. [episode 12 of 12] (Occurs during the end credits of the final new episode / there were 12 episodes and 1 compilation)

NINA THOMAS   (Liz in The Last Song, also played Queen Thalira in the 1974 Doctor Who story "The Monster of Peladon")
Dead Cert (1974) - Briefly seen topless in a lovemaking scene on a bed with Alan York (Scott Antony) whom she has just met at a party - later her left nipple is briefly seen above the sheets as they lay in bed the next morning talking.

PHOEBE THOMAS   (Maria Kendall in Holby City)
Lady Godiva (2008) - (as Lady Godiva) topless as she rides a white horse through the market streets of Coventry as all the villagers respectfully turn their backs except for one young peasant lad Tom (Steven Geller) who peeks as she daringly rides naked to coerce her husband Leofric to relieve the people of burdensome taxes - initially her hair is strategically placed but later her breasts are fully seen with no hindrance just above the frame of the shot ● (as Jemima Honey) riding through the street naked on a white horse in a modern day re-enactment of the Lady Godiva legend that she undertakes as a challenge - her hair strategically keeps her breasts covered ● (as Lady Godiva) - a reprise of the opening Real Lady Godiva scene - shown in slow motion and with her breasts seen higher up in the shot than the earlier version of the scene. (her main role is Jemima, but she also plays the real Lady Godiva in a prologue scene)

Abduction (2017) - Briefly seen topless enveloped in clear cellophane wrap whilst prisoner in an aliens' spaceship as her body is used to breed new alien creatures.

Tabloid (2001) - Topless as she peels off her party dress and joins celebrity superstar Darren Daniels (Matthew Rhys) and her twin sister Laura (Vicky Holloway) on the sofa of Darren's apartment - then topless as they both stand up at tough guy Vince's (John Hurt) brusque command and wait for instructions on what he wants them to do next - then topless as they both bend over so Vince can slap them mildly with a belt - then topless as they smooch together on the floor while Darren enjoys the spectacle - then topless as Vince stops playing games and escalates the level of his brutality to shock Darren's pampered complacency - the twins scream in pain and whimper and try to get away - then topless as she puts her dress back on in panic while Vince's attention is concentrated on killing her sister.

MARSHA THOMASON   (Sharon Pearce in Playing The Field, Jacqui Richards in Where The Heart Is)
Where The Heart Is (ITV/1997) - Wearing a sheer bra in a bedroom with William Ash - her nipples are visible through the material. [ep: ???]
Playing The Field (BBC1/1998) - (Series 1, episode 4) Topless celebrating a win with her team-mates in the showers at an away team clubhouse ● (Series 2, episode 2) topless sitting in a line on the far wall of the team clubhouse baths talking to Diane (Debra Stephenson) after a game ● (Series 2, episode 5) her left breast is very briefly seen above the water while she is taking a bath and singing happily to herself - face not seen at the same time but camera moves to her face in a continuous pan. [three separate episodes] (Series 1/1998; Series 2/1999)
Love in the 21st Century (C4/1999) - In bed laying on her back wearing a transparent top with her breasts and nipples clearly visible as a man goes under the sheets to give her some oral sex. [episode 2 - Threesomes]

Ten Dead Men (2008) - Topless wearing an open red dress in a hotel room with her client Hendricks (Rob Freeman) while working as an escort - initially while sitting astride him and then as she walks to the bathroom - then topless as she stands in front of the bathroom mirror as she resets her dress properly. (non-speaking role)

DANI THOMPSON   (aka Danni Smith)
Just for the Record (2009) - Topless touching up her breasts with makeup powder in a strip club dressing room while another dancer Destiny (Thea Knight) talks to the interviewer for the documentary being made.
SE1: Evan's Baby (2012) - Topless making love astride Evans (Ty Bankinson) on her bed ● topless standing in her bedroom doorway as she peels off her short dress to try and persuade Evans from leaving - then topless standing aside to let him pass when he is not swayed. (aka: Riot: London's Hell / credited as Danni Smith)
The Fall of the Essex Boys (2013) - Topless as she comes over and sits on criminal gangster Pat Tate's (Peter Barrett) lap while he watches other strippers in the lap dancing club - then topless as she leaves when his contacts arrive to discuss business.
Zombie Women of Satan 2 (aka Female Zombie Riot) (2016) - Topless standing as she removes her bra ready to get a massage from Pandora (Laura Carson) while talking to her escort agency girls about their plans.
Cute Little Buggers (2017) - Topless in some woods on a moonlit night as she takes off her top and bra to tease her boyfriend Mark (Ricky Johnston) into showing himself when she leads him deep into the woods to fool around during a camping trip - then topless looking around as she finds a rabbit and is grabbed by tentacles ● topless waking up to find herself imprisoned in an alien lair with her arms shackled by arcs of electrical energy alongside two other captured women.

EMMA THOMPSON   (Harriet Pringle in Fortunes of War, Suzie Kettles in Tutti Frutti)
The Tall Guy (1989) - In bed with a momentary glimpse of her right breast seen above the sheets when her new boyfriend Dexter King (Jeff Goldblum) sneezes under the sheets from hay fever allergy as they have sex when he comes round in the afternoon on a prearranged assignation the day after their first date the evening before - then topless rolling around on the bed with him after she has discarded the duvet which was triggering his allergy - then topless and rear nudity rolling around on the floor haphazardly knocking things over - then topless making love up against a wall as he lifts her up during their bout of wild bombastic sex.
Carrington (1995) - Topless side view with her right breast seen as she puts on a pyjama jacket standing in a bedroom while talking to a man in the bed ● wearing a lowered night dress with most of the side of her right breast seen while a man makes love to her from behind.
The Winter Guest (1997) - In a bath with her right breast seen as she turns onto her side - her face is not in shot at the same time but it is a continuous shot from when it was.
Wit (2001) - Topless laying on her back on a hospital bed as a doctor rips open her hospital gown and attempts to revive her - then still topless as a crash team arrive and also try and revive her. She is bald due to her character's cancer treatment.
Imagining Argentina (2003) - Topless making love in bed underneath a man with her right breast seen.

Tainted Love (2014) - Topless as two masked intruders strip her naked after bursting into her gypsy caravan and rendering her unconscious with an injection ● topless laying tied on an altar with a heavily pregnant belly as a satanic cult leader prepares to cut her baby from her which his followers impregnated her with months previously as demon spawn.

SOPHIE THOMPSON   (various films, TV dramas and guest appearances since the late 1970s)
A Harlot's Progress (C4/2006) - Topless in a lovemaking scene laying atop her husband William (Toby Jones) with her left breast seen. (one-off drama)

TEDDIE THOMPSON   (Dr Alison Makin in Medics)
Medics (ITV/1992) - Sitting astride a man in bed and crying - she is topless but her nipples remain just below the frame. [Series 2, Episode 2]

Remember a Day (2000) - Topless with daisy petals painted on her breasts as she poses with her rock star boyfriend Roger Bannerman (Darryl Read) for some publicity photos - a large single flower is on each breast with the yellow middle centred over her nipple.

KIM THOMSON   (Lesley Bainbridge in Brush Strokes, Becky Edwards in Loved By You, Laura in McCreadie & Daughter)
Stealing Heaven (1988) - Topless kneeling near a fireplace as she pours some incense into a chalice and then breathes in the smoky vapour and lets it wash into her pores - initially seen from a medium distance side view but soon afterwards (while she is standing beside Abelard in a church) there are some intercut flashbacks to the same scene which show her wafting the vapours over her chest in a closer shot - her left breast is seen in a close up that comes from her face in a continuous shot ● full frontal nudity laying on her back in bed as Abelard (Derek de Lint) removes her dress - then topless as he lays on her and they make love - then (next morning) topless laying on her back in bed asleep beside him as she wakes up to the sound of the town crier and gets out of bed ● topless and rear nudity in a side view distance shot laying atop Abelard as they make love.

Take Off Your Clothes and Live (1963) - Topless as she and her friends laze on the rocky beach at the foot of their friend Pierre's villa in the south of France ● topless as she and her friends wade ashore on an uninhabited island - then topless as they gather around and study their treasure map - then topless as they split off into two teams to hunt for the right location - then topless when they at last find the treasure they have been searching for ● topless as she and some of her friends pass up the new supplies for the yacht ● topless as she and some of her friends help clean the deck and perform other shipboard duties ● topless as she and her friends emerge from their chalets of the nudist resort of the isle of Levant - then topless as they walk down to the town centre to go shopping ● topless as she and some of her friends they play a game of outdoor bowls ● topless walking around the resort with her friends ● topless as she and June (Maureen Haydon) are shown how to snorkel ● topless on the beach with her friends playing catch ball grouped in a circle.

Eureka (1984) - Laying on the ground and sitting up with her left breast seen out of her slip while participating semi-unwittingly in a voodoo sex orgy.

Edge of Sanity (1989) - Her right breast is seen in a barn as she tantalisingly pulls down one side of her blouse top when she notices a young lad spying on her from the hayloft while she is waiting for her lover ● topless standing in a hospital consulting room with her blouse down around her arms as she talks to Dr Jekyll (Anthony Perkins) and Doctor Lanyon (Mark Elliot) while she is being checked over for rope burns on her back ● topless standing as she takes off her frock in a private room of a brothel while Johnny (Ben Cole) and Hyde (Anthony Perkins) watch and she flaunts herself in front of them while she is high on a drug - then topless as Hyde pushes her onto Johnny's lap and watches them smooching together ● topless sitting up with her breasts out of the top of her dress as a brothel customer nuzzles them as Hyde (Anthony Perkins) has a nightmare vision in which everyone is laughing at him.

LINDA THORSON   (Tara King in The Avengers)
The Howerd Confessions (ITV/1976) - Wearing a sexy black negligee upon making her entrance when she hears a night-time intruder called Frankie (Frankie Howerd) in her living room (he is returning a grandfather clock that he earlier bought from an old army pal whom he later discovered was a housebreaker and it wasn't his clock to sell so thought he would return it to the rightful owner) - her nipples are clearly visible through the sheer material which Frankie observes and points out to the audience (in an aside) as she stands in a pose in the doorway waiting for her cue to continue - she remains so dressed as the long scene progresses:- being a frustrated young housewife she proceeds to flirtatiously make demands on him countering all his efforts to dissuade her and farcically continuing with the return home of her husband who turns out to be Frankie's insufferable ex-army sergeant and now a policeman. [episode 5]
Valentino (1977) - Topless underneath philanderer Jack de Saulles (Robin Brent Clarke) with her breasts pressed against him when the door opens and a light shines upon them as a photograph is taken by Valentino (Rudolf Nureyev) and his assistants as the proof of Jack's infidelity he promised to obtain for Jack's wife Bianca who is a close friend of his - it looks like her right nipple is just about seen. (In the widescreen version her breasts are not seen until the camera starts panning up to the man's face - but in the full screen version that area of her is seen throughout the scene).
Straight Into Darkness (2005) - Topless when an American GI (Scott MacDonald) forces her to open up her shirt at gunpoint - she has a diagonal scar travelling from her left shoulder to across her right breast.

Nudes Of The World (1961) - Topless as she and her friends emerge from their tents after undressing upon arrival at their newly formed sun club and then topless running across the park to the swimming pool and then jumping in for some larking around ● topless lazing by the swimming pool relaxing in the sun ● topless as she and her friends emerge from their tents the next morning and begin some morning ablutions and then topless as they have a communal breakfast in the morning sunshine ● topless playing volleyball ● topless sitting on a deckchair enjoying the sun ● topless standing around the pool watching some water sports taking place ● topless sitting around the pool relaxing ● topless watching a firework display to round off the fete day ● topless standing around in a group as Lord Greystone (Geoffrey Denton) returns to tell them the situation with the protestors has been successfully defused.

Play for Tomorrow (BBC1/1982) - Topless side view with her right breast seen as she removes her naval uniform in her quarters in front of youth Gary Brown (Gerard Kelly) as she comes on strong in the face of his inexperience with women, when he seeks sanctuary in her room from the archaic views of his father while on a manual work holiday with his family at the defence station where she works. [ep 4 - The Nuclear Family] (6-episode anthology series)

KIM TIDDY   (PC Honey Harman in The Bill)
The Bill (ITV/1984) - (Noteworthy Non-Nudity) Several scenes in which she is wearing a white wedding dress with a very low-cut plunging neckline - including a side view close-up as the camera tracks down her body during the ceremony - and a close-up as she is running where it looks like there might be a partial nipple slip but it could just be a shadow effect. [ep: 28/Apr/2005]

BERDERIA TIMINI   (aka Berdia Timimi)
The Comic (1985) - Topless standing as she disrobes in front of a punter Sam Coex (Steve Munroe) in his bedroom when he hires her to give him a good time when she propositions him outside the comedy club after his first night performing stand-up there ● topless in a large bath with comedian Sam Coex as they meet up again forming a proper relationship after first meeting through her work as a prostitute - then topless sitting astride his back giving him a massage - then topless as he rubs cream onto her breasts ● briefly topless in an open corset as she does a striptease act at the nightclub where her now-husband Sam works as stand-up comedian ● topless in a white corset with her arms tied to ropes out at each side as Sam rips open her corset angry that she was unfaithful to him with a gangster - a fantasy sequence. She receives an "introducing" credit / credited as Berdia Timimi on the opening credits and as Berderia Timini on the closing credits.

HILARY TINDALL   (Ann Hammond in The Brothers, Audrey Maiby in Tropic, Nice Work, Max Headroom)
A Kind of Loving (ITV/1982) - Topless with her right breast seen while laying in bed beside her lover Vic Brown (Clive Wood), with whom she is having an affair and staying over at his flat, when their lovemaking is interrupted when he gets an urgent late night phone call from his sister Christine (Cherith Mellor) telling him their mother has been rushed to hospital after a heart attack. [episode 9] (10-part series)

The Sex Education Show (C4/2009) - {Factual Series} Full frontal nudity standing in a row with four other live models as the school students are given a lesson in female anatomy by presenter Anna Richardson and medical expert Dr Radha Modgil - she is standing on the far left and is referred to as Laura, the other models are named Claudia, Angelina, Hannah and Christine. [series 2, episode 1] (Self-identified on a casting website)

Cashback (2006) - Topless doing a striptease performance for Jenkins (Stuart Goodwin) at his birthday party.

DOMINIQUE TIPPER   (Naomi Nagata in The Expanse)
The Expanse (usaTV/2018) - Rear nudity laying on her side in a sleeping alcove facing her lover as they kiss. [ep: 3.6 - Immolation]

Safe Inside (2019) - Topless laying on the ground with her right breast exposed as a medic uses defibrillator pads to try and revive her after a car accident ● topless in a hospital bed as medics use defibrillator pads to try and revive her.

ARABELLA TJYE   (only known role is Helen Campbell-Black in Riders)
Riders (ITV/1993) - Topless standing in front of her new husband Rupert Campbell-Black (Marcus Gilbert) as she takes off her robe in their hotel suite as she tantalises him into putting off his business engagements so he does not have to cut their honeymoon short - then topless laying on top of him on the floor as she kisses down his body ● topless laying on her side in bed with her left breast seen as her husband cuddles her from behind and she turns to face him after they make love to celebrate her recently giving birth - then topless underneath him as they kiss after he suggests a romantic holiday ● topless as her husband pushes her down onto the bed and pulls down her nightdress and starts making love to her to celebrate her telling him that she is pregnant again ● topless laying on her back on the bed and then covering herself with the sheet as Rupert gets off the bed after their sex was unsatisfactory for both. (4-part drama)

Hotel Babylon (BBC1/2009) - Brief rear nudity running around a hotel bedroom with environmental inspector Robert Carrick (David Bamber) after they have had a soapy bath - the front of her body is hidden by a thick gathering of foam. [Series 4, episode 2]

HEATHER TOBIAS   (Donna in Making Out, Sylvie in Sitting Pretty)
Making Out (BBC1/1990) - A brief glimpse of her left breast is seen as she starts to breast-feed her new baby - seen in close-up but did not seem like an obvious body double. [series 2, episode 3]

JULIA TOBIN   (Brenda Hope in Auf Wiedersehen Pet)
Spender (BBC1/1992) - Topless in bed laying atop 'Stick' Oakley (Sammy Johnson) with her right breast seen when Stick's flatmate Freddie Spender (Jimmy Nail) returns home to find them in his bed. [ep 2.3 - Fee]

Vendetta (2013) - Briefly topless in drug dealer Warren Evans' (Joshua Osei) flat with her boyfriend Ryan Scott (Roman Kemp) when they go to buy drugs with insufficient money and Evans tells them he'll let them off the extra if she flashes her breasts - then topless as she takes off her top completely when Evans ups his demands and tells her she must take off her top and give him oral sex if she and Ryan are to leave unscathed.

SAIRA TODD   (Claire in Holding On, Gabrielle Holmes in Playing The Field, Hillary Rollinger in Capitol City)
A Fatal Inversion (BBC1/1992) - (part1) Topless laying on her back naked on a sofa while softly humming to herself ● (part2) side nudity laying naked curled on her side beside Rufus (Jeremy Northam) with the bedcovers cast off the morning after sleeping together - viewed from above with no revealing nudity quite seen ● topless laying in bed with Adam (Douglas Hodge) as they recover their composure after making love and he declares his love for her while kissing her repeatedly ● topless in bed resting on her side with Adam behind her as they talk - then topless as she sits up and offers him her ring to pawn for some money they need to keep their small commune going ● (part3) topless sitting on a bed as she lets Adam slide her gown down her shoulders and nuzzle her breasts giving him comfort and reassurance when he overcomes his conscience and better judgement to support her after she steals a baby to keep as her own - then topless underneath him as he kisses her and they make love. [three separate episodes] (3-part drama)
A Few Short Journeys of the Heart (BBC2/1994) - Rear nudity and the side of her left breast seen standing in a bath as she pours water over herself from a pot - then smiling warmly when her five-year-old stepson Leonardo Da Vinci walks in inquisitively ● full frontal nudity as she undresses beside the bed in the hotel room of successful author Stephen St John Coke (David Troughton), who is represented by the literary agency she works for and on whom she has a crush, as they hit it off after a business engagement at an art gallery - then full frontal nudity laying on the bed feeling a bit confused when instead of doing anything with her he gets out a navigational sextant and examines her body in close-up detail through the viewfinder - then she touches him encouragingly and he uncontrollably emits voluminous amounts of mince over her. (Shown in the 'Stages' strand / In her two scenes she is playing different characters)
Bliss (BBC2/1995) - Topless in a lovemaking scene on a bed with a man (Gary McDonald) ● topless laying in bed with the man and talking to him after he gets out of bed. (a Screen Two presentation)
Holding On (BBC2/1997) - Topless on her back in bed after a man has given up making love to her and gets out - then full frontal as she kneels on the end of the bed and shouts at him. [episode 3] (8-part series)
Playing The Field (BBC1/1998) - (Series 1, episode 4) Very brief and marginal rear nudity at the extreme left of the picture seen when she gets out of bed in a hurry when she realises she is late for football training because her boyfriend Garry McGreer (Dorian Healy) has turned off the alarm ● topless celebrating a win with her team-mates in the showers at an away team clubhouse ● (Series 1, episode 5) topless laying on her back on a bed as she overpoweringly enjoys the experience of oral sex administered by her lesbian friend Angie (Tracy Whitwell) as they embark upon a relationship - then laying on her side with her right breast seen as Angie lays beside her and they talk. [series 1, two separate episodes]

KARA TOINTON   (Dawn in Eastenders, Betsey Day in The Halcyon, Rosalie Selfridge in Mr Selfridge, Gina Moliano in Dream Team, Gaby in Harry and Cosh)
The Halcyon (ITV/2017) - Rear nudity as she stands up in a bath in a mischievously brazen way in front of hotel owner Lord Lawrence Hamilton (Alex Jennings) whose bathroom he has caught her out using when he returns to his hotel suite - seen in close-up without her face in the shot (in preview press interviews she indicated she did the scene herself) [series 1, episode 1] (8-part series)

The Strange Affair (1968) - Partial rear nudity with the upper part of her bottom seen as she sits naked at a dressing table stool chair brushing her long hair with some shadowed side of her left breast also briefly seen while her boyfriend (Jack Watson) gets a phone call - she is seen at a medium distance.

Project: Assassin (1997) - Topless in drug dealer George's (Robin Hill) bedroom in his squat as they undress - later topless laying in bed when George's flatmate Ellis Walker (Michael Hanson) walks in and is introduced to her - then topless as she gets out of bed to get dressed.

FRANCES TOMELTY   (WDC Linda Doran in Strangers, Mrs Sullivan in Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married)
Bellman and True (ITV/1989) - Topless as she seductively takes off her dressing gown in front of a man and kisses him in the doorway to her bedroom (Note: in the original TV broadcast her breasts are clearly seen in this scene although in a subsequent video release there is only marginal exposure due to tight lower frame cropping) ● briefly seen topless as she gets off a bed where she was laying chatting with another woman when there is a loud crash from outside the door. (3-part drama)

ELEANOR TOMLINSON   (Demelza in Poldark)
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008) - Thonged rear nudity seen while she is changing into her gym skirt in the girls changing room when her friends disapprovingly see what she is wearing.
Colette (2018) - Topless standing as her underdress is unfastened and removed by Gabrielle Sidonie Colette (Keira Knightley) with whom she has developed mutual tender feelings and then they kiss.

MIA TOMLINSON   (Anne Bonny in The Lost Pirate Kingdom, Lena in The Beast Must Die)
The Lost Pirate Kingdom (usaTV/2021) - The side of her right breast is seen as she gets of from being astride pirate Benjamin Hornigold (Sam Callis) on a bed and sits on the edge of the bed pulling her dress back up into place. [episode 3] (6-part docudrama)

Secret Rites (1971) - Topless and full frontal nudity as she participates in a ritual to initiate a new coven candidate Penny (Penny Beeching) and a man ● topless participating in the secret Egyptian rite of Ra ceremony. (a pseudo-documentary about witchcraft)

Worship (2010) - Topless sitting naked on a small padded footstool in a bedroom awaiting the arrival of a young man called Derry MacDiarmid whom she beckoned to follow her here from a party when their eyes met - then topless as Derry (Fionn MacDiarmid) joins her in the room and stands before her and perplexingly starts reading the bible before he looks down at her and then leaves when she tells him that what he seeks is elsewhere. (11-minute short)

JACQUELINE TONG   (Daisy Peel in Upstairs Downstairs, and several short-run UK TV dramas, incl The Cazelets)
The One and Only Phyllis Dixey (ITV/1978) - Topless as she comes into the dancers' dressing room late and undresses in a hurry while telling her fellow dancers some exciting news she has heard about the upcoming plans for their dance company ● full frontal nudity standing on stage as part of a tableau scene when now-older boss Phyllis Dixey (Lesley-Anne Down) rushes on stage and pulls her down still in a jealous rage after earlier catching her canoodling with Phyllis' husband Jack. (one-off drama, aka: Peek-a-Boo: The One and Only Phyllis Dixey)

This is England '90 (C4/2015) - Topless dancing at a countryside rave at a gypsy site as the main group of friends arrive and join in with the revelry. [episode 2: Summer] (uncredited role / 4-part drama)

Fair Belles (2011) - Briefly seen topless while making love underneath her brothel client (Dan Greest) on a bed. (4-minute short)

Madly (2016) - (short "I Do") Briefly seen topless while making love astride a man. ('Madly' is an anthology of short films / 'I Do' is the individual short)

Killing Time (1998) - Topless as she lays down onto a hotel bed and pleasures herself after the arousing satisfaction of shooting dead another of the hit squad members trying to liquidate her who she lured to her room with a promise of sex - then topless laying on her back contentedly when she has finished - viewed from overhead.

Broken (2006) - Her left breast is seen out of her blood-soaked top as she slumps injured against a tree whimpering in terror as a man stands over her menacingly.

JILL TOWNSEND   (Elizabeth Poldark Warleggan in Poldark)
Sitting Target (1972) - Brief rear nudity as she takes off her blue robe and gets onto a bed - then laying on the bed with her right breast seen bare and her arm laying across her chest covering the other as Birdy (Ian McShane) joins her - this is all seen from a medium to long distance in the upside down reflection of an overhead ceiling mirror.

Dead Positive (2015) - Topless laying on her back dead on an undertaker's table as the morticians (Ruth Curtis and Lorie-Lanie Shanks) chat while preparing her body for her funeral. (30-minute short)
The Lorelei (2016) - Topless side view with her left breast seen while standing uninhibitedly naked in her bedroom as she writes down her phone number for her houseguest Rebecca (Lorie-Lanie Shanks) who came in to ask her something whilst she was changing.

FAYE TOZER   (Member of the pop group Steps)
Lady Godiva: Back in the Saddle (2007) - Sitting on a white horse without a top on but with her long blonde hair hanging down and keeping her breasts mostly covered as she gets ready to begin the parade, and then as she parades through the streets on the horse - later some side of her left breast is seen as she slumps forward on the horse after being shot by a tranquiliser dart aimed at the horse by disgruntled journalist Tom O'Driscoll (Tony Slattery) - with no nipple nudity seen throughout.

Jayne Tracey (8mm/1963) - Topless and rear nudity as she strips while looking at the camera, standing and sitting on a chair. [Kamera Cine Film 37] (3½-minute glamour short by Harrison Marks, in B&W, titled with name of model)

SUSAN TRACY   (Iris in Born and Bred (ITV/1978), Sadie Mundy in Pull The Other One, roles in mini-series:- Fall of Eagles, The Stars Look Down)
Keep an Eye on Albert (BBC1/1975) - Topless scene. [broadcast: 11/Nov/1975] (a Play for Today)

That Kind of Girl (1963) - Doing a striptease on stage at a cabaret nightclub using a cloak as a prop - she is seen with her hands covering her bare breasts, and her bare right breast is very briefly fully seen, as well as some marginal side of her breasts from behind - but the sequence is otherwise tightly edited to avoid showing anything more revealing (the sequence was originally intended to be much more revealing but had to be trimmed for release on instruction from the censors).

SUSAN TRAVERS   (Arlette van der Valk in Van Der Valk)
Roads To Freedom (BBC2/1970) - The back side of her left breast is seen as she walks into a room wearing a pink gown and removes it in front of a man sitting on a couch - no nipple nudity. [episode 7: The Reprieve: Part 1] (13-part drama)
The Statue (1971) - Topless in bed as she gets a book of matches from a side table and then rolls back to lay next to a man (Robert Vaughn) and light his cigar - then briefly topless reflection in a dressing table mirror as she stands brushing her hair and he asks her a question ● briefly seen topless walking below deck on a boat as she recreates her dressing routine for a party game - later seen topless in a still photo that was surreptitiously taken.
Frenzy (1972) - Topless laying in a bed as the latest victim of the necktie strangler when Richard Blaney (Jon Finch) pulls back the bedcovers and discovers her dead body. (non-speaking uncredited bit-part)

CHRISTINE TREMARCO   (Davina Shackleton in Waterloo Road, Katherine Mackintosh in Clocking Off, Nikki Reed in City Central)
The Leaving of Liverpool (BBC/1992) - Sitting on a bed in front of a young lad (Kevin Jones) as he removes her bra - some side of her right breast is seen - no nipple nudity - then more side of her right breast as they lay down after which the position of her arms keeps her breasts covered. [part 2 of 2] (An Australian TV/BBC co-production)
Bordertown (ausTV/1995) - Naked side view walking by a lake at night - seen from a distance - then rear nudity standing facing the lake as she stretches her arms above her head - her face is not properly seen in the lake scenes ● topless lovemaking scene sitting astride a man's lap facing him. [ep(s): ???] (a 10-part Australian drama serial)
Trial and Retribution (ITV/1998) - Topless as she defiantly opens up her denim jacket on the insistence of D.I. Pat North (Kate Buffery) who suspects she may be concealing something while a police team are conducting a search of her boyfriend Damon Morton's (Iain Glen) office premises looking for proof he is a serial killer, and North is shocked to see her breasts are scarred and mutilated with needles which she claims she self-inflicted to gratify her boyfriend's peculiar predilections - her right nipple is covered by a clasp and her fully exposed left breast has several needles skewering it. [ep: Trial and Retribution II, part 2 of 2]
Shockers (C4/1999) - Topless in bed crying with her left breast briefly seen ● topless lovemaking scene laying on her back in bed underneath a man (Douglas Hodge) while they talk ● topless standing in front of a man as they undress each other - then topless lovemaking scene rolling around on the bed. [Series 1, ep: Dance]
Hold Back The Night (1999) - Topless as she takes off her top while astride a man (Stuart Sinclair Blyth) in a tent ● topless sitting up in bed and putting on a top ● topless with her right breast seen when she rolls over on top of the man in bed ● topless in a bath talking to the man - then pulling him in with her fully clothed ● topless side view undressing by a lake with full frontal nudity and rear nudity as she gets into the lake- - seen from a distance - then topless and rear nudity in the water with the man with some glimpses of lower nudity as they splash around and hug and then discover there are leeches in the river.
Pretending To Be Judith (ITV/2001) - Sitting in a bath with her back to the camera showering her hair - her face is not seen. (one-off drama)
Swallow (C4/2001) - Topless sitting sideways in a bath while she is cutting her wrists - then again shortly afterwards when her children find her. [first episode]
Night Flight (BBC1/2002) - Topless with her left breast seen while laying on her back in bed with Harry Peters (Alec Newman) who is kissing her all over. [part 1] (2-part drama)
Gifted (ITV1/2003) - Dancing topless in a strip-club with her right breast briefly seen as she jumps up to swing around a pole ● getting out of a swimming pool with the side of her left breast seen while she clutches her top against her front ● the full side of her right breast and then the front of her breasts are seen as she wakes up in bed and bends down to pick up a robe and put it on - her nipples remain just out of shot ● side view sitting in a bath with the full side of her left breast seen pressed against her raised knees - no nipple nudity. (one-off drama)
Good Cop (BBC1/2012) - Briefly seen topless as she gets out of a hotel room bed and does up her bathrobe after sleeping with her lover John Paul Rocksavage (Warren Brown) whom she is working for as a nurse to look after his poorly father. [part 2 of 4]

Bob Monkhouse Exposes Himself (1994) - She comes on stage interrupting Bob Monkhouse's stand up routine to do a striptease dance - undressing to topless as she takes the attention away from a miffed looking Bob - although it is part of the act. (Video of a live Bob Monkhouse stand-up stage show)

Ripper Street (BBC1&2/2013) - Laying dead on a mortuary table as hospital surgeon Frederick Treves (Paul Ready) raises the back of her nightgown to show DI Edmund Reid (Matthew MacFadyen) and DS Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) an unusual characteristic of a vestigial tail which might be of help in identifying her ● laying naked on the police station examination table with her left breast briefly seen as police examiner Capt Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) delivers his initial postmortem findings to Reid and Drake - then rear nudity again as she is turned over as they consider where the as yet unidentified woman might have come from. [ep: 2.2 - Am I Not Monstrous?] (shown on BBC1)

Zastrozzi: A Romance (C4/1986) - Laying in bed asleep against Verezzi (Mark McGann) with the side of her left breast seen pressed against him - no nipple nudity ● topless as she sits up in bed with a sudden start and looks around fearfully when she is awoken by an eerie sound echoing through the old manor house while her lover Verezzi lays soundly asleep beside her. [episode 4: Murder] (4-part drama)

Salt Scrubbers (2002) - Topless sitting on the floor of a health spa shower feeling miserable about her treatment as a sex slave, while hardened prostitute Ayo (Ayodele Ajana) peers over the top of the cubicle harshly rebuking her - then full frontal nudity as she stands and leaves the cubicle ● topless taking a shower in the health spa with Ayo after her good spirits have returned. (15-minute short)

Brilliantlove (2010) - Full frontal nudity laying on a bed as her boyfriend Manchester (Liam Browne) takes a photograph of her ● topless as she gets out of bed and wraps a blanket around herself - then topless side view and rear nudity as she joins Manchester on their garage's terrace roof and sits astride him as he sunbathes ● lower nudity as she gets out of bed wearing a short vest top and walks over to her boyfriend sleeping on a sofa - then topless with her right breast seen as she pulls her top aside and pushes her breast into his face until he responds ● topless laying on the bed writhing around alone as she pleasures herself ● topless in a found photo that Franny (Michael Hodgson) is looking at when he is searching for its owner by comparing the picture's green garage door background to his current location ● topless laying on the bed as Manchester slides up the door to the garage where they live and he drops all the packets of food he has just stolen onto her which she is delighted by ● rear nudity in a short vest top as she jumps onto Manchester's back and kisses him as they fall onto the bed getting passionate after he agrees she can adopt a local stray cat ● topless sitting on the end of the bed rolling a cigarette - then topless as she and Manchester kiss after she gets turned on by sucking an ice pop - then topless as they make love and he uses the ice pop to excite her - then topless as he makes love to her whilst taking photographs and he accidentally hurts her eye ● full frontal nudity standing side-on in a bath holding a glass bowl ● topless riding a bike in the garage as Manchester takes pictures of her as she poses for him with cat's whiskers drawn on her face ● topless on all fours as Manchester makes love to her from behind - then topless laying on the bed when she becomes too exhausted to carry on - then topless on her hands and knees again as she carries on anyway and he asks her to talk about some of her past sexual experiences ● topless in some photos that Franny's associate Steve (Cliff Burnett) is assessing ● full frontal nudity floating on her back in Franny's luxury pool - then full frontal nudity walking in a room taking photographs of herself with Manchester's new camera ● topless and full frontal nudity laying on a bed asleep when Manchester returns home excited after opening his photographic exhibition - but she is fast asleep so he listens to a tape recorded message she made of her sexual experience and he becomes aroused while also looking at her naked body - then topless as she wakes up and covers herself feeling upset that he was taking of advantage of her whilst she slept.
Drift (2012) - Rear nudity as she and her boyfriend John (Rocky Marshall) run into the sea for a night-time skinny dip on the remote island where they are taking a holiday break ● topless side view in a bedroom with her left breast seen as she leans over to pick up her bikini top after getting up the next morning ● a brief glimpse of her right breast is seen while making love atop John on a beach. (40-minute film)

CAROLINE TROWBRIDGE   (Dr Liz Reid in Cardiac Arrest, Catherine Fenn in Feather Boy, Katya Beletsky in The House of Eliott)
Ultimate Force (ITV1/2003) - Topless in a bedroom with a man (Christopher Fox) who is dressed in kinky gear when his mates crash in and take photos of him - later standing topless at the top of the stairs holding a robe loosely around herself. [ep: 2.3 - Wannabes]

Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979) - Topless and rear nudity in a lovemaking scene with David (Alan Lake) on a sofa after he has removed her Traffic Warden uniform - then full frontal nudity astride him on the sofa.
Queen of the Blues (1979) - On stage stripping out of a white bikini type outfit and mauve veil - then full frontal dancing energetically while naked ● full frontal nudity dancing again - very similar act.

Luminal (2004) - Sitting at a sex club table with a client while wearing a white top with a slatted front with her breasts and their red painted nipples visible through the gaps.

The Cleopatras (BBC2/1983) - Topless with her breasts out of the top of her white dress while standing by the queen's (Elizabeth Shepherd) bed and taking her baby from its cot and handing it to a wet-nurse ● topless escorting the children of Cleopatra (Michelle Newell) and the king (Richard Griffiths) when the family are forced to flee to exile from revolting rioters - then topless as the king tells her and her two fellow nursemaids that there is no room from them on the boat and they must stay - then topless as the rioters catch the nursemaids and forcibly question them on the whereabouts of the royal family. [episode 1] (8-part series)

CERI TUDNO   (her only known roles are in Wild Justice in 1994 and another film in 2001)
Wild Justice (1994) - Topless standing in front of her boyfriend Alun (Dafydd Emyr) as he pulls open her blouse and opens out her white bra and fondles her breasts while in a wild state of anger at not being able to see-through on his revenge on his sister's killer - then topless in the open blouse as he pushes her onto her back on a kitchen table and becomes too rough that she has to scream and hit at him to make him stop - then topless laying on the table sobbing when finally he comes to his senses and stops. (an S4C/HTV film)

Sudden Fury (1997) - Thonged rear nudity in black lingerie as she stands in front of her client Walker (Nick Rendell) in a bedroom - then topless laying on her back on the bed as Walker kisses down her body and they make love and he becomes more vigorous - then topless astride him as the sex continues - then topless laying on her back when he gets a phone call about his friend Alex being in trouble and he quickly gets dressed and leaves throwing her some money to pay for her services ● (DVD Extras - Outtakes) in a close-up reverse angle shot, her breasts are seen from the side while she is laying on the bed feeding Nick Rendell his exit cue line which he repeatedly fluffs.

Young Adam (2003) - Full frontal nudity standing in the kitchen sink basin washing herself when her lodger Joe Taylor (Ewan McGregor) returns home from watching a trial and they talk about the case as she gets down and dries herself with a towel.

Lowly Lucretia (2009) - Full frontal nudity and rear nudity cold and shivering while naked in a long subway tunnel as she stands and stumbles along in a state of shock terrified as she hears in her head reminders of a traumatic incident - then full frontal nudity as a woman barrister walks towards and right through her like a ghost without seeing her - then topless laying unconscious in a bath of ruddy water after slashing her wrists with a razor - then topless in a realm of departed souls as a young girl hands her a towel. (6-minute short)

STEPHANIE TURNER   (Inspector Jean Darblay in Juliet Bravo, WPC Howarth in Z-Cars, Ruth Hepton in Emmerdale Farm, Miss Armitage in The Hello Girls)
A Photograph (BBC1/1977) - Her left breast is briefly seen when her phone rings and she gets out of her bed which she is sharing with her lover Fred (Will Knightley) who is staying over while her husband Michael is away on business - her breast passes close to the camera without her face in the shot at the same time but is part of a continuous shot. (a Play For Today)

ZARA TURNER   (Dr Angela Moloney in McCallum)
Touch and Go (BBC2/1998) - Topless on her back on bed talking with her husband Nick Wood (Martin Clunes) ● topless sitting astride Nick's lap on a bed as they face each other making love and talking. (one-off drama)
McCallum (ITV/1998) - Topless in the middle of the night as she sits up on the side of a bed where she had been sleeping with her friend Rory (Jason Barry) and puts on a robe as she stands - quite gloomily lit (possibly seen fully nude but only if significantly brightened). [ep: 2.2 - Harvest]

Satyriasis (2015) - Topless as she takes her top off in bed after coming home with Caleb (Craig John Burrows) for casual sex after meeting him at a pub ● topless astride Caleb facing away from him as she comes round to his place for sex when he gives her a call.

Foxy Lady (aka Naked Obsession aka The Smile of the Fox) (1992) - Topless making love astride a man on a bed ● topless laying beside a man in bed as she holds a watch to look at the time. (aka Spiando Marina)

JENNIFER TYLER   (Minor non-speaking role in Score (as Flashing Girl))
Score (BBC1/2001) - Raising her top out of doors to flash her breasts at some footballers with two friends laughing beside her. [part 1 of 2]

Skare (2007) - Topless in a shower when she is joined by Dan (Warren May) who rubs her shoulders and they plot the death of their employer Martha ● topless laying dead and bloody on the chopping table as Dan prepares to butcher her for meat ● very briefly seen topless in the shower with Dan facing camera as part of a vignette of flashback scenes (a different angle view from the earlier shower scene).

CATHY TYSON   (Carol Johnson in Band of Gold)
The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) - Topless making love in a Haitian cave astride visiting American anthropologist Dennis Alan (Bill Pullman) whom she is assisting as he investigates a paralysing drug that turns people into zombies - her face is not seen at the same time as her breasts and so is a possible body double.
Out of The Blue (BBC1/1991) - Topless sitting up in bed with her left breast hanging out of her nightdress which has slipped down while arguing with her boyfriend Rudy (John Lynch) whose amputated finger wound has started bleeding again and soiled her nightdress and he finally breaks down in tears at his misfortunes. (Shown in the 'Play on One' strand)
Band of Gold (ITV/1995) - (Series 1, Episode 1: Sold) Topless sitting in her bath thoroughly scrubbing herself after servicing a client as she describes her prostitution job to her friend Gina Dixon (Ruth Gemmell) who is considering doing the same as the only way to earn enough money to pay off her mounting debts ● (Series 1, Episode 2: Caught) briefly topless in her bath as she smartly stands up in alarm and grabs a towel when intimidating police officer DCI Newall (David Schofield) unexpectedly barges in after breaking into her home to hector her for lying to him during a murder investigation. [two first series episodes]

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