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KSENIA KAAS   (aka Ksenia Zaitseva)
The Last Detective (ITV/2007) - Topless as she flings back her head and opens her coat in readiness when the front door to her new boyfriend Mod's (Sean Hughes) lodging house opens after her persistent late night knocking for his attention - then she screams and runs away when she opens her eyes and sees that it is Mod's landlord Dangerous Davies (Peter Davison) who has opened the door instead after Mod asked him to fob her off after wearying of her insatiable sexual appetite. [ep: 4.4 - The Man from Montevideo] (credited as Ksenia Zaitseva)

Wittgenstein (1993) - Topless as she takes off her robe and sits on a couch to pose for artist Hermine (Sally Dexter) who is talking to her brother Ludwig Wittgenstein (Karl Johnson) - then topless as Hermine arranges her into the required pose. (credited but non-speaking part as artist's model)

The Maid (2014) - Topless as she lowers the cups of her bra to let her employer's seventeen-year-old son Jack (Ryan Cerenko) see her breasts after he develops an obsessive crush on her and she reluctantly relents to his intense desires and places his hand on her and allows him to hungrily kiss her before stopping him afraid he'll try to go too far and she won't want to stop him ● topless standing in front of Jack as they undress in her bedroom after she develops feelings for him and agrees to have sex now he has turned eighteen - later topless on the bed as they make love after she has made an emotional revelation about a tragedy in her life - then briefly topless as they begin to make love again after some heartfelt talking.

Shameless (C4/2011) - Topless astride Carl Gallagher (Elliott Tittensor) on the floor of a disused apartment they run into when hiding from the police. Her face and breasts are not seen in the same continuous shot and so almost certainly a body double was used. [series 8, episode 10]

Sex Farm (1973) - Topless sitting up in bed feeling miserable as her husband Robert (Tristan Rogers) gets up and starts getting dressed for work after finishing making love to her in away that left her dissatisfied and wanting more - (later) topless sitting up in bed alone eating comfort chocolate and crying about her lack of sexual satisfaction - (later) topless answering her bedside phone and tearfully sharing her misery with her friend Cheryl (Hilary Labow) who is calling to suggest they go away for a break at a health farm ● topless as Jim the fitness instructor (Barry Rohde) lets her out of a sauna cubicle ● topless as she gets out of bed and starts to get dressed after having participated in a foursome, arranged by Cheryl, with fellow guests Charles Truslove (Ray Edwards) and Frank Collins (Max Mason) - seen in a mirror reflection from a medium distance ● topless laying on her back on a kitchen worktable at chef Francois' (Patrick Tull) home as she lets him indulge his kinks by garnishing her body with messy gastronomic foodstuffs and then eating it off her and then make love to her, which she does to return his favour of serving her up a gourmet meal to replace the starvation diet set down by the stringent health farm rules ● topless standing using a vibrating massage device when Jim the fitness instructor comes in and kisses her having had his passions fired by an earlier encounter with Cheryl - then topless on the floor as they make love ● topless standing in her bedroom talking to her husband as she takes off her clothes and puts on her nightdress after she arrives back home from the health farm feeling tired out.

JACKIE KANE   (no other voles known of besides an episode of The Vice)
The Vice (ITV/2003) - Topless sitting on a settee stoned on drugs as pornographer David Price (Stephen Kennedy) is filming her for one of his specialist sex videos, and then remaining topless as rage-fuelled vice officer Pat Chapel (Ken Stott) throttles Price on the floor until he is dead for what he did to Pat's fellow officer and friend Cheryl Hutchins - then topless as she stands and collects her clothes and leaves. [ep: 5.1 - Hooked] (She has a medium speaking role earlier in this episode)

Jump (2012) - Topless making love astride Peter (Patrick Buchanan) on a bed with her left breast seen when his girlfriend Lucy (Kelly Gough) comes back home and catches them at it - her face is not seen in a continuous shot.

JOANNA KANSKA   (Sirkki Nieminen in Capital City, Grete Grotowska in A Very Peculiar Practice)
A Very Peculiar Practice (BBC2/1988) - Topless sitting on an examination couch with her top raised above her breasts as Dr Stephen Daker (Peter Davison) gives her a physical examination for the routine medical required for new university academic staff members and she behaves obstinately at what she considers to be an unnecessary imposition making it as awkward for him as possible. [series 2, episode 1 - The New Frontier]
The Tall Guy (1989) - Topless laying on her back with her left breast seen as she urges her boyfriend Dexter King (Jeff Goldblum) to be more vigorous in his lovemaking - seen in a montage sequence as Dexter recalls a string of unsuccessful relationships.

Silent Witness (BBC1/2003) - Topless laying dead on an autopsy table as pathologist Professor Sam Ryan (Amanda Burton) begins her postmortem examination. She is seen alive earlier in the episode and in some flashbacks during part 2 but had no speaking role. [ep: Answering Fire (part 1 of 2)]

ANNA KAREN   (Olive Rudge in On The Buses, Olive Rudge in The Rag Trade, Aunt Sal in Eastenders, Rosita Pearman in Troubles and Strife)
Nudist Memories (1959) - Topless and rear nudity as she and her two friends Carol (Carol Lynne) and Laura (Laura Mason) emerge from the changing hut at the nudist camp which they are visiting and head off to explore - then topless and rear nudity standing around the outdoor swimming pool where they meet up with camp resident Mitzi (Mitzi Mayo) ● topless and rear nudity as she plays badminton with the others ● topless sitting on the lawn drinking sodas and having a picnic with the others ● topless and rear nudity as they all visit Mitzi's bungalow ● topless sitting by the outdoor pool having afternoon tea with her friends ● topless and rear nudity as she, Laura and Carol wave goodbye to Mitzi as they leave. (a 27-minute nudist camp short / credited as Ann Karen)
Holiday On The Buses (1973) - Rear nudity in a swimming pool after she loses her bikini bottoms - however it is a close-up cutaway shot with her face not seen in the same shot and is likely to have been a body double.

Naked Dreams (2016) - Topless reclining on her side on a bed as she poses for her lover David (Christian Jannot) as he paints her while they talk - then topless covering herself with a sheet when it turns out she is dreaming about it (B&W scene in an otherwise colour film) ● laying on her front on a bed with the side of her right breast seen as David kisses her back - no nipple nudity. (14-minute short)

Grand Slam (BBC1/1978) - Topless doing a striptease act in a night-club and sitting on a man's (Windsor Davies) lap. BBC feature length comedy following some supporters of the Welsh rugby team at an international match in Paris. (one-off drama)

SYNNOVE KARLSEN   (Holly McStay in Clique, Clarice in Medici)
Clique (BBC1/2017) - (ep2) Topless standing in front of a mirror with her left breast seen in the reflection as she appraises herself with a steely determination ● (ep3) topless making love on her bed with Rory Sawyer (Mark Strepan) in various positions. [series 1, two separate episodes]
Medici (usaTV/2018) - Sitting on a bed kissing with Lorenzo (Stuart Martin) with the side of her left breast partly covered by her hair seen as she lowers her dress. [series 2, episode 7] (Series 2: Medici: The Magnificent)

Love Eternal (2013) - Topless laying dead in a bath being washed by death-votary Ian Harding (Robert de Hoog) who brought her body home after finding her dead in a minibus as part of a group suicide pact which serendipitously dovetailed with his morbid fascination with death and dying.

KERRY KATONA   (Member of pop group Atomic Kitten)
Kerry Katona: Whole Again (MTV/2008) - Topless as she cheekily flashes her right breast at the camera as she goes into a bathroom and shuts the door ● topless as she undresses for a plastic surgery consultation - then topless sitting on the edge of a couch as a male consultant assesses her for some cosmetic breast reduction surgery to correct imbalanced sagging ● topless sitting on the edge of a hospital bed as the consultant marks lines on her breasts in preparation for the surgery ● topless in a bathroom as she removes her bra while changing during a photoshoot. (reality documentary about her having a cosmetic procedure)

Autopilot (2001) - Briefly topless while making love with her boyfriend Nigel (Martin Armstrong) in their dingy flat - the picture quality is deliberately poor to indicate they are under covert surveillance. (61-minute film)

Confessions of a Pop Performer (1975) - Topless in bed with Tim (Robin Askwith) talking after they have made love - then brief full frontal nudity as she gets out of bed to make him a cup of tea.

LISA KAY   (Carol Cassidy in Heartbeat [not actress Lisa M. Kay of Hollyoaks])
Hidden (BBC1/2011) - Topless standing in a bedroom casually getting dressed as she chats to her ex-husband Harry (Philip Glenister) with whom she has just had sex for old times sake - a comparatively long scene in which there also seems to be a glimpse of partial lower nudity as she is pulling on her briefs. [episode 1] (4-part series)

Bare Naked Talent (2005) - Rear nudity as she walks into shot interrupting filming of director Jack Innov's (Al Constantine) documentary interview to ask him a question - her face not seen in the shot. (Mockumentary about the making of an adult movie)
Forest of the Damned (2005) - Topless as she and her demonic kin sister (Cleo Mason) advance menacingly upon Sally (Frances da Costas) in a lover's side road by a forest where she and her now-dead boyfriend John had stopped to make out after dark ● full frontal nudity swimming in a pool under a waterfall in a forest clearing with the two other demonic angels when camper Andrew (David Hood) sees them while exploring and decides to join in the fun ● topless in the pool with Andrew and the other angels as events leading to Andrew's death are recalled in flashback ● full frontal nudity as she appears menacingly in the gloom behind camper Emilio (Richard Cambridge) in the forest at night after he has just discovered his badly injured sister Ally (Sophie Holland), waiting until he turns and sees her to mesmerise him with her insidious seductive powers ● briefly topless as she and her two evil kin-sisters toy with camper Judd (Daniel Maclagan) who is tied up in a barn as bait until he is rescued by his girlfriend Molly (Nicole Petty) - then topless as she growls in displeasure that their prey has been snatched away ● full frontal nudity laying at rest in a pit with five others of her kin when fleeing camper Judd (Daniel Maclagan) accidentally falls in with them and they awaken - then topless and rear nudity as they converge on him and devour him ● topless emerging from darkness silently stalking the sole-surviving interloper Molly (Nicole Petty) in the forest - then topless on the roof of a van - then topless as she pins Molly against the vehicle and mesmerises her until repelled by Molly's St Christopher necklace ● rear nudity as she and the other angels converge on hapless horror writer (Shaun Hutson) who has been tied to a tree as an offering by Molly as the price for the demonic angels to leave her unmolested - then topless as she pounces on him murderously ● topless innocently play fighting with fellow angel (Eleanor James) each other in the gloom oblivious to the approaching danger of a vengeful local man (Dan van Husen) who has come into their domain intent on their destruction by burning ● (DVD Extra: Deleted Scenes) full frontal, topless and rear nudity with Eleanor James as they menace a victim (Frances da Costas) ● (DVD Extra: Trailer) The trailer contains a few topless shots that are not in the film or are edited differently.
Tony Blair: Rock Star (C4/2006) - Full frontal nudity and rear nudity undressing in a circle of her teenage friends as they play a spin-the-bottle stripping game at a party - then topless as she and teenage rock promoter Tony Blair (Christian Brassington) pair off on another spin of the bottle and go off together - then topless side view laying atop him on a bed with her left breast briefly seen hanging as she is kissing down his body. (one-off drama, Uncredited role)
Colour from the Dark (2008) - Her right breast is seen as she loosens her nightdress after waking up in a sweat from a bad dream - and then as she walks along a hallway with her nightdress still loosely open - and then as she climbs astride her sleeping brother-in-law Pietro (Michael Segal) on his bed while possessed.
Craving (2008) - Topless standing making out with Nathan (Mark Grinham), whose house she works in as a care nurse for his father, as she succumbs to his desires unaware that he has recently been transitioning into a vampire and his craving is for her blood. (Made in B&W)
Blood + Roses (2009) - Topless with her left breast seen while laying on her back unable to fend off a man when he gets rough while having sex - part of a flashback daydream she has while dozing in a car ● topless standing in a shower with her husband Martin (Kane John Scott) as they clean off after arriving at their country retreat and he becomes frustrated by her ongoing lethargic unresponsive mood - then topless as he chucks a towel at her to dry off while he goes to answer a knock at the front door.
The Scar Crow (2009) - Topless as she tugs down her top and shows her breasts to her domineering father (Andrew Bolton) as she seeks to divert his attention away from taking sexual advantage of her younger sister Prim (Anna Tolputt) ● topless as she removes her clothing while sitting astride wayfarer Nigel (Darren McIlroy) on her bed as she continues her duplicitous seduction of him keeping her actual intentions for him veiled - then topless as her sister Proper (Gabrielle Douglas) joins them on the bed - then topless as they dress him in a white cape and together they tie him to the bed which he allows thinking he is in for some kinky fun with two ravers - then topless as she blindfolds him after Proper also disrobes - before they both exit the room to leave him to his soon-to-be-apparent grizzly fate.
Karl the Butcher vs Axe (2010) - Topless as she and her fellow warrior She-ma (Eleanor James) pamper their Queen Scara (Eileen Daly) during a hedonistic party of drink and drugs as the Queen prepares for a forthcoming battle ● topless as she peels her top off over her head ready to go forth into battle to fight in the traditional bare-breasted warrior woman way - then topless in the tent as she sword fights with their enemy Karl The Butcher (Andreas Schnaas) - then topless and bloody as she receives a mortal wound and dies.
Grave Tales (2011) - Her right breast is briefly seen from her open white smock as she is running in some woods and gets captured by hooded Satanists - a prescient nightmare she is having ● topless as she changes into the white smock she has been asked to wear for the filming of a music video on location at a mansion ● topless as a robed Satanist rips open her smock while she is laying outdoors on an altar for what she thought was acting in a horror themed music video shoot but discovers that she has fallen into the hands of real Satanists who are preparing to sacrifice her. [segment: Dead Kittens] (Anthology film)
The Prisoner Inside Me (2011) - Topless laying unconscious in a bath as her boyfriend David (Raphael Pugh) breaks in and finds she has slashed her wrists due to her mounting depression after learning that the men who raped her years ago have been released early from prison - then topless as David hauls her out of the bath and calls the emergency services on a mobile phone. (14-minute short)
Unwelcome (aka Aggressive Behavior) (2011) - Her right nipple is very briefly seen as she is walking outdoors in a daze along a country lane wearing a partly open bloodstained shirt ● topless on her back in bed as she and her boyfriend Ash (Ryan Elliott) start to make love on their first night in a holiday cottage with their friends - a bit dark ● topless taking her robe off in the bathroom to have a morning shower - then topless as she gets out of the shower and puts a towel around herself ● topless in a bedroom as she takes off her bikini top and puts on a top after being tied up all night by an aggressive interloper to her friends' idyllic holiday ● topless in the bathroom miserably putting on a towel after her aggressive captor Chris (Martin Hobbs) allows her to wash ● topless tied to the bed as Chris rips open her dress while forcing himself upon her ● topless in the torn dress as Chris drags her along the ground outdoors after catching her when she tries to escape - then topless as she stands up and clubs him with a discarded tool - then topless side view with her left breast seen while gingerly putting on some fresh clothes in the cottage after her ordeal.

Monique (1969) - Briefly seen topless in a lovemaking scene with Bill (David Sumner) on a bed ● topless half holding a sheet loosely in front of her as she stands beside Jean (Joan Alcorn) in a bedroom watching Bill who has caught them together in a naked embrace - then rear nudity as Bill goes to the wardrobe to fetch his wallet ● topless sitting up in bed next to Bill with his wife Jean on his other side drinking, smoking and talking after they have all shared a ménage-à-trois. (co-starring role)

Bare Naked Talent (2005) - Briefly topless as she enthusiastically disrobes on the set of the adult movie when the nudist cinematographer Randolph Gerbles (Mike Busson) suggests that the crew work naked, an idea which her director son Jack (Al Constantine) soon vetoes. (Mockumentary about the making of an adult movie)

Temptation (2009) - Topless playing a violin as one of the other vampire girls bites her seductively - then topless laying on her back - then topless as she sits and joins a group of other vampire girls as they chat.

Whose Child Am I? (aka Feelings) (1974) - Topless making love in bed underneath her older lover John Roberts (Ronan O'Casey) as he kisses down her body ● topless writhing restlessly in bed as she has a nightmare and the cover slips down below her breasts - (intercut with the nightmare itself) full frontal nudity walking towards her bed to join her much older lover John Roberts and seeing visions of her mother Charlotte (Melissa Stribling) in bed with him and them both laughing at her - after she discovers that her lover may have been the man who donated sperm to conceive her.

GILLIAN KEARNEY   (Debbie McGrath in Brookside, Kitty in Hope and Glory, Deb Sweet in Sweet Medicine, Sue in Shameless, Jessica Harrison in Casualty)
The Tide of Life (ITV/1996) - The side of her right breast is very briefly seen as she and her former master Larry Birch (Ray Stevenson) undress in their cottage bedroom now they are living as man and wife and he pulls her into an embrace and kisses her passionately. [3-part story] (aka Catherine Cookson's The Tide of Life)
Sex, Chips and Rock 'n' Roll (BBC1/1999) - Topless with her right breast seen above the sheets as she lays beside band member Dallas McCabe (Joseph McFadden) in his bed in the afterglow of their first time together - viewed from overhead framed within a pearl of fairy lights that adorn his bedroom. [episode 2] (6-part drama)

CLAIRE KEELAN   (Claire Ashcroft in Nathan Barley)
Sorted (BBC1/2006) - Lovemaking scene in bed laying atop Barmpot (Will Mellor) - the full side of her right breast appears to be extremely briefly seen hanging although in deep shadow - and also briefly seen squished against him - but the scene comprises of quick movements and no nipple nudity is seen. [series 1, episode 6]

DIANE KEEN   (Laura Dickens in The Sandbaggers, Sandy in Rings On Their Fingers, Fliss Hawthorne in The Cuckoo Waltz, Julie McGuire in Doctors)
The Sex Thief (1973) - Full frontal nudity as she takes off her night-dress by her bed on which she has a burglar (David Warbeck) handcuffed and laying on his front - then topless as she slides herself up his body - then topless and rear nudity as she rapes him to give him a taste of his own medicine - later topless laying beside him in bed as she makes a phone call to the police - and then rear nudity as she rolls over on top of him for some more sex before the police arrive to take him away.
The Prison (ITV/1974) - Topless rolling around on a bed kissing with magazine publisher Alain Poitaud (James Laurenson), for whom she is working as a temporary charlady, offering him her support while he is at a low ebb while his wife is on remand facing a murder charge - then a brief glimpse of her left breast and partial rear nudity seen as she comes into the bathroom and helps him wash his hair in the bath - then brief topless side view on the bed as she answers the phone - seen from a distance through the doorway - then the side of her right breast is seen as she does some upside down bike pedalling exercises on the bed. (an Armchair Cinema)
Sweeney! (1977) - Topless in bed sitting beside Regan (John Thaw) with her right breast seen when her blue robe slips down while they are drinking and hiding out in Carter's flat from some assassins ● topless in bed with her right breast seen above the sheets as she sits up when Regan gets out of bed when they hear a noise at the front door. (This is from the film not a TV episode)

PAT KEEN   (Addy in Down to Earth, also several films and short-run TV dramas incl Vanity Fair)
Memoirs of a Survivor (1981) - Rear nudity and full frontal nudity in a mirror reflection as she stands in a bedroom after divesting herself of her Victorian clothes and undergarments as she gets ready for bed while her husband (Nigel Hawthorne) watches her from a chair.

Fragments of May (2015) - Topless laying back in a clear water bath with a bandage on her left cheek, as her later self looks down upon her - later (seen from a medium distance through an open door) topless sitting in the bath as her boyfriend Davis (James Rallison) comes in and cries out with anguish when he sees how she has mutilated her cheek - then partial rear nudity as she stands and picks up a hairdryer which falls into the water causing a short circuit and she collapses. (21-minute short)

SINÉAD KEENAN   (DI Paula Cassidy in Showtrial, Nina in Being Human, Kelly Hawkins in Moving Wallpaper)
Being Human (BBC3/2010) - (S2E1: Cure and Contagion) Topless in a secure room in agony as she transforms into a werewolf watched in horror by ghost Annie (Lenora Crichlow) who has come along to lend support during her first full moon since becoming infected by her werewolf boyfriend George - the ribcage under her breasts has prosthetics to coarsen the look of her skin mid-change and it is therefore not certain if the breasts seen are real or not - the camera then pans up in a continuous shot to her face which is heavily made up with mid-transition werewolf features - then (next morning) partial rear nudity and shadowed side of her right breast seen as she wakes and rises to her feet after returning to normal ● (S3E1: Lia) briefly topless standing against a crypt wall in the agony of mid-transformation when she and fellow werewolf boyfriend George (Russell Tovey) shut themselves in a crypt when circumstances prevent them from making it back to their safe rooms in time before the influence of the full moon changes them into their monstrous supernatural forms - her face is made-up with intermediate bestial features. (Series 2/2010; Series 3/2011)

Expresso Bongo (1960) - Topless with tassels as she rushes onto stage for her solo spot - later seen dancing on stage in the same outfit.

CATHERINE KEIS   (only known role is in Moll Flanders)
Moll Flanders (ITV/1996) - Topless in a tavern with her breasts out of the top of her dress while sitting on a man's lap making merry as she flaunts uproariously with the gentlemen patrons and then notices her disapproving husband James Bland (James Fleet) sitting elsewhere in the establishment and calls out to him in a belittling manner. [episode 3] (4-part drama)

TINA KELLEGHER   (Niamh Egan in Ballykissangel, The Hanging Gale)
Murder in Eden (BBC1/1991) - Topless with her left breast seen out of her dress as her pub landlord boss Tim (Tony Doyle) gets frisky with her on his sofa and lowers her dress to kiss her breast - then continuing while he rests his head on her haunted by some guilty thoughts of the murder he recently committed. [episode 2] (3-part serial, credited as Tina Kelleher)
The Hanging Gale (BBC1/1995) - Topless in bed as a man (one of the McGann brothers) pulls the sheets away - then topless as she gets up and puts on a shirt. [episode 4] (4-part drama)

Welcome to Curiosity (2018) - Topless as she approaches punter Tim (Gary Grant) in a strip club and lowers her garment and begins a lap dance for him, then gives up when she sees how tongue-tied he is having been reluctantly brought along by Lewis (Terry Sweeney), a control freak hitchhiker he picked up.

Z-Listers (2014) - Topless sitting on a punter's lap in a private booth of a lap dancing club when her fellow dancer Ellie (Carley Watts) comes in and asks her for the room - then topless as she leaves in a huff. (a 54-minute film; sequel to Z-Lister/2012)
Snuffed (2016) - Topless, rear nudity and full frontal nudity getting into a shower as her annoying filmmaker husband Jack Hess (Jason Impey) surreptitiously films her - then full frontal nudity washing in the shower as Jack continues to film her. (15-minute short)

The Cleopatras (BBC2/1983) - Topless with her breasts out of the top of her white dress while standing behind Queen Cleopatra's (Elizabeth Shepherd) throne ● topless with her breasts out of the top of her white dress as she attends Queen Cleopatra with five other handmaidens ● topless with her breasts out of the top of her white dress as she and five other handmaidens ready the queen for bed when her brother/husband king Pot Belly (Richard Griffiths) comes in and orders them away because he wants to get on with the nuptials ● topless with her breasts out of the top of her white dress while standing by the queen's bed when her baby is given to a wet-nurse and the king comes in and argues that the baby should be eating proper food by now. [episode 1] (8-part series)

BARBARA KELLERMAN   (The White Witch in BBC's Chronicles of Narnia, Delly Lomas in 1990, Clare Kapp in Quatermass [1979])
The Glittering Prizes (BBC2/1976) - (ep1: An Early Life) Topless laying on a bed with her right breast seen as her boyfriend Adam Morris (Tom Conti) opens up her dress and kisses her whilst they are making out ● (ep3: A Past Life) rear nudity laying on her side on a bed as she waits for her now-husband Adam to get undressed and join her when there is a ring at their doorbell - then topless laying on the bed as they ponder whether to bother answering. [two separate episodes] (6-part serial)
A Chink In The Wall (ITV/1977) - Topless scenes. [broadcast: 24/Jul/1977] (broadcast in the Sunday Drama strand)
The Sea Wolves (1980) - Sitting up in bed with her right breast briefly seen as the covers slip down as she throws a champagne bottle at an armed intruder (Marc Zuber) to distract him so that her lover Gavin Stewart (Roger Moore) can overpower him.
Living Apart Together (1982) - Topless sitting in a bath listening to the sound coming through the wall of her pop star husband Richie Hannah (B.A. Robertson) singing an improvised bedtime nursery rhyme to their young daughter Amy in her bedroom ● topless silhouetted in the dark as she quietly gets out of bed in the middle of the night and changes out of her night clothes before leaving the room and retrieving a pre-packed bag from her young daughter's wardrobe as she enacts a pre-planned desertion of her family while they are all asleep. (shown on C4 as a Film on Four presentation in June 1983)

Salome's Last Dance (1988) - One of three topless dancers entertaining at Herod's court in a performance which Herod (Stratford John) enthusiastically joins in. (The other two dancers are Linzi Drew and Tina Shaw)

DeVoid (2016) - Brief back side of her right breast seen as she changes into night attire in her bedroom - she is facing away from the camera for this but afterwards turns round in a continuous shot to get into the bed - no nipple nudity.

KAREN KELLY   (Page 3 Model)
Whoops Apocalypse (1986) - Topless posing alongside her glamour girl friend (Maria Whittaker) both wearing naval caps and holding rifles amongst a group of appreciative naval ratings in a photo opportunity set up by a tabloid journalist to mark the imminent departure of the naval task force being assembled to liberate a foreign dependency - the troops are enjoying the spectacle until it is broken up by their stern and disapproving senior officer Rear Admiral Bendish (Ian Richardson). (Film version of the 1982 TV series)

KATHERINE KELLY   (Lady Mae Loxley in Mr Selfridge, Becky McDonald in Coronation Street)
Mr Selfridge (ITV/2013) - The side of her right breast is seen as she kneels forward in bed and bids her working class lover Victor Colleano (Trystan Gravelle) to fetch a telegram that her servant has slid under the bedroom door - her supporting arm and long hair hide her nipple. [series 1, episode 7]

LISA KELLY   (this is not US actress Lisa Robin Kelly)
Breakout (BBC1/1997) - Topless laying on her back on a hospital bed as medical staff try to revive her with electric shock treatment. (one-off drama)

Hand of Death (aka Unmasked Part 25) (1988) - Topless as she undresses in a bathroom to have a shower - then rear nudity as walks over to the shower - then topless in the shower as she washes.

NIKKI KELLY   (Sylvia in Hi-De-Hi!)
Hi-De-Hi! (BBC1/1980) - Sunbathing on her front near some holiday chalets with two other girls - the front of her breasts are seen pressed against the towel as she is seen in close-up while watching Su Pollard and others - no nipple nudity. The other girls are Penny Irving and Rikki Howard [ep: The Beauty Queen Affair]

OLWEN KELLY   (aka Olwen Catherine Kelly)
The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) - Topless laying dead with her body half-revealed in a partially excavated hole in a house basement as police discover her body while investigating a multiple homicide case - her head and right breast are revealed ● topless and full frontal nudity laying dead on a morgue table as coroner Tommy Tilden (Brian Cox) makes preparations to begin her autopsy with assistance from his medical technician son Austin (Emile Hirsch) - they begin with a detailed external evaluation as they make some preliminary findings discovering countless enigmas with her condition - then topless as Tommy makes a central Y-incision on her torso as he starts the internal examination ● (sometime later) topless laying dead with closed-up autopsy scars as Tommy and Austin return to the surgical room to try and find a way to stop the terrifying paranormal events that have been occurring since her body's arrival at their underground morgue within which they have become trapped by supernatural forces ● (continuing) then full frontal nudity in an overhead shot as her injuries start transferring to Tommy after he makes a pact with her restless spirit ● topless laying dead on the table in a restored pristine condition with no autopsy scars as the police arrive to investigate the unexplained violent deaths of the two pathologists - then full frontal nudity as a sheet is placed over her as her body is made ready to be moved to another medical centre. (credited as Olwen Kelly)

The Tudors (usaTV/2007) - Standing in a bedchamber as King Henry (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) stands behind her and lowers her nightdress with her right breast seen and then they kiss passionately. [series 1, episode 1]
Rise of the Footsoldier Part II (2015) - Topless making love with Carlton Leach (Ricci Harnett) in a back room at a club - her breasts are only seen briefly in an overhead close-up - her face is not seen in the shot so it could be a body double.

SONIA KELLY   (Lorraine in Tinsel Town)
Tinsel Town (BBC2/2000) - Topless in a shower making love with a man - seen from above. this scene may only appear in the video release box-set of series one which contains additional material not originally transmitted. [series 1, episode 1]

The Vampires of Bloody Island (2009) - Topless as she disrobes in a guest house bedroom where Kevin (Allin Kempthorne) is sleeping as she looks at him predatorily and then bites his neck with her vampire teeth.

FELICITY KENDAL   (Barbara in The Good Life, Gemma Palmer in Solo, Rosemary Boxer in Rosemary and Thyme)
The Mayfly and the Frog (BBC1/1966) - Brief rear nudity seen through the water while skinny dipping in the fish pond in an indoor Winter Garden in the mansion of urbane, reclusive millionaire Gabriel Quantara (John Gielgud) whose company she has imposed herself upon while seeking compensation for the damage done to her motor scooter by his Rolls Royce, and for whom she has become a fascination as he strives to impress her with his opulence - seen when Quantara enters the room looking for her - then a lot of her left breast is fleetingly seen while standing in the water talking to him when she steps on something and picks it from the bottom discovering it is a broach - then some side of her left breast is seen as she reaches underwater again to see what else is there - no nipple nudity seen. (an episode of The Wednesday Play series / made in B&W)
The Good Life (BBC1/1976) - Her right breast is very briefly seen down the top of her nightdress as she leans over to put a pile of board games down on the bed that she and her husband Tom Good (Richard Briers) may need to tire themselves as they attempt a second night of going to bed very early in the evening so they can be ready to start work in their garden at first light, having found it difficult to fall asleep the first night - an accidental exposure. [ep: 3.1 - The Early Birds]
Solo (BBC1/1982) - Rear nudity as she runs across some grass towards a river alongside a man (Peter Howitt) - seen from a distance with her face not seen - part of a brief daydream she is having. [series 2, episode 1] (reportedly a body double was used in this scene)

Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979) - Topless walking out onto a dais in front of the beauty contest judges - wearing white bikini briefs - then topless as she walks off stage with the other contestants.
The World Is Full of Married Men (1979) - Topless in a hotel room with David (Anthony Franciosa) - as part of an intercut sequence of scenes when David is visited by a series of high-class prostitutes in his hotel room - they look and talk direct to camera as if addressing him.

Got to Run (2011) - Vague rear nudity in see-through panties as she personally models, for her sales customer Kevin (Joe Rainbow), one of the range of lingerie items she is selling in an effort to increase her sales in her job as a travelling lingerie saleswoman - then to get a larger order she agrees to show him her bare breasts - although as she opens her bra a post-production censored banner covers them up - however its placement wasn't fully sufficient for the purpose and as she is settling into position her right nipple momentarily and inadvertently strays into view above the obscuring graphic. (aka: Backburner)

SUZY KENDALL   (lead roles in many films from mid 1960s to mid 1970s)
The Penthouse (1967) - Partial rear nudity as she comes out of a bedroom and walks across the living room where Tom (Tony Beckley) and Dick (Norman Rodway) are holding Bruce (Terence Morgan) hostage - and then again as she looks out of the window - just the upper half of her bottom is seen - her face is not seen in the same shot - while she is looking out of the window her shadow silhouette is seen projected on the wall by her side profiling her breasts and face.

Funland (BBC3/2005) - Thonged rear nudity and topless glimpses in a cupless black lingerie corset and wearing black nipple tassels while doing a lap dance for some customers - brief glimpses only mainly in background of shots. [episode 3] (11-part series)

Ooh... You Are Awful (1972) - Her bottom is seen as she is kneeling on the seat of a photobooth machine at Waterloo station to give Charlie (Dick Emery), in disguise as a solicitor, photographic proof of her identity by means of the tattoo on her behind - seen both directly and in the B&W photos produced although her face is not seen in the same shot - and so could be a body double.
Schalcken the Painter (BBC2/1979) - Lower nudity as she raises her white nightdress beside a bed in front of a shocked Schalcken (Jeremy Clyde) - then rear nudity and topless side view as she climbs astride a corpse on the bed and removes her nightdress fully and make loves with it and Schalcken responds with appalled disgust. [broadcast: 23/Dec/1979] (a dramatised episode of the BBC arts programme Omnibus)

Hunted (BBC1/2012) - (ep2) Topless and shadowed rear nudity in a hotel room as she takes her dress off in front of security company boss Rupert Keel (Stephen Dillane) and then gives him an affectionate kiss - then topless as she pours him a drink of water and sits beside him on the bed as he takes a phone call. Note: In the Cinemax version when she takes her dress off the camera stays on her until the dress has fallen completely away (in the BBC version the shot cuts away after a few frames) - the rest of the scene seems to be the same until the very end when she is sitting beside Keel on the bed as he talking on the phone - in the Cinemax version there is an additional shot of her seen sitting there topless - in the BBC version the camera keeps a close up on Keel throughout (possibly losing a snippet of dialogue - unless that is placed over another shot) ● (ep6) rear nudity and the side of her left breast seen as she quickly gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom with a sudden nosebleed after sleeping with her regular client Rupert Keel. Note: The Cinemax version is actually a different take of the same scene. In this version, before she rises, she is seen topless laying on her back on the bed behind Keel who is sitting on the bed in the foreground dressing (as she rises from the bed Keel's head is differently turned in the two takes) PLUS because of the different placement of her arms during her rush to the bathroom it so happens that in the Cinemax take the side of her left breast is NOT seen as it was in the BBC one.. [Two separate episodes] (8-part series, BBC/Cinemax co-production)
Skin Deep (2017) - Topless and rear nudity in a bathroom as she removes her bathrobe and looks at herself critically in the mirror. (20-minute short)

SUZIE KENNEDY   (Marilyn Monroe lookalike)
Revealed (C5/2003) - {Documentary} Topless laying as a dead body on an autopsy table awaiting postmortem - then topless as the junior medical examiner conducts a thorough external examination for any clues about cause of death. She was playing the living Marilyn Monroe in wordless reconstructions - it's not entirely certain whether or not she was also playing the dead Marilyn during the autopsy reconstruction. This was a UK made documentary. She is a professional British Marilyn Monroe look-alike. [ep: Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?]

Nymphomaniac: Vol I (2013) - Topless sitting on her bed as she dresses up with her female friend Joe (Stacy Martin).
The Silent Man (2016) - Topless sitting back in a bath at opposite ends with a male sex doll version of her ex-boyfriend that she bought following a relationship break-up ● topless in the bath alone as she holds her breath and ducks under the water after being rejected by the doll too. (15-minute short / made in B&W)
Obey (2018) - Making love underneath a man with her breast seen briefly - but in non-continuous close-up only ● laying asleep on her side in bed beside the man with an arm across her breasts leaving only the underside of her left breast seen ● topless as she removes her bra while making love on a bed underneath another man - a bit out of focus - then topless side view with her right breast seen hanging as she gets on top and kisses him.

EMER KENNY   (Zsa Zsa Carter in Eastenders)
Coming Down The Mountain (BBC1/2007) - A brief glimpse of her left breast is seen while she is laying on her back on a bed with her boyfriend David (Nicholas Hoult) and he uncovers her breast from her top and sees she has a nipple ring. (one-off drama)

PATSY KENSIT   (Sadie King in Emmerdale, Faye Morton in Holby City)
Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) - Side of her right breast seen while laying atop Mel Gibson in a lovemaking scene - no nipple nudity - then topless laying beside him with her right breast seen as they talk - later topless underneath him intercut with helicopters approaching their beach house.
Beltenebros (aka Prince of Shadows) (1991) - Topless stripping on stage to jazz music ● topless taking off a robe backstage and putting on a slip and dress ● topless taking off her dress while sitting at the end of a bed with a man - they then kiss and then he slaps her onto the floor ● then topless laying on the floor with the man on top and kissing her ● topless laying in bed after the man leaves - at first she is propped on her elbows, then flat on her back.
Time Bomb (1991) - Topless laying on her back in a lovemaking scene on a bed with Eddy Kay (Michael Biehn) ● her right breast is briefly seen while she laying on a bed in an open denim jacket when a bald male attacker decides to have some fun with her before he and his co-assassin Ms Blue (Tracy Scoggins) eliminate her.
Twenty-One (1991) - Topless in a hotel bathroom as she removes her dress while readying herself for her lover Jack (Patrick Ryecart) when they meet up for a regular assignation - she self-satisfiedly assesses herself in the mirror and then decides to put her dress back on on a whim to spice up the normal routine.
Blame It On The Bellboy (1992) - Briefly topless standing in the hotel bedroom of middle-aged Maurice Horton (Richard Griffiths) as she undresses while he watches her from the bed as she grudgingly undresses thinking him to be an unprincipled lech for taking advantage of her with unreasonable demands because, due to a mix-up of similar sounding names at his hotel and cross-purposes, she thinks him to be a potential buyer of a villa which she, as an eager realtor, is willing to do whatever it takes to sell for the hefty commission, whereas he thinks she is a like-minded romantically-inclined lonely-heart arranged as a match for him by an introduction agency. NOTE: Her breasts are seen just above the bottom of the frame but only in the full-screen version of the film - in the modern letterboxed version her breasts have become completely hidden below the widescreen crop.
Bitter Harvest (1993) - Topless with a man in a lovemaking scene in a bath in various positions ● topless in the bath with him balanced precariously across the width of the bath while she cuts his hair - seen from above ● topless in bed as she leans over to move a religious symbol whilst in bed with a man and Jennifer Rubin.
Full Eclipse (1993) - Topless lovemaking scene with a man (Mario Van Peebles) as she starts turning into a creature - the side of one breast is only briefly seen with no nipple nudity.
Angels and Insects (1995) - Topless lovemaking scene on her back with a man on a bed - viewed through a mosquito net ● topless as she walks up next to a man and kisses him - her breasts are not clearly seen and possibly her hair is covering them ● full frontal nudity laying in bed as a man approaches and kisses her and they lay on the bed together - the netting is pulled aside in this scene.
Kleptomania (1995) - Topless as she walks over to a bath and stands under a shower in the plush apartment where she is squatting while the owner is away - then topless as she dries herself with a towel before dressing to go out.
Love and Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story (1995) - Topless laying on her side in bed with Dennis Boutsikaris (as Woody Allen) with her left breast seen as they talk ● topless sitting on a black sofa as she lowers her dress while talking to Boutsikaris and then turning around so he can massage her shoulders ● topless laying propped up on her elbows and then laying onto her side while in bed with Richard Muenz (as Frank Sinatra) ● topless sitting on a dressed Muenz's lap with her right breast seen just above the frame of the shot ● sitting in a bath with her knees up and just the partial side of her right breast seen ● topless beside a fire as Muenz lowers her wet dress and she lays down on her back on the carpet ● topless laying on her back with her chest streaked with red as a scaly hand moves across her chest while filming a scene from Rosemary's Baby ● topless on a bed underneath Boutsikaris as he rips open her blouse and they kiss.
The One and Only (2002) - Topless lovemaking scene underneath a man on a bed - later topless as she sits up the next morning and then covers her breasts with her hands.
Shelter Island (2003) - Rear nudity standing in front of another woman (Mimi Langeland) - her face is not seen - viewed from a high angle from the landing above as seen by Ally Sheedy ● rear nudity dropping her robe - then topless laying down in a sauna - then topless as a man joins her - her face is not seen throughout.

DIANA KENT   (Patricia Lennox in The Vet, The Beggar Bride, Seaforth)
Crossing The Floor (BBC2/1996) - Sitting in a bath of soapy water talking to a man with the occasional glimpse of her nipples under the water. (a Screen Two presentation)
Morlang (2001) - Very brief glimpse of her right breast while making love astride her husband Julius (Paul Freeman) - seen at a medium distance from an elevated angle at the extreme right edge of the widescreen frame - fairly hard to make out and with her face not properly seen.

NATALIE KENT   (Mrs Carter in Our Miss Pemberton)
Angels (BBC1/1976) - Briefly topless in a bath with her left breast seen while she is being helped to bathe at her home by community health nurse June Morris (Miriam Margolyes) and Nurse Maureen Morahan (Erin Geraghty). [S2E13 - Walkabout]

Silent Witness (BBC1/2001) - Topless laying dead face up in a chest freezer as DCI Norton (Sean Chapman) discovers her body while searching an outbuilding near where a suspect for another murder lives - then (later) seen again topless in the freezer when pathologist Sam Ryan (Amanda Burton) arrives to examine the scene. [ep: Two Below Zero (part 2 of 2)] (she had a speaking role in the previous episode being chatted up in a pub by Anthony Stewart Head)

Devil's Harvest (2003) - Topless standing naked in front of Daniel (Chris Harvey John) in a hotel room talking seductively with her right breast seen above the frame of the shot - then topless side view as she walks up to him and suggests he take his coat off - then topless as she pushes him onto the bed and lays atop him behaving dominantly with her breasts seen hanging.

I.R.A.: King of Nothing (2006) - Briefly topless making love astride her lover and fellow IRA fighter Bobby O'Brien (Damian Chapa) on a hotel bed.
The Tudors (usaTV/2007) - Topless side view making love astride a man on a bed with her left breast seen hanging - the scene is a bit dark. [series 1, episode 9] (credited as Venessa Keogh)

VANESSA KERFOOT   (aka Vanessa Jayne Kerfoot)
Brannigan's March (2004) - Rear nudity as she walks into her bathroom where the wayward wandering man called Brannigan (Philip Fowler) whom she has just met and taken pity on is taking a bath - then full frontal nudity as she gets into the bath with him - then topless sitting in the bath as she gently washes his tired feet.

The Love Box (1972) - Topless as she unwraps herself from her blue sari with help from a man (Simon Lagree) and then they kiss before being joined by a Chinese girl (Vivienne) ● topless as she unwraps herself from her sari facing the camera as a voiceover does a travel ad type sales pitch.

ALANA KERR   (aka Alana Kerr Collins)
Rachel 9000 (2014) - Topless with her left breast seen while laying on her side in bed beside her owner Victor (Carey Fox) whom she is programmed to be devotedly in love with. (14-minute short / credited as Alana Kerr)

Shotgun Wedding (2001) - Topless wearing furry tassels as she does a table dance in a club as lads on a stag-do watch her. (15-minute short)

DEBORAH KERR   (Lots of films in 1950s and 1960s incl:- From Here To Eternity, The King And I; on TV she played the elder Emma in A Woman of Substance)
The Gypsy Moths (1969) - Topless lovemaking scene on a sofa with a man (Burt Lancaster).
The Arrangement (1969) - Rear nudity taking off her night-gown behind a curtain - and a side view of her left breast while getting into bed.

Sex Before Breakfast (2011) - Some back side of her right breast is briefly seen as she quickly pulls on a t-shirt in the woods when she backtracks on her plan to go skinny dipping in a lake when she discovers the man she has been hitting on all morning is not in fact her internet blind date but a man called Jack Quinn (Matt E Hudson) who just thought he had got lucky when she approached him - no nipple nudity. (25-minute short)

House of Flowers: Kim (2015) - Topless standing in a stream as she squats down to cup some cooling water in her hands to splash over her chest while taking a walk through some woods - then topless standing as she looks around at the trees. (5-minute short)

Stud Life (2012) - Topless laying on her side on a bed beside her new butch lesbian girlfriend JJ (T'Nia Miller) as they talk and she tries to loosen JJ's insecurities about not being equipped to perform as a man - then topless as they play-tussle ● topless with her left breast seen out of her basque as she sits blindfolded as JJ runs a knife over her skin, at her own insistence, as she reveals her kinky side to JJ - then her left breast is seen again as she adjusts her garment into place when they have finished.

YASMIN KERR   (Only known role is in 40)
40 (C4/2003) - (ep2) Topless in some still photographs that her parents are looking at in her room ● topless side view with her right breast seen as she pulls her dress off over her head while standing beside a swimming pool and then she jumps in wearing just her briefs - then bare back and some side of her right breast while swimming underwater ● (ep3) topless swimming underwater with her nipples seen through the water (a continuation of the scene in episode 2). [two separate episodes] (3-part drama)

PATRICIA KERRIGAN   (Dr Sarah Kemp in Medics, some short run UK TV dramas incl. The Crow Road, A Fatal Inversion)
The Magic Toyshop (ITV/1988) - Topless sitting up incestuously with her brother Francie (Lorcan Cranitch) when her husband Philip Flower (Tom Bell) comes home and finds them together - her nipples are just seen above the edge of the sheet.
Ghosts (BBC1/1995) - Brief rear nudity and lower nudity rolling around on the chalky slopes of a hillside with Craig Byatt (Kevin McNally) as they have passionate outdoor sex - seen in his dreams while he is receiving relaxing professional aromatherapy from her to help him relieve stress - her face is not properly seen. [ep: Massage] (an anthology series of separate spooky tales)

Dyn Amo (1972) - Topless as she does a slow strip direct to the camera out of a waitresses outfit - at the end there is a brief glimpse of lower nudity.

SARA KESTELMAN   (several short-run UK TV dramas incl Invasion: Earth, Anna Karenina)
Zardoz (1974) - Topless with her left breast seen while laying down under a veiled sheet wearing an open red top with Zed (Sean Connery) while she is questioning him about his reasons for being in her land and he rests his head on her chest ● topless standing reciting knowledge which is being transferred into Zed's brain - she has computer-like graphics projected on her face and shoulder ● topless on the other side of a glass barrier as Zed is running around firing his pistol.
Break of Day (1977) - Topless laying in bed with her shy younger lover Tom Cooper (Andrew McFarlane), whom she has seduced into sleeping with her, as she tells him how she would like to paint him.

YOLANDA KETTLE   (Becky Marani in Marcella)
The Crown (usaTV/2016) - Topless laying across a bed resting her head on a man's back as he lays on his front while they talk and then are joined on the bed by another man. [ep: 2.7: Matrimonium] (a Netflix series)

JANET KEY   (Brenda Pitman in The Crezz, Babs in Running Wild.)
Percy (1971) - Topless in bed with her left breast seen when her white night-dress opens up after she reaches over in bed across the man (Patrick Mower) next to her to get an unposted letter when they decide to tell each others partners about their infidelity.

Cape Karma (2007) - Topless lovemaking scene astride a client Manav (Rahul Dev) and then topless laying beside him as he pays her - then topless laying alone on the bed as Manav sits on a chair watching her.

Creatures the World Forgot (1971) - Topless outdoors with her breasts seen to the side of her necklace as she watches the 'Dark' brother (Hans Kiesouw) hunting and killing a porcupine and she rushes to stop him and he pushes her over and then punishes her by pricking her with the animal's body until the 'Fair' brother (Gerard Bonthuys) comes to her rescue ● topless sitting with the old wise woman (Rosalie Crutchley) who gives her a special necklace to indicate what a unique and important girl she is.

MELANIE KILBURN   (PC Laura Bryant in The Bill, Evelyn Sykes in Coronation Street, Peak Practice, Soldier Soldier, Making Out, Sandra Harrison in Where The Heart Is)
Chancer (ITV/1990) - Wearing a sheer negligee with her breasts briefly visible through the material as she comes to her door to tell her regular prostitution client Robert Douglas (Benjamin Whitrow) to come back later as she is with currently with another punter but the experiential realisation that he is just one of many men she sees extinguishes the infatuation he was developing and he leaves. [ep:1.11 - History]
Making Out (BBC1/1990) - (S2E6) Topless laying on her back in a hotel bed with her professional footballer boyfriend Gavin (John Lynch) as they embark upon an affair with her left breast seen as he gets off her when they realise neither have come prepared with any contraception and therefore cannot carry on until they have got something and they then discuss the best way to do that and decide to call room service ● (S3E7) topless as she sits up in bed and lets her German tennis coach boyfriend Axel (Martin Wenner) take her top off over her head ready to have sex - she is in a bit of daze after learning that his feelings for her are not as strong as hers are for him and he is simply using her to have fun with until his fiancée arrives. [two separate episodes] (Series 2/1990; Series 3/1991)
The Wimbledon Poisoner (BBC1/1996) - Topless and rear nudity as she does a devotional striptease dance in her bedroom and then sits naked on a chair and self-climaxes in front of a shrine for her late husband - unaware that Detective Inspector Russell Rush (Philip Jackson) and neighbour Henry Farr (Robert Lindsay) are hiding in her cupboard on a clandestine mission to obtain her husband's ashes - her breasts and face are not seen together in the shot but it is a continuous shot. [part 2 of 2]

Amalgam (2007) - Topless as she is attacked by her boyfriend (Craig Murray) on a sofa ● topless, rear nudity and some full frontal nudity as she has a shower and then gets out and dries herself off with a towel - later briefly seen topless as she sits on her boyfriend's back and massages him ● brief rear nudity as she pulls down her briefs for her boyfriend while laying on her front on a bed. (33-minute short, made in Black and White)

Taggart (ITV/1995) - Topless from a medium distance as she comes out naked onto a balcony at night laughing drunkenly and has a water chucked over her by her pop star boyfriend Rick Mullvey (Gabriel MacTurk) whose mansion they are at - then brief lower nudity and topless as she joins Rick in his indoor swimming pool - then swimming around with her breasts seen distorted through the water. [ep: 12.1: Legends, part 1 of 3]

Zombie Women of Satan 2 (aka Female Zombie Riot) (2016) - Topless with her left breast out while nursing her baby.

CLAIRE KING   (Kim Tate in Emmerdale, Karen Betts in Bad Girls)
Cold Light of Day (1989) - Topless sitting on the edge of her bed in front of her standing prostitution client Jorden March (Bob Flag) as she unzips his fly to give him hand relief from which he quickly climaxes and leaves - seen in a full length mirror reflection.

DONNA KING   (only known roles are in The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous and 2 British TV guest appearance in the mid/late 1990s)
The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous (ITV/1997) - Topless sitting in bed talking and drinking with Lysander Hawkley (Stephen Billington) - then topless laying atop him as they kiss when her husband Elmer (Mac McDonald) comes home unexpectedly and sees them. (3-part drama)

Racconti di Canterbury, I (aka The Canterbury Tales) (1972) - Rear nudity sitting on a barn door beside her daughter (Heather Johnson) with their skirts lifted and bottoms sticking over edge as they air themselves - her face is not seen in the same shot.

GEORGIA KING   (Goldie Clemmons in The New Normal)
Kill Your Friends (2015) - Nearly topless with most of her left breast seen with the nipple covered by her left arm as she sits up in bed talking to her boss Steven Stelfox (Nicholas Hoult) after spending the night with him as she begins to lay out her blackmail intentions revealing her knowledge of his recent nefarious acts which she will remain quiet about if he gets her a more senior job ● having energetic sex astride detective Alan Woodham (Edward Hogg) on a bed at a private party after she and Steven have plied Woodham with drugs as she helps Steven set Alan up with a sex tape to ensure his silence about any suspicions he may have about Steven's involvement in a recent murder - nothing is really seen here because his hands are over her breasts - later brief rear nudity laying in bed as Alan gets out (her face is not seen in this shot).

HANNAH KING   (No other known roles)
The Mystery of Doctor Martinu (BBC2/1992) - Full frontal nudity and rear nudity dancing around outdoors on a lawn waving a Czech national flag - then full frontal nudity and rear nudity dancing in a room with the flag draped loosely around her as composer Bohuslav Martinu (Patrick Ryecart) watches enthralled while his wife sews seemingly oblivious - then she exits the room and he chases after her with topless, rear nudity and full frontal nudity as she runs up some spiral lighthouse stairs to the lamproom where they have a conversation - then rear nudity dancing on the balcony with Martinu until he falls off and down to the rocks below where he wakes from a dream ● full frontal nudity waving to Martinu from the top of the lighthouse as he looks up from the ground - only he sees her in his imaginings ● full frontal nudity waving again from the lighthouse balcony calling down to Martinu and two other male admirers as Martinu continues having recurring dreams ● topless laying on an altar as her admirer Jason (Dylan Brown) walks up and kisses her and then they make love while an anguished Martinu watches through a hole in the locked door tormented that his love is fraternising with another man ● topless and rear nudity and full frontal nudity as she walks into a surrealistic floral environment and around Martin (Nic Boothby) seated in a chair then kneels at his feet providing him with sexual delights - as once again Martinu watches helplessly through the hole in the door as his dream girl dallies with her other admirers ● topless holding her arms out welcomely as Martinu walks towards her only to fall off the balcony again when she vanishes having never really been there. (A Ken Russell BBC short film)

IMOGEN KING   (Rayna in Clique, Abbie Armstrong in The Bay)
Clique (BBC1/2019) - (S2E1) Brief topless and rear nudity running naked for dear life in terror down a seafront promenade at night after she and her male flatmate Fraser (Stuart Campbell) were attacked while walking back from a beach party and her dress was removed (this is towards the end of the episode) ● (S2E2) (picking up the scene from episode 1) the same scene extends slightly with brief rear nudity and the side of her right breast seen as she runs up to a random house and desperately hammers on the door for help ● (S2E4) there is a partial reprise of the episode 1 running scene when new revelations are made known in a flashback - with one brief glimpse of her nipples seen above the frame of the shot. [series 2, three separate episodes] (first released on iPlayer/BBC3 in 2018 / shown on BBC1 in July 2019)

JOANNE KING   (Cynthia Pyke in Casualty, Lady Rochford in The Tudors)
The Tudors (usaTV/2010) - (episode 2) topless laying in bed with the king's groom Thomas Culpepper (Torrance Coombs) out of breath after they have made love and he talks about his desire to be intimate with her mistress the Queen Catherine and she tells him she can arrange it ● (episode 3) topless standing by a bed as she opens up and removes her nightgown - then rear nudity as she walks over to the bed - then topless as she settles down in bed beside Culpepper. [series 4, two separate episodes]

I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight (aka The Love Ray) (1976) - Topless using an exercise bike in an exercise class ● topless in an open lab-coat with the other girls as they all tickle Pigeon (Barry Andrews) to get information from him - then topless on parade as their boss Nutbrown (James Booth) is given a report. (aka Sex Ray)

The Big Switch (1968) - (Export Version Only) Topless posing alongside another model (Annette Johnson) in a advertising agency's photographic studio posing for a print advert for a deodorant product as photographer Ken (Raymond Burke) snaps away under art director John Carter's (Sebastian Breaks) supervision - then rear nudity as they remove their briefs and pose some more - then full frontal nudity as they turn to face the camera and strike sexy provocative poses while demonstrating the product. (UK Version: The middle section of the scene with nudity is not included in the UK version which has the start and end of the scene only in which no revealing nudity is seen). (She is the blonde and Annette Johnson is the brunette)
Rose's Bustin' Out All Over (8mm/1970) - Topless, rear nudity and full frontal nudity walking around in the gardens of a large mansion, admiring the flowers - then topless on a sunlounger sunbathing and reading a magazine - then topless and rear nudity as she stands and walks around some more. [Tempo Films 5] (6-minute glamour short by Harrison Marks, in colour, date is approximate)

Gothic (1986) - Topless as she is summoned to her employer Lord Byron's (Gabriel Byrne) bedchamber to perform a familiar task in which she dutifully stands and removes her maidservant garments and he removes her underslip after positioning a white porcelain mask of his sister Augusta over her face which she holds in place as her kisses down her body - (later) rear nudity clutching her clothes to her front while running down a corridor with the male servants as an angry Byron chases them after catching them listening at the door and sniggering whilst she was doing his bidding.

ROWENA KING   (Various short-run UK TV dramas, incl:- Chloe Carmichael in To Play The King, Wonderful You)
Wide Sargasso Sea (1993) - Full frontal nudity standing looking out of the window hatch in a wooden shack ● topless kissing with a man up against a wall as he removes her wrap and then they make love ● topless in bed as she rolls over and then sits up when she sees a man (Nathaniel Parker) looking at her - then topless as he gives her a leaving present - then full frontal nudity as she stands up and puts on her wrap.

Popcorn (2007) - Topless sitting in a pile of popcorn in a pool house storeroom kissing with a man (Tim Gambrill) when Danny (Jack Ryder) walks in looking for the changing rooms. (Non-speaking role)

Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width (1973) - Briefly topless as her boss Manny Cohen (John Bluthal) accidentally tugs her bra off as they are preparing to jump off a first-storey building ledge into an emergency services safety net when they get stuck up there after saving the life of their depressed colleague Patrick Kelly (Joe Lynch) who they thought was going to jump - (she had previously taken off her sweater to use it as an impromptu grab rope). (This is the film spin-off and not the original Armchair Theatre or sitcom that followed that)

ALEX KINGSTON   (Dr Elizabeth Corday in E.R., Ellie Langden in Hope Springs, River Song in Doctor Who)
Crocodile Shoes (BBC1/1994) - Topless standing up in a bedroom after taking off all her clothes as demanded by her former boyfriend Adrian Lynn (James Wilby) after she says she'll do anything to atone for the wrongs she has done him - then topless as she lays down on the bed as instructed ready to placate him as he watches her with unforgiving disdain - then topless as she sits up raging at him for making her demean herself for nothing when he sneers at her contemptuously and walks out of the room. [ep 1.3 - The Deal]
Moll Flanders (ITV/1996) - (ep1) Topless on her back on a bed in a room at an inn as her sly adoptive brother Rowland Richardson (Colin Buchanan) beds her after convincing her that he wants to wed her despite her being a penniless ward of his father's whose household status is one of near servant, but his attention and promises have turned her young head unaware that he is merely trifling with her affections and she is in truth too far below his station to consider marrying ● (ep2) topless with her left breast seen as she makes love with American sea captain Lemuel Golightly (Tom Ward) on the bunk in his cabin as she entices him into a contract of marriage ● briefly topless making love underneath her now-husband Lemuel on his bunk on the voyage over to America during rough seas ● topless laying in bed at her husband's plantation homestead feeling happy in her new life as Lemuel kneels at the foot of the bed saying his prayers ● topless side view with her left breast seen while washing at a bowl, with her breasts also seen in a face mirror reflection, as Lemuel enters the room to see if her mood has lightened but still she cannot bear to be near him following her shock discovery that his mother is also the woman who bore her prior to being transported to the colonies as a criminal and that she has, in all innocence by both parties, borne children with the man she now knows to be her half-brother, although he knows not the reason for her seemingly unreasonable behaviour ● (ep3) topless sitting astride her new husband Jemmy Seagrave's (Daniel Craig) lap on a bed as they kiss and make love on their wedding night after they decide to make a go of it after finding out that neither is rich as they alluded to the other ● (next morning) brief topless glimpse as she awakens with a shocked realisation that Jemmy has taken off at first light leaving her a note of his intentions to absent himself until he has earned enough to return to her ● (ep4) topless on her back laying in bed in a sleeping embrace with her pick-pocketing partner Lucy Diver (Nicola Walker) after their friendship becomes more special following another evening of successful thievery ● topless in a carriage as she loosens her bodice and proffers her wares to drunken gent Sir Richard Gregory (Ronald Fraser) who has propositioned her for a transaction ● topless as she exposes her left breast from her dirty smock in her Newgate dungeon to encourage the gaoler (James Bowers) to grant her request to visit the captured highwayman James Sullivan who is in truth her husband Jemmy Seagrave ● topless sitting in a dungeon cell with Jemmy during an hour they are permitted together as they discuss how they might contrive to escape the hangman's noose and instead be transported to the Americas. [four separate episodes] (4-part drama)
Croupier (1998) - Full frontal nudity as she emerges from a bathroom into the adjoining bedroom while staying overnight at a country house after a party there, sharing it with Jack Manfred (Clive Owen) whom she met while playing the tables at the casino where he works as a croupier - then topless as she walks over to him and enquires how he came by some bruises - then topless as she puts on her nightdress as they get ready to go to bed.
Essex Boys (2000) - Full frontal nudity standing in her bedroom doorway as she removes her dressing gown in front of her violent ex-convict husband Jason Locke (Sean Bean) signalling her acquiescence to his sexual demands after an argument about her activities whilst he was in prison ● topless sitting on the side in a bed putting on her bra as she talks to John Dyke (Tom Wilkinson) whom she has just slept with ● topless making love in a hotel bed underneath her young driver Billy Reynolds (Charlie Creed-Miles) with her right breast seen.
Marchlands (ITV1/2011) - Topless in a bath when her husband Eddie (Dean Andrews) comes home early from work and he gets into the bath with her in his boxer shorts - her left breast is just seen in the shot. [part 1 of 5]

The Devil's Violinist (2013) - Sitting on a window ledge in a London street as she lets passer-by John Watson (Christian McKay) get a good view of her assets with her nipples just peeking over the top of her dress as she touts for business as a street prostitute.

A Day in the Life of Daisy Kinton (2015) - Full frontal nudity laying back in a clear water bath - then topless sitting up wringing out her hair and then washing and shaving her legs - then topless sitting on the side of the bath shaving her pubic area (out of shot) ● full frontal nudity in an open red robe as she walks around her bedroom taking some tablets swilled down with a bottle of water ● full frontal nudity standing in a lounge as her boyfriend applies body paint to her - a fond flashback memory she has ● topless as she gets dressed in preparation for her boyfriend arriving ● topless sitting on a sofa as she removes her top so that her boyfriend can do some tattoo-like work on her back ● topless laying on the floor wearing a black beak mask ● rear nudity standing against a wall cosying up to a poster on the wall ● topless wearing an open red robe as she and her boyfriend make out ● topless sitting recovering after the ordeal of the tattoo-like procedure which resulted in lots of bloody marks on her - then topless as she tries to stand but slips back down too weakened to do it. (56-minute fly-on-the-wall documentary)

VANESSA KIRBY   (Princess Margaret in The Crown)
Queen and Country (2014) - Rear nudity running across the lawn down to the lake by her house to go for a twilight swim and coquettishly urging her brother Bill (Callum Turner) and especially his army mate Percy Hopgood (Caleb Landry Jones) to join her - seen at a medium to far distance with her face not seen.
Pieces of a Woman (2020) - The side of her left breast is seen pressed against her left leg while she is sitting in a bath under a shower stream examining her feet raised up on the wall - no nipple nudity.
The World to Come (2020) - Briefly topless with her left breast seen while having lesbian sex in bed with Abigail (Katherine Waterston).

The Reckoning (2020) - Rear nudity and the side of her left breast seen while making love astride a man on a bed ● rear nudity as she is shoved naked into a dungeon and then while putting on a cloth garment thrown to her to cover herself with ● rear nudity standing kissing with a man in a dungeon and then reacting with shock when he turns into a demon.

JEMIMA KIRKE   (Melissa in Conversations With Friends, Jessa Johansson in Girls, Hope Haddon in Sex Education)
Girls (usaTV/2014) - (S3E7) Topless swimming naked on her back in a heated outdoor pool at night with others at a party - then rear nudity getting out to head back to the main house ● (S5E4) topless and rear nudity making love astride a man on a sofa - then topless underneath him as they shift positions ● (S5E5) topless astride her boyfriend vigorously making love as she urges him not to climax inside her but he cannot stop himself - then topless as they cuddle, kiss and talk afterwards ● (S6E1) topless sitting naked on a sofa eating yoghurt when a man comes into the room finding her lack of inhibition disconcerting but she has no concern - then her boyfriend returns from the kitchen with a spoon and they lark around on the sofa in front of their visitor - then full frontal nudity as she gets up and walks across the room. [Four episodes] (S3/2014; S5/2016; S6/2017 / not a complete record of her nudity in the series)
24 Hour Breakfast Club (2016) - Topless as she gets out of bed naked in the morning when her restless toddler daughter wants to watch TV - then rear nudity as she stands and finds the right channel. (4-minute short)
Untogether (2018) - Topless and full frontal nudity standing in a bedroom undressing with a man then getting into the bed with him.
Wild Honey Pie (2018) - Topless in a clear water bath as she and her husband Oliver (Richard Elis), sitting by the side on the closed toilet seat, talk through a blip in their relationship.

LOLA KIRKE   (Hailey Rutledge in Mozart in the Jungle)
Free the Nipple (2014) - Topless laying on her back sunbathing on a rooftop ledge - then topless sitting up as her friend "With" (Lina Esco) takes pictures of her ● topless in a line with other topless women as they demonstrate in public about the right to show their breasts.
AWOL (2016) - Topless laying on her back in a hayloft making out with her girlfriend Rayna (Breeda Wool) - then topless sitting up and quickly getting dressed when the owner Chet (David Koral) enters the barn after hearing noises ● topless sitting in a steaming bath at opposite ends with Rayna as they talk.

Absence (2011) - Topless in her bedroom as she removes her dress while changing her gender identities. (6-minute short)

Brahms and the Little Singing Girls (1996) - Topless as she stands in front of the elderly Johannes Brahms (Warren Mitchell) in his apartment where she takes off her dress and does a little dance for him - then rear nudity and full frontal nudity as she takes off her other undergarments and sits on his lap - then topless and rear nudity as they dance a jig and then he pours whiskey on her breasts and licks it off.

OONA KIRSCH   (WDC Tilly Spink in The Paradise Club)
The Nation's Health (C4/1983) - Topless laying on her bed in a psychiatric unit when she refuses to put any clothes on at all as a protest against having her day clothes confiscated to stop her leaving the premises without permission, as she talks to Dr Robin who is trying to get her to reconsider - then topless as she kneels up and happily hugs him when he offers her the hope that she may be allowed to live in the community hostel if she behaves - just as some visiting dignitaries pass by and look in seeing the inappropriate seeming conduct. [ep4: Collapse] (a series of four linked plays about the NHS)
Sacred Hearts (1985) - Most of her lower nudity is seen while standing by a tree as a German soldier (Ian Staples) smirks at her and she looks down to see that the skirt portion of her schoolgirl dress has been torn away to her hips and she is exposed and she covers herself as the soldier takes aim to shoot her - part of a nightmare she is having about what might happen if the Germans invade.
Forever Young (C4/1985) - Topless kneeling on the floor as she boldly takes off her blouse for losing in a round of a pop trivia stripping game with two lads and a girlfriend - then topless kneeling on the floor as the two lads (Jason Carter and Julian Firth) stare at her dumbstruck - and she finally gives in to shy embarrassment when she sees them staring and folds her arms while sharing a girlish giggle with her friend. (Scene is a flashback to the 1950s and is in B&W - a Film on Four presentation)

DERVLA KIRWAN   (Phoebe #1 in Goodnight Sweetheart, Assumpta Fitzgerald in Ballykissangel, Claire Maxwell in 55 Degrees North)
A Time To Dance (BBC1/1991) - (ep1) Topless standing outdoors on the Fells as she undresses in front of fifty-something retired banker Andrew Powell (Ronald Pickup) taking the initiative when they have a day out together after he becomes besotted by her ever since meeting her when she won a school writing prize sponsored by his rotary club - then topless as they lay down on the grass and she lays his head encouragingly on her chest to help him overcome his hesitancy - then topless underneath him as he makes love to her ● (ep2) topless kissing with Andrew on the ground - a flashback recalled by Andrew as he later writes up notes of their Fells encounter on a word processing document - this is a different bit not seen in the episode 1 scene ● topless on a hotel bed she is sharing with Andrew when they go on a weekend away together as she pulls back the covers and sits on the side with her head in her hands feeling miserable that she accidentally caused him to feel jealous the previous evening - then topless as she gets back in with him and they cuddle ● making love in the bed with Andrew with her right breast very briefly seen ● topless underneath Andrew on a different hotel bed on another weekend away as they make love during the daytime with urgent passion as they continue their love affair ● topless with her right breast seen while making love astride Andrew on the hotel bed at night - a bit dark. [two separate episodes] (3-part drama)
With or Without You (1999) - Briefly topless in bed underneath her husband Vincent (Christopher Eccleston) when she stops him from reaching for a condom telling him she wants to try for a baby ● (another occasion) topless underneath Vincent after they make love again after seeking professional advice on why they have thus far failed to conceive and he moves his head down her body giving moral boosting encouragement to spur his sperm on to do their thing ● topless making love on a bed underneath her former visiting French pen-pal Benoit (Yvan Attal) - an imagined occurrence seen when her husband Vincent reads her letter from the clinic informing her she is at last pregnant and his initial delight is tempered by the nagging thought that maybe she and Benoit hooked up together and he had nothing to do with it.

Studio (ITV/1983) - Topless laying in a sleeping bag on mattress in a conservatory with her boyfriend Danny (Graham Fellows) as they talk. [ep: ???] (7-part series, she was in episodes 2 & 4 - the plot to episode 4 sounds the more likely)

Life and Death in Rome (Sky1/2005) - (ep1-Capital of the World) (as Julia) Topless lovemaking scene as she lays atop her illicit lover and kisses him ● topless taking part in an orgy with all her male lovers ● (ep3-Sex and the Imperial City) (as Cornelia) - topless laying atop a man and kissing him. (although she is playing a different character some footage from her scene in episode 1 is reused) [2 separate episodes] (6-part docudrama presented by Neil Stuke)

FLEUR KLINJSMA   (aka Fleur Mollo)
The Club (2004) - (DVD Deleted Scene) Topless lovemaking scene on a bed with her boyfriend Leon Rogers (Treva Etienne) - first astride him with the side of her right breast seen, then fully topless underneath him. (This is a deleted scene from the DVD release. Her role in the final cut of the main film did not include any nudity)

Death Run (1987) - Her left breast is seen as she opens up her shirt to breast feed her new born baby who is supposed to signal in a new era of peace until we see the portentous sign that the baby's hands have only three fingers like his now-dead evil father the Messiah - a continuous sequence with her face seen in the same shot.
Avalon (1988) - Topless as Merlin (Patrick Olliver) pins her down on some straw in his chambers and rapes her after he discovers she has callously manipulated his emotions by magically pretending to be his former lover Morgana which sends him into a rage, once the truth is revealed, at the way she laughs mockingly at him for the ease by which his male desires were exploited - she struggles and tries to stop him but he is too strong.

TACY KNEALE   (Roles in several short-run UK TV Dramas: Dead Head, The Laughter of God, The Talisman)
The Captain's Doll (BBC2/1983) - Topless in bed with the covers down as she turns over in her sleep as Captain Alex Hepworth (Jeremy Irons), whom she met at a debutante's party, looks back at her as he leaves the room. (one-off drama)
Dead Head (BBC2/1986) - Slight lower nudity seen while provocatively wearing just a raincoat as she comes up to an attic room with a portable lamp to predatorily seduce hapless working class petty crook Eddie Cass (Denis Lawson) who she and her upper class friends met at a country pub while he was tagging along with their other friend Hugo Silver (Simon Callow) and he got drunk and was brought back to Lord Clive Ludlow's mansion to sleep it off in the room above the stables in the bed to which he has been leg-cuffed so he can be later questioned about his involvement in a plot - then topless as the coat opens as she leans down to get in the bed and kiss him - next (after a transition during which it is implied they have already had sex) topless (without the coat) as she warns him of the danger he is in - then topless as she sits up to leave with rear nudity also seen as she stands and puts the coat back on after getting what she wanted from him. [episode 2: Anything for England] (4-part drama)
Scandal (1989) - Topless standing wearing a grass skirt as she stylishly asks some guests seated at a dining table if they want to join the main party.
Casualty (BBC1/1990) - Some side of her right breast is seen pressed against her lover Peter Gosford's (Dominic Jephcott) chest as they roll over in bed while making love during an assignation in his riverboat cabin - no nipple nudity. [ep: 5.9 - A Will To Die]

Darkness Wakes (2017) - Partial topless side view of her right breast seen as she takes a shower on her first night alone in the big house where she has been employed as a cat sitter - no nipple nudity ● rear nudity standing in a black void - a demonic version of herself pictured in a nightmare she is having ● topless and then full frontal nudity as she undresses in front of a full-length mirror appraising herself as she goes - seen in the mirror reflection ● standing mesmerised in front of the demon as she removes her nightdress - her breasts remain below the frame of the shot - then topless as she submissively lays down on a bed and the demon crawls atop her - then topless (and distant full frontal nudity) standing in the black void again with her eyes inky black - then she walks towards the demon - then she wakes up with a start and realises the experience was another disturbing nightmare ● topless side view with her right breast seen in a shower still felling emotionally wrought by the disturbing nightmares she has been having - no nipple nudity. (aka Charlotte Wakes; The Sitter)

When Evil Calls (2006) - (One of six basketball playing girls) Partial rear nudity seen up their short skirts as they are playing basketball - then topless and rear nudity playing basketball when a spectator schoolboy (Gareth Martin) gets his wish to have x-ray vision. (non-speaking, credited roles, but not known which is which) [Episode 6 - Dribbling] (episodic anthology type film originally made as a mobile phone horror series)

Blood + Roses (2009) - Topless as she does a sexy strip for her date Seth (Benjamin Green) in his bedroom after he brings her home remaining unaware that she has walked into the trap of a vampire and she is to be used to nourish a novice female vampire (Axelle Carolyn) whom Seth has recently turned but who squeamishly cannot feed for herself - later topless laying on the bed dead beside the girl vampire whom Seth also killed as a disappointing lost cause after another refusal to feed off human blood.
Emily's Kiss (2011) - Topless side view with her left breast seen as she walks up to a mirror and holds a red dress up against herself to see if it suits her mood - then briefly topless as she turns and discards the dress ● her right breast is seen as she pulls down the top of her red dress and caresses her breasts while laying on some grass ● topless as she takes a shower ● topless sitting at a table as she lights a candle and begins a prayer ● topless laying on a bed covered by a transparent white sheet underneath which she takes off her top and caresses her breasts ● topless laying on her back in a bath just below the surface of the clear water.
White Admiral (2011) - Topless sitting slumped back against a wall while she talks on a phone describing her missing cat ● topless as she stands up in a swimming pool after emerging from underwater and sluices back her hair ● topless standing in a gloomy room fixing a drink - then covering herself up when Private Detective Ferguson (Ben Adams) suddenly appears in the doorway ● topless as she takes off her dress to disarmingly appease Ferguson as he comes into her room pointing a gun at her and she lets him hungrily kiss her ● topless standing in her bedroom looking out of the window and then putting on a dress.

Is Harry on the Boat? (Sky1/2002) - Topless with her left breast seen while laying on the bed of Irish holiday rep Gabriel (Gregory Finnegan) as he kisses up her body and they make love when she falls for his charms after he hoodwinks her into thinking him heroic after "saving" her from a guy pestering her who was really Gabriel's stooge - then topless astride him with her right breast briefly seen as he turns her over and blarneys her to list curry dishes which gains him extra kudos points in a sexual conquest game the reps compete with each other in. [series 1, episode 2]

The Lost Viking (2018) - Topless painted with tribal markings as she enters the hut of orphaned Viking youth Vitharr (Dean Ridge), while he is under the influence of hallucinatory potion, making him susceptible to her advances after he turns up at her primitive village in Britain looking for his kin - then topless astride him on the ground as she makes love to him.

SHIRLEY KNIGHT   (Not the famous actress called Shirley Knight)
The Great British Striptease Festival (1980) - Stripping to full frontal nudity in the first round of the competition ● stripping on stage in a group event with the other seven semi-finalists.

How to Stop Being a Loser (2011) - Topless laying on a bed beside Ampersand (Craig Conway) with her left breast seen out of her dress while giving him hand stimulation when his friend James (Simon Phillips) comes in to talk to him and they wonder if she is too drunk to know what she is doing.

Baroque (2011) - Briefly topless dancing around although her long hair mostly keeps her breasts hidden. (8-minute short)

Dirty God (2019) - Topless sitting on a bed as she stimulates herself in front of a man on an internet site while watching each other over webcams ● briefly topless on her computer monitor at work when she discovers that a video of her engaging in sex-play on an internet hook-up site have been posted on a porn site ● topless and rear nudity as she makes love with her best friend's boyfriend Naz (Bluey Robinson) in a hotel room while they are abroad where she plans to get plastic surgery for her acid burn scars. (The 2020 BBC2 broadcast of this film truncated the first scene early before the nudity occurred)

The Hole (2001) - Topless as she tantalisingly pulls her bra cups down and flashes her breasts at the two lads (Desmond Harrington and Laurence Fox) she is with as they hide out in an old underground war bunker ● topless laying dead on an autopsy table with a postmortem stitch down her entire front as a pathologist (Anastasia Hille) reports her findings ● [DVD Extra] An extended version of the pathologist scene has several additional shots of her topless on the autopsy table.
Doctor Zhivago (ITV1/2002) - Her right breast is seen as she gets off a bed and her robe opens revealing her breast before she closes it back up again ● topless in a lovemaking scene with Hans Matheson. [episode 3]
Domino (2005) - Briefly seen topless while kissing and embracing while making love outdoors with a man - lots of with quick cuts.
The Jacket (2005) - Topless sitting in a bath smoking a cigarette with her left breast seen ● topless in bed with her right breast seen as she reaches to hug a pillow after her lover (Adrien Brody) has left her bed.
Silk (2007) - A brief side of her left breast is seen while she is sitting on a bed kissing with her husband Hervé Joncour (Michael Pitt) when he comes home from a long trip abroad to procure some silkworm eggs ● topless in bed making love with her husband as they enjoy their idyllic life ● topless in bed underneath her husband as he makes love to her after returning from another trip to Japan.
The Duchess (2008) - Her left breast is briefly seen as she sits on her marital bed shyly part-covering her breasts with her arms feeling apprehensive of performing her marital duties on her first night alone with her new husband the duke of Buckingham (Ralph Fienes).
The Edge of Love (2008) - Topless laying on her back on a bed with her left breast seen as she talks with her lover William Killick (Cillian Murphy) and he makes vows of devotion to her.
A Dangerous Method (2011) - Her left breast is seen from her open chemise as she is bent over the arm of a settee while Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) spanks her which she finds exhilarating ● topless laying in bed with her left breast seen in her open chemise as she and Carl talk - seen in the wardrobe mirror reflection ● topless kneeling on a bed with her breasts out at the top of her corset and her hands bound as Carl thrashes her with a belt - seen in the wardrobe mirror reflection as she watches herself suffer ● sitting on a couch with her left nipple partly seen over the top of her corset as she talks to Carl.
Colette (2018) - Topless performing in a Music Hall stage show with (as part of the act) her left breast seen as a male dancer pulls askew the top of her dress at the climax of a scene in which two lovers vie for her.

JO-ANNE KNOWLES   (Lorraine in Hollyoaks, Janis Steele in Mile High)
Hollyoaks Special (C4/2000) - Rear nudity as she comes out of a shower and brazenly dries herself in front of a man - her face is not seen in the same shot. [Title: Boys Do Barca]
Mile High (Sky1/2003) - (ep2) Thonged rear nudity seen from behind wearing nothing else, as new junior flight attendant Marco Bailey (Tom Wisdom) watches her walk down a corridor wearing her flight crew uniform and has a fantasy moment imagining her nearly naked after becoming smitten by her - her clothes seem to disappear in a fairly seamless transition shot - her face is seen in a continuous shot as she turns her head around ● (ep7) thonged rear nudity in a candid photo that was taken in the airplane aisle whilst she was dealing with rowdy rugby fans on a flight and her skirt rode up. [series 1, two separate episodes]

SUSAN KODICEK   (Irina in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy)
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (BBC2/1979) - Partial rear nudity and a brief side of her left breast as she sits up on the side of a bed and puts on a black night-dress over her head while talking to Hywel Bennett. [ep: ???] (7-part drama)

The Main Chance (ITV/1972) - Her shadowed left breast is very briefly seen under the sheets as she turns away in frustration from laying on her solicitor husband David Main's (John Stride) back playfully distracting him while he is taking a call from his former secretary Sarah (Anna Palk) who is putting a new client his way. [ep 3.12 - One For The House]
Mr Palfrey of Westminster (ITV/1985) - Briefly topless while laying in bed with her lover Grant (Brian Deacon) with whom she has instigated an affair in order to blackmail him into handing over intelligence service secrets. [ep: 2.1 - Freedom from Longing]

Broken (2012) - Topless making love astride a man on a bed until she spots someone spying on them and she covers her breasts indignantly with her hands.

ALICE KRIGE   (Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact. UK TV dramas: Close Relations, Devil's Advocate, Scarlet and Black)
Ghost Story (1981) - Topless lovemaking scene in a bedroom on the bed and the floor with Craig Wasson while a thunderstorm is raging outside ● topless in a bath with Wasson as she washes his foot - then he pulls her legs and ducks her under the water and she is briefly seen topless when she comes up screaming ● topless sitting on the edge of a bed when Wasson wakes up ● rear nudity standing on a balcony and looking out to sea - then topless and brief lower nudity as she turns and walks towards Craig Wasson.
King David (1985) - Topless and full frontal nudity standing in a stone bath in an open-roofed enclosure being washed by a servant - seen as King David (Richard Gere) chances to observe her from a high vantage point while walking the fortress battlements.
Scarlet and Black (BBC1/1993) - Topless laying on her bed as she throws back the covers upon the prearranged arrival in the middle of the night by dashing young Julien Sorel (Ewan McGregor) submitting herself to his gaze after becoming besotted by him while he is working in her household as tutor to her children - then topless underneath him as they make love - then (original version only) topless laying on her back as they talk. NOTE: Originally broadcast as a 3x80m series; it has also been repackaged in a 4x50m format for which some scenes were trimmed; episode numbers shown here are for the original version with notes describing any scenes that were missing or different in the 4-part version. [episode 1] (3-part drama)
Sharpe (ITV/1994) - Standing outdoors with her back turned with the side of her left breast seen as she changes from a flea-ridden convent smock into something clean after being rescued from her captivity in a nunnery by Major Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) who is the victim of a frame-up she was forced to engage in by Sharpe's nemesis and he now seeks to expose the plot against him and clear his name. [ep: 2.3 - Sharpe's Honour]
Devil's Advocate (BBC1/1995) - Topless laying on her back in bed with the covers down beside her lover Louise Santini (Yolanda Vazquez) as they talk and smoke. [episode 2] (2-part drama)
Habitat (1997) - Topless sitting kissing with a man - then laying back across his legs as they talk ● topless sitting up wearing a sheer dress.

Fogbound (2002) - Full frontal nudity and rear nudity as she removes the kimono she is wearing in front of Bob (Luke Perry) and Leo (Ben Daniels) which Leo wants back because it was meant as a gift for his wife - then topless and rear nudity as she starts undressing Bob after Leo leaves with the kimono - then topless as she waits for Bob to join her in bed although he is hesitant because he is only doing this to as a favour to Leo because she is secretary to an important company boss that Leo wants to meet and he reckons that providing her with sex will facilitate her cooperation in arranging an appointment ● her right breast is briefly seen in a gaping kimono as another character's different interpretation of the previously described scene is related.

Take Off Your Clothes and Live (1963) - Topless as she and her friends laze on the rocky beach at the foot of their friend Pierre's villa in the south of France ● topless as she and her friends wade ashore on an uninhabited island - then topless as they gather around and study their treasure map - then topless as they split off into two teams to hunt for the right location - then topless when they at last find the treasure they have been searching for ● topless as she and some of her friends help clean the deck and perform other shipboard duties ● topless as she and her friends emerge from their chalets of the nudist resort of the isle of Levant - then topless as they walk down to the town centre to go shopping ● topless sitting outdoors with her friends at a table outside a cafe ● topless walking around the resort with her friends ● topless on the beach with her friends playing catch ball grouped in a circle ● topless sunbathing on the beach with two of her friends.

DOROTA KWIATKOWSKA   (aka Dorota Rae, Polish actress, made a few 1980s UK TV appearances including Doctor Who and Crossroads)
Thais (1984) - Topless laying in bed with a man with the sheets below her breasts as they talk ● topless luxuriating in a milky bath with her right nipple seen above the surface - then topless as she gets out abruptly after being read something that angers her - then topless as she is dried with a towel by two handmaidens ● walking through a garden talking to a holy man while wearing a sheer yellow dress through which her left breast is visible - then with her right breast seen out of the dress as she lays back seductively on a stone bench ● her right breast is seen out of her dress as she smears animal blood over herself while participating in a frenzied ritualistic sacrifice ceremony ● topless laying on a bed - then topless and rear nudity in a lovemaking scene with a man as the holy man pictures the proceedings in his mind ● topless standing in defiance as a Roman tugs down the front of her dress at a drunken Roman feast ● topless as she performs an erotic dance for the revellers at the Roman feast/orgy ● topless kneeling outdoors on the ground flagellating herself in penitence when she joins a reclusive society of religious outcasts ● topless dancing with another girl providing evening entertainment for the camp devotees - her breasts are painted artistically.

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